The latest update got me so pumped for this project...

The latest update got me so pumped for this project. The type of development updates you see regularly from this project are just unheard of. Go look at all the big players out there or even small ones and find anyone pushing development this hard. They are nailing their road map.

The team is so on the money, go read the last 3 or 4 blog post updates, they cranking out work like not tomorrow.

REQ was the "shill of the week" for a while, and it got a lot of attention, and then crashed hard after the shiny object was dull again. Everyone moved on to VEN, ICX, XRB, whatever.

Simplifying payment solutions for normies, is one of the best use cases out there(your not going to copy and paste wallet addresses to buy something from AMZN). There fees are ridiculously low, which is a major incentive for corporations or any business.

They will be currency agnostic, so you can pay with anything. If you think there is space for a lot of different big players, and I do, then you will be able to purchase things with Ripple, FIAT, Lumens, Nano, whatever you want.

Another underrated aspect in the smart auditing features. Pay with REQ, automatically collects sales tax, and sends it right to the government, and that's just scratching the surface of the auditing capabilities.

Invoicing features are insanely beneficial for businesses as well. NET30 payments, that almost never get the penalty applied will automatically get added to the smart contract.

They are hardly out of the gate, and they are already making a lot of partnerships. They already have 32 applications for dev teams to get paid to build projects and use cases on top of the REQ protocol, in 2 weeks since they announced the process. This will drive development exponentially, while they stay heads down on the core work.

In 3-5 years when REQ is being utilized by all your favorite business, you couldn't keep the price down if you tried. Not to mention the token burning

Last but not least, the Logo is sick.

>"Chad, someone's in the house, I just heard a window break"
"I'll check it out babe"
>>"Hand it over! Hand over the money you little pussy!"
>"Chad, Chad just give him the money, it's not worth it, he's got a weapon!"
"Listen guy, I don't know who you are, but we don't have fiat around here! We only have cryptocurrency."
>>"What the fuck is wrong with you you freak, how am I supposed to rob someone with fake internet money? You've got ten seconds to tell me how you pay for things, or the girl gets a bullet!"
"Alright, calm down man, we use this app called "Request Network". It converts the crypto into any other currency you ask for"
>>"Jesus Christ, that is so fucking gay. Alright, whatever, send me 500 bucks. NOW!"
>"Please Chad do it, he's got a gun"
"Okay man, I'm opening the app right now. I need your USD wallet address."
>>"What the fuck are you talking about retard?"
"Calm down, I just created a wallet for you, I'm going to send it 500 dollars"
>>"Good, now make it quick! 500 dollars, BOY!"
"Alright, I'm gonna send it as bitcoin Stace."
"Shit, Bitcoin just went up as I made the request, I need to readjust the amount"
"Damnit it's still going up, I don't want to send too much"
>>"I'm gonna give you to the count of ten to send that money boy, or she's gonna GET IT!"
>"Chad, send it now! Please!"
"Hang on, I'm gonna time the dip guys."
"SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT I don't have any REQ tokens, I can't perform the transaction"
>"Chad...I'm bleeding could that virgin app screw us over like this..."

req is godcoin. only have 25k req or so but i can see req being huge in 2-3 years

This is high quality Stacey FUD

I am unironically holding a good amount of req. Forever comfy

What? A fraction of a REQ token required for the transaction will be automatically purchased if you have none.

mainnet is a month away

i laughed but you don't need to have REQ tokens to make a transaction user

Someday there will be enough of these for a full novel and it will win awards


this project feels like it transcends crypto and is something that will improve humanity

the next Snapchat, for SURE.

I'm investing it because fiat fiat alone in a decentralized manner is an absurdly enormous win. Throw in crypto exchanges with kyber and this ties all the money together.

I'll be laughing at all the retards that sold during this crash.
5$ eoy. Watch it rise while you chase your shitcoins

REQ = Currency agnostic
LINK = Blockchain agnostic

Only real ones gonna last

Holy fuck, the memes are starting to get LINK-tier. REQ is evolving. We're all gonna make it.

REQ = also Blockchain agnostic
Can be ported to anything that uses smart contracts (NEO, Ark, etc)

stay away from Nano

kek what a shitcoin

>you don't need to have REQ tokens

then why the fuck would they be worth anything you dumb nigger.
that's like saying hurrrr buy ripple because banks use the ripple network

You pajeets are really going all out on nano today. Sticking with the rule of always doing the opposite of what Veeky Forums says, i think I'm going to take a comfy long term position in it while its still cheap

Anyone can use the dApps built on top of Request Network. Technically, REQ is needed for every single transaction, but you don't need any on hand to use. The transaction fee gets sent over to the Kyber Network exchange, and is converted to REQ in near real-time. That REQ that is purchased with the transaction fee is then simultaneously burned from existence, and the circulating supply gets smaller and smaller.

Tokens are burnt during transactions.

Token holders get a percentage of the fees per transaction

More usage of the network means higher value of tokens due to the fee income they provide.

>Sticking with the rule of always doing the opposite of what Veeky Forums says,

spoken like a true pajeet.

Veeky Forums has all sides of the argument

by the way, it has been two months, where's the fix?

and most of the nano posts are by shills like you

so if you are going to go against the majority, you should be dumping, not holding, pajeet.

DYOR and read the white paper or I'm going to know youre from India.

Req tokens are for burning and paying transaction fees.

Tokens won't be burnt because nobody is going to use the Request Network.

Why don't you faggots actually put your money where your mouth is, organize some funds, and pull off this theoretical network attack you are so dedicated to bringing awareness to...

Ohhh that's right, because there's only 3 logical reasons for non nano chads to cry on the internet all day:

- Salty, missed the boat (or bought high sold low), doesn't want to see it succeed resulting in the FUDer living a life of regret leading to eventual suicide.

- Frightened, realizes NANO makes your top 10 p2p shitcoins (BTC, BCASH, XRP, XLM, LTC) obsolete.

-Wants to accumulate at a lower price.

this isn't going to be doing anything as long as the big coins that you can trade for fiat keep tanking. it will just tank harder.


Sitting on my 50K REQ comfy, but I am unsure whether I should buy even more. If they pull this off timely, REQ will be a top 10 coin.

But then, they depend on LINK and KNC to also do their thing in time. The market doesn't stand still.