Clinton would've been better for gainz

The DOW would already be at 30,000 if Hillary was president. Bitcoin would be at 50,000. I'm not even trolling or memeing or particularly leftist, but Trump has weakened the dollar and ripped up way too many free trade deals. Chickens are coming home to roost.


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He somewhat strengthened the dollar, the economy is still going to collapse, but hillary would have been worse

Hillary would have banned crypto by now and the stock market would have crashed because she nuked russia.

I'd be in a reeducation camp if Hillary won. At least with Trump I can still NEET


Dollar is in free fall. Down like 15% against euro. Trump and Mnuchin openly admit they want a weak dollar.

I doubt hillary would have much affect on the stock market in the short term, actually it would would be a little lower, but long term obviously with the republicans running congress with any warm body to sign their bills you are looking another 3 years of print and spend just like GWB.

>He somewhat strengthened the dollar
No, he's actually weakening it and he admits he wants to weaken it for export reasons

Why do drumpfkins always say "it would be worse under Hillary", instead of accepting that the quintillions of economists who predicted something along the lines of "the economy will be shit if [right/conservative thing] happens" were right like usual?

I genuinely don't get it, I graduated valedictorian, go to a famous uni etc but aren't going to pretend I know more than proper economists. And yet the braindead normalfags who dropped out of HS do.

You completely contradicted yourself, faggot. You make no sense. You say Trump weakened the dollar. (QE). KKKillery never ran against QE. She praised QE. At least Trump gave us "Trumped up TrickleDown economics"- KKKillery Cinton.

The dollar is bouncing and getting stronger right now though. It crashed a lot last year.

>not gonna lie, former Trump supporter here
Get necked. We'd already be in WWIII if that sociopathic cunt had managed to steal the election.

>he somewhat strengthened the dollar
Delusional, he has literally bragged about weakening the dollar.

this 100% War against russia would be coming if KKKillery stole the election. She's even more upset with russia because though she collaborated with them, they fukt her and gave her that fake pee pee dossier which makes her red handed. #LockHerUp

I agree but also
> I graduated valedictorian, go to a famous uni etc but aren't going to pretend I know more than proper economists
> I graduated valedictorian, go to a famous uni etc but aren't
>I aren't

Less QE is needed if the government takes on less debt. Trump is just an enabler of the GOP print and spend policy. Cutting taxes (in ways that don't even grow the economy), spending more, printing more money leads to more QE. GWB did the same thing. 8 years of spending more money, printing more money, and the economy grew in the short term, but guess how it all ended?

Dollar is down double digits this year, and Trump wants a weak dollar.


If you think the GOP is crypto friendly... lmao.

>Highest stock market gain in one week since 1960's in January.
> Stock market near all time highs, even with pullback
> Trump removed regulations and allowed for a freer market.
> Crypto boom Trumps first year in office.
> Ignoring the fact Hillary is a cunt, neo-liberal, lying, malicious, and ugly women.

>You say Trump weakened the dollar
He's openly admitted to wanting to weaken the dollar and has since at least 2015.

I'm not writing an assessed essay shitlord, although I'm shit at grammar anyway.

Yeah this 100% the Republican electorate think crypto is just internet drug money and the party leaders will try to kill it because it challenges the systems that made a lot of them and their donors rich. They're gonna kill it under the guise of muh war on drugz

>Ignoring the fact Hillary is a cunt, neo-liberal, lying, malicious, and ugly women.
Who gives a shit? All I care about is gainz and Clinton would've been better.

Stock went up because people expected tax cuts and spending under the GOP, and the dollar to tank. Can't buy bonds or use saving accounts because of QE. Can't keep cash because they want to weaken it. Its no wonder people have to buy stocks. It has nothing to do with anything Trump personally has done.

>Trump has weakened the dollar

A weak dollar is bad? Hmmm...definitely not an econ major, I guess. The state of the dollar can be good or bad depending on why. The current state of the dollar is based on fear the economy is too strong.

Problem is, macro economics is turning out to be a scam science and everyone is guessing right now due to technology disrupting traditional economics.

And btw, a weak dollar makes our goods more attractive to other economies. It enhances trade, doesn't diminish it, especially when you are the worlds largest economy. Damn people are dumb.

