Affiliate marketing

Let's talk affiliate marketing, it's obvious a shitload of money is being transferred through this space. I want to get that passive income.
The general advice is "just do it, start anywhere, fail, try again".
Over the years I've given it a few goes, but always around work and school
first try
>research keywords, pick two
>build websites and write a bunch of articles
>best I rank is top of page 2 on google
>shill it on facebook, pinterest, twitter,
>automate the twitter shilling with a python bot, accounts eventually get banned
>make a few sales via amazon and get a couple dollars this way
>realize it's a super unprofitable niche unless I want to present myself as some superguru and be very engaging
>fuck that.jpg
>keep website for years, maybe something will happen, no organic traffic and I get rid of it eventually

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try two
>make youtube video reviewing my phone case
>super spergy, don't even show my face
>horrible monotone
>put amazon link to phone case in description
>someone actually buys the exact phone, not just the case
>hell yeah!
>feels great, but I can't just make a video off the cuff like some people do. It takes tons of different cuts and editing for me

try three
>make a porn website, which doesn't actually host content but links to xmhamster, even hotlink the thumbnails, which they are apparently fine with
>do it really nice with infinite scroll, and when you hover the thumbnail it rotates through the pictures, font awesome play icon, etc.
>get paid pennies for driving traffic to xhamster
>also put banner ads up, but who the fuck clicks these?
>again drive traffic only through twitter with my bot
>website is all javashit and no writing or keywords so ranking is out of the question
>twitter accounts all get locked and banned and it's a pain to keep up on them to unlock and prove I'm a human
>realize this is a grey area operation since there aren't any legal disclaimers and could cause a massive headache in the future. Also social repercussions
>delete it

Since crypto won't allow me to retire this month, thinking of getting back to the grind. I have a nice job which is the current priority and makes this all more difficult, but I hate having my money tied to my time working.
Thinking of starting a youtube channel talking about tech and other random bullshit. Even though I spaghettied all over the place last time it was my most successful venture.

This also appeals to me more than dropshipping because I don't have to deal with upset customers, it's somebody else's problem.

Get Steemit account. Post memes on dmania and videos clones of top youtube vids on dtube

Get super comfy

>Get Steemit account. Post memes on dmania and videos clones of top youtube vids on dtube
Very interesting. How do they handle copyright content claims? Will I get banned doing this? Of course I can just create a new account, but I imagine fresh accounts start off with less visibility.


youre only about 10 years late to the party on this one instead of only 2 with crypto

its possible but you need a huge bankroll for testing and cloaking and account burning or buying sites that give seo or organic traffic or you have to put in massive amounts of work building your own property and then seoing or growing it. unless you have a stable traffic source in a niche w good offers somehow, which you likely dont, id just make your own product these days not do cpa offers

oh also all the things you listed are pajeet tier the people making money with affiliate offers are even still slangin rebills and the same verticals like they used to

I've done this full time for over 10 years. I still advertise, but now I work directly w/ clients and have a small company built out.

The entire marketing industry is about who has the volume. If you can take a significant % of market share in a vertical by dominating the major advertising platforms, you can command the highest payouts, and become the whale you always wanted to be.

The most difficult thing about the marketing industry is staying out of court. It's the most litigious industry I've ever dealt with. If you do massive volume, you will be sued at some point, so structure accordingly and set aside money for a war chest.

>youre only about 10 years late to the party on this one instead of only 2 with crypto
I'm balls deep in crypto, but the big problem I have with it is that simple investing leaves you at the whims of external factors. And the amount you make is tied to how much you are able to risk.
Unless you mean start a product or service around crypto. This interests me a great deal, but then you have to worry about the SEC and lynch mobs when peoples money goes poof overnight.
>oh also all the things you listed are pajeet tier the people making money with affiliate offers are even still slangin rebills and the same verticals like they used to
Yeah overall I definitely had the sense "I'm completely fucking this up". Some user here said he ran a porn site with a very specific fetish and made good money from it. Insane competition though.

>If you can take a significant % of market share in a vertical by dominating the major advertising platforms
So just outspending the competition (and knowing when it makes sense to do so and when to bail)?

