ETH bearish pattern

Let’s see if I’m right.

AM I about to get JUSTed again

If price hits bottom support line, the dip party will continue. Maybe down to €700, maybe even more due to FUD and weak fucking hands.

yep eth is gonna get boned. floor of 700. buy anywhere below 850. sell right now

Also, I’m laying in bed and I’m feeling like shit so I can’t be bothered to get behind my pc and draw anything nice on tradingview or whatever.

Did the party get started already...?

You're not right, it's going all the way down to make a correction

Eth is going to 0

You really believe you can predict the market based on previous trends? You know bear or bull markets are determined by analyses of orders and not the fuckinh graph. You guys are absolute total morons, jezus fucking christ. Severe case of pareidolio, that is, seeing patterns in complete randomness. Fuck off, and educate yourself

eth chart doesnt mean FUCK ALL why dont you fuckwits get this. its all depending on BTC


weeeeee down we go

There's still a solid buy wall at $800 but once that's gone by the end of the week we'll hit $500 before the next wall.

These charts mean nothing

Hard to argue with you, OP.

Will NEO see a continued downward pattern as a consequence of this?

They mean everything

Is that a good movie?

yes. just watch the director's cut. (the kingdom)

Will do (once I've bought the dip). Thanks mate

Can confirm. It was a fucking amazing portrayal of the crusade.

lower lows, lower highs, lower lows, lower highs
prepare your anus if it doesnt show any good recovery soon it means there just arent enough bulls

You’re not correct. Whatever goes into a wedge comes out of the wedge. So if it’s green it comes out green.

We need BTC to drop to something people feel safe it will stop going down at. Otherwise most people, like me are just gonna chill out in tether waiting for a good time to strike.

This is from a guy who got out before the crash. Says that Eth is ripe and we may never see Eth this low again. He’s fun to read as well

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>sell close to the bottom after tanking 50%
>buy tether
>get Fused because tether is a scam
>sell and buy ETH at 955
>ETH on downtrend

gypsy curse mate AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Good. I'm looking for an entry on ETH. Drop you shit.

Just so you know, you were both wrong, and you could have known if you read the orders

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You are right and I accept my mistake. I wanted to see if I was right but I was wrong. Good thing I was betting against myself, for I’m long into ETH and my portfolio consists out of 80% ETH. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy this nice picture of a new Bugatti Chiron with a lovely little boat in the background.

Thats awfully kind of you, enjoying it right now

looks like we are still in bearish channel to be fair and when drop is that quick you can always except counter reaction so the pump that happened recently is not surprising, lots of TA fags were predicting return to 1k range before the fall continues
I'm still bearish on ETH but obviously money can be made on those pumps if you are into day trading

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you useless fuck