>or particularly leftist
I don't think it means what you think it means

Uhm a weak dollar is good for stocks and bitcoin cause they are priced in dollar, check how european markets fared last year under strong euro

It only boosts trade because it makes your poorer and willing to sell for less.

I'm an engineer
I am perfectly comfortable pretending i know more about macro-economics than most of those who studied it in college.

'>' yes

>... valedictorian...
>...shit at grammar

>People still arguing this left/right false dichotomy

Only difference is that at least voting right wing slightly slows down the communist spread

Amen, comrade

this is retarded, much of the run up was in speculation of the tax cuts

dollar weakness is a fuck you to China

GOP and Trump are literally following the same course as George Bush, massive tax cuts to the donor class, hand out entitlements to constituencies, spending is out of control, money is flying off the printing press. The stock market is up, dollar is plummeting. Somehow though this won't end up like 2008.

Under obama the conservatives claimed that everyone who knew basic economics knew that the national debt was the number one biggest issue, a ticking time bomb that would lead to the country's financial collapse. Then under Trump, debt is good! A weak dollar "boosts trade"! Its basic economics! Lmao.

Crypto wouldve been banned the day bitcoin hit 5000$

It's all relative friend. It's not hard to beat 300 normalfags, but my mathematical skills are considerably better. Unless I write slowly my grammar isn't very good.

Yeah I know the dollar crashed in 2017. That's why I bought other currencies, but it's starting to bounce right now and looks like it's going back up.

The only rational human here.

Hillary would've had anyone who tried to decrease the value of fiat killed just like when she was Secretary of State. We'd all be Gaddafi'd by now.

You have to do better than that shillblue

Politics now is literally just "gibs me that". You just change who you gibs to to based on your own bias.

Do you want your tax dollars going to billionaires and boomers or niggers and illegals

>Hillary is a cunt, neo-liberal, lying, malicious, and ugly women.
And Trump is a dickhead, neocon, lying (all the fucking time), malicious, ugly man.
You yanks are spoiled for choice.

I don’t care ima be rich either way. Fuck USA (am burger btw)

Really only way to stop this is limiting votes to people not associated with the government (corps and people) and anyone receiving any government benefit doesn't get to vote

in the US this is probably 10% of the population, so......

>Somehow though this won't end up like 2008.
It won't be quite the same. No Reagan era housing deregulation to deal with. Or did that never get fixed after the crash?

>the financial crisis was caused by things like taxes and entitlements
Wew the brainwashing is real

>Not getting gibs or having gov't association
Are you downright retarded?

The deregulation didn't cause it, it was rating agencies overeating shitty loans as a cartel, and government threatening civil rights lawsuits on banks for not giving loans out to niggers. And then speculation drove it to the moon

The problems have relatively been solved, but the ratings agencies are still a government enabled cartel

>corporations should get a vote
>corporations don't get handouts
I mean I guess most don't
>10% of the population
Lmao, go look it up and ruin your day

Limiting the vote to land owners would turn the entire country red, even if we had the votes they're not ready to turn this cold civil war hot.

Yep. At Trump's first budget, he literally increased the amount of money that that the government has borrowed more than Obama, Bush, or Clinton in their non-recession periods.

Yes, we all know is the TRUE reason...

I wonder what your retards will come up with when 2008 happens again.

Monetary policy has always been flawed. Since the data that is manipulated is either outdated or simply untrue. I hope now you understand how valuable cryptocurrency can become, real time and much more reliable data. An economic revolution, we wouldn't have to base our decisions on arbitrary political rhetoric.

You're literally retarded if you don't understand the financial crisis was caused by risky derivative instruments. Probably underaged too.

Trump campaigned on a promise of bringing more jobs back to the US, not helping the corporate bottom line.

NAFTA gave us a modest GDP boost, but in the process sent 700,000 net jobs to Mexico, who benefitted massively in comparison. TPP was about to make it way worse, going after medical professionals and other solidly middle class occupations. At some point you can't afford to sell out your working class any more and risk creating a massive bitter lower class that will eventually turn to revolution or radicalism as a last resort.

Fuck off commie faggot

Explain how lowering taxes causes a crash

Do you deny rating agencies were the ones repackaging loans? Are you that invested in your gay little narrative?
>when your ideology matches a Hollywood depiction
How embarrassing

Those markets still exist and are as out of control as ever. Worth like 500 trillion too which is more value than tangibly exists. We live in an absurd global society.