Advertising is dead. We reached a point where advertising a product correlates with negative growth. Marketing fags destroyed their own industry by being uncreative talentless spammers.
>t.somebody who doesn't buy products that get advertised

i wouldn't recommend starting a product like crypto -- this is a variant of what people have been calling bizops, business opportunities, for a long time. tai lopez is the 2018 version of someone who's making an enormous amount running bizops, but he isn't doing affiliate offers much and mostly just sells his own stuff with his own sales funnel, which is what i think is better these days unless you really know a lot about high level affiliate marketing already, which is in niches like weight loss, insurance, loans, education. crypto has too much regulatory action and hard to get ads thru for it like james altucher. altucher ran insane volume tho. its possible but yeah legally more hassle.

id try to find something you know about it in a decently profitable niche, make a product for it, then make a fanpage and youtube channel and website and spend what you can running traffic to it getting ppl on your list, making sure your conversion process is fully optimized before spending much on ppc ads. do you know anything about anything someone might pay you for, if you were able to dress it up in very persuasive copy and flashy websites/sales pages? if not, you can pick a niche you like and that youd like to learn more about then basically bullshit that you know a lot about it while rephrasing and rewriting information you read/learn, and adding your own spin on it. if you run say, a music youtube channel, youre going to be limited in what you can sell and mostly make money from display ads (you get paid a small amount per each click), which isnt really that profitable unless you have at least 10k visitors a month to your site. making money purely from youtube display ads you need even more traffic. unless you can pay 50-100k a month in ads you don't have to worry about dominating any verticals with ppc at this point, theres enough pie to go around in almost every niche.

So these days it's better to provide some sort of service and charge money for it?
Some Veeky Forums examples I can think of
>elite crypto newsletter

I can program and make things, just feel somewhat inadequate because of how polished a product needs to be these days. There's zero chance I make the next tinder in my free time. The shear amount of effort and multi domain knowledge to provide something workable and secure is enormous.

>Advertising is dead. We reached a point where advertising a product correlates with negative growth.
Funny because this was always my stumbling block when trying to advertise. I'd literally and mentally been blocking them out, so had no idea how to structure and make appealing ads.

oh, and being successful at this is probably going to take at least 6 months working the equivalent of 30 hours a day on it, more depending on how smart and adaptable you are and how good a salesman you are

lol 30 hours a day, meant to say 30 a week. 30 hours a day would work too tho. advertising a product only equals negative growth in nerdy techy niches where neckbeards hate advertising, work

making apps and software is a different thing than what most internet marketers make money with which is paid informational/video courses (referred to as infoproducts) more or less, either monthly or one time payment. running a software business either app or desktop is a whole different ballgame and you want to look more in the 'startups' literature. software can work if its a smaller niche. making money from apps is a whole other thing but similar principles. it's just much harder at this point than infoproducts imo unless youre a sick and fast coder or have some sort of amazing idea you can market well

Are you aware that the trend against advertising has long reached normal fags, but hey, a sleezy Gen X fag getting high on his own farts is way too much concerned with counting the shekels he scams from even sleezier Boomers. The moment those lose control over marketing is the moment where degenerates like you end up in the poor house and scream for big daddy state to bail them out.

Face it cancer, your industries peak was in the early 2000's, since then only decline.
Ads can never be appealing, the more the public gets aware of the low tier propaganda techniques advertisers work with, the more the products get hurt. The age of brands and story telling are over. Good example is Hollyjew atm, they go as far as starting false flags on their productions to get SJWs to talk about it. It is literally over for the ad industry

>lol 30 hours a day, meant to say 30 a week. 30 hours a day would work too tho. advertising a product only equals negative growth in nerdy techy niches where neckbeards hate advertising, work
Thought you meant I'd need to work double time to make it work. Tbh that's not awful I basically do that with crypto, though that's mostly just reading biz and checking blockfolio news.

And nerdy neckbeard niches are the only areas I have any knowledge. I've thought of making videos where I try different distros, I don't think this would be very successful. I have plenty of other interests, just not expert level that I can go and create unique content. Not that it should stop me from learning something.

Yeah I won't be making any complex software. Plenty of simple software/websites seem to get popular though. An example I heard watching an interview with MJ Demarco was a website that measured your typing speed. Something like that I can easily handle.

