Symmetric Strength:

Let's have one of these. I'll start
>7 months liftan

>lying on the internet


its looks more like fuck lifting in general

>not being elite on all lifts after 3 months lifting

when I was new to Veeky Forums a few years ago I used to add a good 50% to all my lifts, it's just the way people lie



post body for us to laugh at

kek are you jealous or something? do my superior 5'11" manlet leverages make you mad?


obvious liar that won't back shit up, all due to his insecurities

achievable in 6 months for the average man

Pic related is me
>6 weeks liftan
Posted it yesterday and got called a liar so I guess I should be proud of it.
>in b4 weak Veeky Forumsfags get assblasted

shouldn't be proud about shit form, skinnyfat weakling

What did he mean by that?

he means that you're skinnyfat

post body to prove him otherwise

Can you actually read? These are one rep maxes. Completely achievable provided the lifter is sorta kinda gifted. Believe it or not, not all of us started out a 120lbs 6"9' lank. Some of us even have an athletic background. Hell, we know of a guy who squatted 505 lbs within 6 months.

yeah, he squatted 505 with 1/8 ROM

stop e-statting, you pathetic weaklings. It won't make you look any better - go to the gym instead of doing fantasy lifting, then come back in 2 years when you actually stop looking like shit

Dunno about OP but these are my actual lifts with full ROM and all. Also I don't really see what bodyfat percentage has to do with all this. I don't think I'm above 15% though.
I don't get what's so unbelievable about it. I have friends who lifted about the same. Granted, I'm 20 yo and I've always been kind of in shape but still.

>full ROM
doubt it, post vid of lifts or shut up

On OP it's an obvious e-statting case, for you it's just presumed shit form as some of it is terribly unproportional - most obviously attributed to cheating yourself on the movements for ego lifting, something most newbies do

>being this angry that some people are just plain stronger than you are/were

kek why would I cheat myself on snatch press and chins of all things? what even qualifies as cheating on those? leg drive? no dead hang?
>been doing handstands and pullups for fun whenever I could since I was like 8


3 years lifting, 194.4lbs.

>tfw so strong the internet doesn't believe you

>falling for strength=aesthetics
>thinking anyone will look any different after 6 weeks anyways

OP still hasn't posted his body or a single lift though

and the other guy isn't strong either, fucking 105 kg deadlift lmao

on the other hand, the stats from this guy are believable given timeframe:
point is, big fraction of these threads is fantasy lifting

>all these excuses


Lifting since one month

yep exactly you caught me e-statting about my lmao2plaet diddly. I should've known better. Seriously though, threads like these actually make me feel good.

fuark mirin OHP and pullup mane

about your shitty deadlift? Work on getting proportional faggot, that's what the other fag has been implying from the start. None of your lifts are impressive anyway, and the timeframe implies shitty execution. end of rine

Are you memeing or something? My deadlift being shitty was exactly my point. Why would I say my deadlift is 105kg if I were lying on the internet? I wouldn't, thus I didn't lie about my deadlift. And why would I lie about one lift and not the other? Protip: I wouldn't. TL;DR: see filename.