Did I miss out?

Is this shit still going to make it? or Am I going to be a stinky linky bag holder?

it will but only when the mainnet wallet is released in march

>he thinks its gonna go up when everyone knows the wallet release is in march


>mfw the KRW pairing is already priced in

This shit should be 10 dollars right now btc crash or not. Something tells me we have been rused by gooks once again.

Its well known this coin is severely undervalued and likely to be the safest x10 this year

However this is common knowledge and so that factor has been priced in

Its literally all downhill from here

Any future price increases have been priced in since the ICO. Might as well just sell and cut your losses.

Stinky linky I'm afraid user

Everybody knows this coin will go up from here, therefore it is priced in. The entire crypto market is priced in. Sell everything.

Omfg can you retards stop with this shit, the whole market is going down IT DOESNT MATTER THAT YOUR COIN IS SPECIAL


Except it's not anD most of my coins have recovered much better. This shit is down like 40% still

No it wont. It's like iota. ICX wanted to lie for their summit and the coin is toast.

the little 5% bulltrap is nothing

This coin is in no way like IOTA, or at least we don't know until the main net wallet is out. IOTA literally doesn't work at all half the time, and they have been called out numerous times for god awful code. As long as ICX has an actual functional product it blows IOTA out of the water.

Yeah but they lied about partners and called Bloomberg/Forbes venture capital firms.

Very concerning for a holder of this coin.

>500 ETH sell wall appears
nothing personal retards just hold my bags

Caught holding bags from the conference, feeling dinstinctly uncompfy at this point...

I sold this shit watching the live conference at 10% overall gain.

I was kicking myself I didn't do that earlier.

>still up 300%
s-should i sell? i want to fucking shoot my retarded greedy piece of shit eating self for not selling this fucking rubbish pnd fodder shitcoin at $12

what made you go in on it so early?

Unless you went all in, I don't see a reason to be concerned. It's going to do well in the long run.

I sold my Iota for ICX. Where does that put me?

I went in after it listed on binance for about 1.9$

weak handed cucks ITT
I just bought a bunch more ICX at a 30% discount
happily gonna buy your bags you faggots lmao

If its undervalued how is it priced in retard

weak murimutts everywhere.. sell and rope yourself

research, it looked promising and was (for the first month after it hit binance), now it has turned into a fucking embarrassing shitshow

i just sold some icx to buy better coins in this lil dip

selling into fiat and waiting for destruction

>not joking
I suggest you fags play it safe, this screams bull trap.

Dumped this vapor ware at 7000 have fun holding my bags faggot

This. Comfy long term hold.

the market doing down is already priced in, BUY BUY

Irene says, "buy more ICX."

old and plastic

What's so embarrassing?

buy high sell low

You're an idiot.
search iota foundation and world economic forum. Or UN.
Don't be dumb. Buy more iota.

Thanks. Thought I could catch a quick pump and ended up with bags. Been waiting for a reentry point. Currently would loose around 20% of IOTA stack

Just checked prices, more like 40%. IOTA bounced back better, ICX is just bleeding at this stage.

holding until next year

Looks like we're freefalling again, to an even lower price. I feel bad for anyone who bought this at $12

I hate that I own so much of this fucking coin

They never announced it. Some intern was updating their website and some NEET was checking it and saw this, screenshot it and put it out everywhere. They listed 5 companies erroneously and with the same fucking description.

user, I...

Still there but fixed. I’m inclined to believe it was a Mistake.

> Some intern was updating their website and some NEET was checking it a
Proof? And why would an intern who doesn't know shit be in charge of writing to the website?

as am I

Which is more likely. Fuck up copying the descriptions or fraud? The never took it down. Forbes and Bloomberg are still there.

This changes A LOT. Suddenly, all that FUD was just an editing oversight. It's very clear they copy pasted generic descriptions for all 3, it was very odd.


this gives me hope... i thought they took down the forbes and bloomberg entirely

I guess that makes sense, but what makes me even more weary is they talk about "partnerships with banks, hospitals, insurance companies etc" but nothing has materialized about any of that yet, the only "partnerships" so far are just dApps.

that’s what you faggots said about mainnet itself. This is a shit coin. I bought in at $0.90 and sold at $12 so enjoy my bags.

>Bitching about anything going down the past couple weeks during this small bear market while btc is finding a new support level.

FUCKING WHY. As soon as things truly stabalize and btc starts going back up you're going to fucking forget the month of January even happening. That coupled with the fact that ICX is completely primed to moon with great tech, great team, great adoptability and usage, etc. If you are so worried then go day trade your stacks and gain more coins. You should be considering this anyways since all of this fud that biz knows is likely going to create numerous buy and sell opportunities for many different coins. If you dont want to do this then just wait 4-8 weeks and the market will resume normal uptrend.

Glad to see my meme is still used. Lol potcoin.

charge your phone
sell at market price during conventions, announcements, etc.

Super solid investment if your timeframe is 2-3+ months, but might not have much going on for the rest of february.

i was sleeping im east coast burger... had to wagecuck the next day
thought 8700 was a conservative call too fuck i shoulda done staggered orders at least

Big bag holder but I got sick of looking at this coin due to all of the archfaggotry coming out of Korea. The coin is fine, it's the country that's amateur hour. Spent my fresh fiat elsewhere until they get that clown car in order.


hi guys my crystal ball is telling me this coin will be $100 this december

Some of the Twitter TA faggots say that also. Although they got awfully quiet about trends and picks lately and started pointing out pajeet tier airdrops.

did the circ supply increase? its 380m now, wasnt it more like 300m?

Is this or VEN more promising?