>le I’m too smart to be marketed too

The hallmark of a retarded redditor who doesn’t realize he’s subversively marketed to. Lol. Love guys like you, making me rich.

>Ads can never be appealing, the more the public gets aware of the low tier propaganda techniques advertisers work with, the more the products get hurt
Dude idk it's just evolving. Virtue signaling is the new advertising. And that's something boomers, genx, millenials all seem to get behind.
>oooh coca cola made a statement supporting illegal immigration, what a great company!
You also realize that tomorrow millions of idiot rubes are going to be talking about
>muh favorite advertisement during the sports ball game
Guess what that favorite ad is going to be? 10 bits it's pro third world immigration with nothing to do with the actual product

It’s funny that you bring up typing speed websites. A few weeks ago a co-worker showed off his typing speed score from one of those sites, and just like that, everyone else in the office was trying to beat his score. The whole event was faddish and lasted about a day or two, but everyone got super competitive about it. Could be something there, but I’m not sure how saturated that niche is.

Used to do affiliate back in the day, curious how things are today

Are people still slinging rebills? Volume has to have gone down, no? What is it, mostly PPV at this point?

In the end, you either learn to do big volume (I didn't), or make your own products (doing this now)

you have absolutely no idea how the world works and ill just leave it like that. well, i'll leave it to tell you to look up what global ad spending is at. but i'm sure the people who spend that money are just wasting it for no reason

So before I made this thread I was thinking something along the lines of the typing speed webiste example, with standard banner ads, opt in, whatever. Should I really just make some ebook, e-tutorial series? It's insane to me that anybody pays for this, though I recognize click bank is wildly successful...

Firstly, learn how to reply to threads you fucking fruit cake faggot this thread is a fucking mess. Secondly, you're right about affiliate marketing/apps/etc. I migrated from the affiliate world into apps about 7 years ago, been doing it ever since. Ironically MUCH less competition and I don't even code or anything, and I make more doing apps than I ever did in affiliate shit.

You're so wrong it's amazing, go back to plebbit. Kek.

Funny there's another thread
Thoughts on spending money to have someone teach me? In the past I would never consider this, but if I'm spending crypto gains it's a lot easier to stomach. People blow a huge amount on college, surely some of these courses, who end up with successful students could be worthwhile?

Not about to sign up for anything without careful research, just wondering..

Both of you ignore the most important factor, and it is especially relevant for the US market. since '09, the only thing that kept the branding and advertising biz alive was cheap money from the FED. With interest rates rising, the first departments that will get cuts are the Stacy HQs in HR and marketing. So have fun fighting over cents with Pajeets who do it cheaper and have access too a way bigger markets full of stupid money.
>who doesn’t realize he’s subversively marketed to
Yes, of course, but I use next gen propaganda for political issues and not some out dated branding bullshit from the late '70s or pajeet tier spamming.
>You also realize that tomorrow millions of idiot rubes are going to be talking about
Yes, in a negative way, and this shows the absolute state of current marketing monkeys; they even take the risk of destroying a hundred year old brand through intentional negative marketing, just to keep brainlets talk about it. That's not even close to a sale.

Face it, you looking at a dying industry that would have long been gone if not for debts on the head of taxpayers. You are worse than bankers


oh a pajeet right here. One observe his idea that boobs are a way to give his message leverage and have it seen
Show vagene and buubs street shitter

>le I use adblock
>le I'm smarter than marketers

You replied, it worked. KEK.

>I don't even code or anything, and I make more doing apps than I ever did in affiliate shit.
How much do spend and how do you keep budget down and quality up? I would have thought apps are much harder to break into.

What would you advertise with reddit ads?

They're hard to break into because people have terrible ideas or are complete retards and think making a game is a good idea. Keep cost down by hiring Pajeets and Chans but just be strict on quality control/interviewing them beforehand. My main dev I work with now is Indian and is about $10/hour; I've got about 50 apps in my portfolio and around 6 million downloads to date, bulk of which the top 5 of my apps are responsible for.

>hurdur she pointed out my tactic
>she must have answered because of bubs
The absolute state of street shitting curry smelling sub humans. I answered because I was tagged and enjoy spitting on cancer like you. In fact, the first I do when coming to Veeky Forums is hiding all lewd threads

Holy fuck you're dense. Lmao.

