How do you feel about Carlos from New York?

Was he in on it or did he get JUST'd big time?

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Carlos was making 1400$ a day

They probably told him and the YouTube guy to get out back in November and buy monero

And biz should hire this guy o shill the shitcoin of the week anyways

Everyone on the stage was in on it

Carlos was the most shameless


who exactly is this man?

who were those fucking chinks and pajeets on stage? like what the fuck kind of setup even was that? some hype man they paid for the day to be there standing in front of a bunch of ugly chinks?

My coworkers were starting to be legitimately worried when I started howling BBEEEECONNNNEKKKKT followed with a WHOOOOOOO during breaks

Carlos Matos from New York City, New York
Kek, what a freak show. Broken English was a job requirement it seems.

I feel pretty good this dumbfuck just lost everything :)

I wouldn't mind meeting Carlos himself.

This guy probably made shitloads and left the bags to the poor losers we've seen on Twitter and elsewhere. I would imagine he's in Bolivia now under a different name with millions siphoned from absolute retards.

based carlos, my hero

If you been to any crummy MLM conference typically held om Sundays aimed at uneducated boomers and blacks, you will see the opener is usually guys like Carlos. He is a performar that energizes the crowd. He is the literal stereotype of a MLM scammer.

>tfw your wife told you it's a scam and you didn't belive her
top kek, watch at 1:57. This is guy is comedy gold.

Free Profit.
Discord >> UXBnfm2

Carlos needs to be a regular on this board. If he needs cash I'm sure there are a bunch of anons willing to pay for custom shill clips and turn him into our own Veeky Forums themed Big Man Tyrone.

I found his YouTube channel. The absolute madman is lining up for a fresh ponzi as we speak.

>"gimme back my money carlos"
>"ohhh no no no. The world today is not anymore the way it was" he really is a living meme