There are people on this board right now that coded a bot in a language other than python

>there are people on this board right now that coded a bot in a language other than python

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>i learned python in computer science for freshmen: the post

If you're not doing every thing in C you're a noob faggot

Also python is legitimately slow as fuck and worthless for this type of application because you need to make low latency decisions lmao you retard

C / Rust / Go / NodeJS?

My bot is coded in javascript running with nodejs. hmmm???

Very subtle, 7/10.

I'm in love with Node.JS. The only thing I dislike about it is that it doesn't have a waifu personification


I don't give a shit, la-la-la-la

>he thinks you can't make low latency trading bots in python
sounds like you're just bad at programming honestly

python is a dead language

I made mine in PowerShell because I don't understand computers!

If your not using node js just kys

>There are people who program in any language besides Malbolge

Are you guys a bunch if fucking girls? Why not use a language that challenges you a little bit

If we are talking real low latency the kernel and network stack is where the biggest gains are to be made.

Arguments about which language are pointless.

how do you even get started with this shit... i fucked around with webpack and babel and ended up with so many pipeline errors i couldn't get anything working at all. i just want a simple livecoding server to run locally, why is it so goddamn difficult. server-side is killing me desu

>Also python is legitimately slow as fuck
hello pajeet

sorry you couldn't afford a modern computer that has a modern CPU

>this thread has been nominated for most autistic thread of the day

>i learned C in computer science for sophomores: the post
Use the right tool for the job faglord. Learning a language is trivial and it's easy to tell that you don't know fucking shit when you fanboy over them.

sorry that you think a scripting framework is actual programming
python is shit
let it go pajeet

>waifu personification
Just javascript or ES5/6 Right?

Webpack takes all your javascript and packs it into a single file
Babel converts fancy new ES6 type shit into javascript that can run anywhere.

What you want is webpack-dev-server

God, he uses C? Why doesn't he just write it in assembly like a REAL programmer.


Python/C/C++ are for fucking plebs

Everyone who is good uses Malbolge for programming a bot.

I know that everyone hates Haskell, but why everytime there's some kind of challenge and they let you choose anything, an overwhelming amount of the time the winner chooses Haskell?

all wall street quants work in c++

I wouldn't recommend in getting into the more complicated stuff like that right away. Finding a nice simple tutorial that shows you a lot of stuff is kind of hard, but here's a pretty small template that you can mess around with and experiment if you want. It uses the bare-minimum of what's needed to get a Node webserver up and running

>git clone
>cd NodeJS-Template
>npm install
>npm install -g nodemon
>go to localhost:9001

Any version really. If things like browsers and other languages get waifus, JS/Node should get one too. Unless JS already has one and I never noticed