Thanks man I'll look into this. $10/hour for a sell-able product is amazing.

how find pajeet

upwork or any other freelance site

im prob not gonna get into apps for a while cause im doing well in health niches that take a lot of work but out of curiosity what verticals do you recommend for apps if not games? just look at top dl lists/app analytic sites and infer what's working most recently?

Anything utility based, anything that isn't a game. I'd use analytics/charts like appannie for ideas but I wouldn't do anything that looks like it's doing well, because that's when those niches get spammed to death by clones and it never works. Are you doing PPC in health vert or what?

soy milk

So there's another dimension that I didn't bring up. I have an agreement with my current company that basically says
>your our slave and any idea or creation you make including 6 months after leaving, we own

Sling garbage through ppc adds just seems more palatable, even if they could claim ownership of the landing page since there is a lot less intellectual property to go after.
Even if I have pajeet make an app for me the agreement is phrased such that they could claim ownership.
So I can't really do the whole moonlight until the night time project is more successful than your normal job route.
Fuck it I'm going to quit by next year. I want to be rich, not some mediocre wage slave.

would probably unironically convert well on reddit

There's a 0% chance of them finding out if you hustle outside the plantation.

I'd just hate to build something successful and then have it taken away from me.
Say it works so well I decide to leave and continue working on it? Yeah I could lie. What if further down the line they try to claim the whole stake just because it was started when I was an employee.
I recognize I'm being slightly paranoid. Realistically our business is so far removed from mobile apps that the development is in no way similar or a conflict of interest and so I doubt anyone cares. The contract is pretty explicit though, whether it's enforceable is also a different story.

Just the more tangible the product I create the more there is for them to potentially take.

yeah ppc seo fb pages and joint ventures/blog crossposts in health selling monthly membership with new weekly content

You're just making excuses not to start, I've seen it literally hundreds of times. So many ways around this it's literally not even an issue. Kek.

Using a cloaker I'd imagine? How many accounts do you burn through doing this? I used to do this but shit got nearly impossible few years back.

so what kind of venture we're talking here with mobile apps? money from google ads in free apps or some freemium shit?

I'm a wp/php dev but might try one of those ready-made app frameworks who don't require much coding, I'm a good designer so I can leverage that possibly

>make wordpress site for 'game hacks' niche
>create real looking game hacks, cheats, steam generators and other shit with Visual Basic
>write stupid articles with keywords to rank
>make YT video showing proof that it 'works'
>kids spend their days filling in stupid surveys to get their CPA offer unlocked
>make bank

Got an example of this? How to find games ripe for this? of clans generator
This one is terribly overflooded though.

There are tons of games you can fool people with, just look for the most popular ones.
Youtube ranking doesn't follow many rules so it's harder to count on it. Good on-page SEO can rank most of the keywords on google to top 10 even for really high competition. Most of the people who do this method don't care much about SEO.
Not very moral to screw kids over though. Sometimes an offer value is 10 bucks or so. Hard to imagine how much they actually pay from their parents' phones for an offer like that.

These things work but you will not make it by scamming people

Actual good products that deliver value sell themselfs. Shitty CPA scams like this you have to shill relentlessly

i mostly only did cloakers when running cpa offers which i don't do anymore, if you own the product and it's not any small print rebilling going on and your site is decent enough, fb ads usually allows it through these days. they just don't like hidden continuity models and anything at all affiliate. if your site looks totally legit (and is legit) and your ads aren't deceptive it's good. cpc costs are pretty high these days in many health niches tho so you really need a super tight funnel.

how much a month are you making doing this with how much traffic? this seems very blackhatworld tier, its called content locking and i didnt think people were making much with it anymore

SHHHHHHH this is what I'm doing when I get verified on my alt account

Like 70 bucks a month. Created like 5 articles around 1 year ago and stopped there, so it's all on auto-pilot since then. Around 100 views per day on download links.
This is still highly profitable if you put in some work.
But yeah, I'm not scaling this because I'm not feeling good scamming those kids.

They are trying to scam the company first so I think you are even.
And you are teaching them an important lesson, that there is nothing free in this world.