Nice try Share Blue

Comparing Trump to Killary is like comparing a teen who ran a red light to the Vegas shooter. Clinton body count at 300+. Kek.

Bernie fucking folded like a pussy

I want my $20 back

Next crash is going to be quite fun.

No, he's still downsizing the government and regulation. So no.

Just protecting Americans from the world, like an American elected leader should.

user, you didn't hear?!?! Bernie wrote some refund checks. There are whole threads on this. Get your damn money back!

>risk isn't allowed
It was a miscalculation, not just merely risk
>caused by risk
This is beyond retarded

I'll say it again since you can't seem to comprehend my allegation. The risk was mislabeled as less risky by the rating agencies, causing a discrepancy in information. This combined with the government pushing on the other end to give out the loans in the first place caused an extremely bad long term discrepancy that corrected itself

>it's because it was risky
I just don't know where to start explaining the fundamentals of risk

I mean, you're literally on a board where the market looks like a rollercoaster and banks are looking to invest in it. Is that going to crash the economy?

I'm cautiously optimistic about DT, but even I know that what he's doing is going to hurt in the short term.

OF COURSE Hillary would have been better for the economy, she'd be doing more of the same.

However, there are deep underlying issues in the US government, and economy, that sooner or later will need to be dealt with. DT represents the only candidate that might possibly start addressing these issues, which admittedly will hurt, a lot. But in the long run (we hope) things will get better, not just economically, but in general prosperity and culture of America as a whole.

>Trump campaigned on a promise of bringing more jobs back to the US, not helping the corporate bottom line.

As if these are mutually exclusive and not interdependent...seriously people? Where do you think growth happens? Do you expect everyone to operate a sole proprietorship and never conduct trade? As an owner of a corporation with employees, I increased my R & D budget SIGNIFICANTLY because I was incentivized to do so with the new tax laws. My corp won't make ANY more money this year because I'm spending on R & D, which is jobs. I will make more in the future and the employees I hired and employee will make more in the future as well because of this tax law. Now multiply that times the entire economy. Everyone is better off.

As far as the corporate tax, the new law actually incentivizes me to pay now that it is in line with world corporate tax rates. Previously, I was incentivized to find every legal loophole to avoid paying any because the rate tables and were so steep and punitive.

I'm so fucking tired of ignorant people not taking ANY time to figure out how the economy actually works. 99% of people are wrong on everything and don't even care to learn. Instead they just (((amplify))) retarded narratives that someone whispers in their ear to keep them poor.

Yeah, high taxes and government regulations are great for the economy!

The economy is booming. Black unemployment is at a low not seen in years. This is why you need to stay away from the drugs. But the fact is that Trump is doing way better than bush and obama combined (Obama was the 3rd and 4th term of bush) I am against qe. Also, the fed needs to be ended.


The only people that actually supported this bitch that weren't LARPing were the weak-minded idiots that were successfully ideologically subverted by the old KGB brainwashing tactics used by the mainstream Jew media. They did the same shit to Germany in the 1920's why do you think holocaust happened? Because the Germans were bored and just went with it? Kys

Weak fud. Hillary would have redefined long term capgains to 6 years. Fuck you, OP.

Yeah exactly!

Wait. Remind me again what was going on during the largest economic crisis of our time?

Was it a bunch of liberals creating regulations and hiking up tax rates on the rich? Or was it during an unprecedented period of tax cuts and deregulation lead by a conservative administration? Lol I just can't seem to remember. Probably the liberal thing though. Those damn libtards ruining our economy.

you am not that smart

Look. KKKillery lost in a land slide. get over it. Still, no one can tell me what her platform even was. she phoned it in the whole time she ran. Get over it. you cant tell me that she could have been better.

Who brought us to big to fail?

>dollar is in freefall

nice delayed reaction. We dont know if it can actually fall anymore from this point

>thinking politics effects the markets in this day and age
Banks literally dont give a fuck anymore, thats why you arent seeing any volatility shifts during big news. Everyone is thinking 30 years ahead of time

Whatever retard.

You misunderstand, not necessarily mutually exclusive but also not mutually inclusive to any serious degree. From a profit margin standpoint it was in a business' best interest to outsource work to places like Mexico. From an American society perspective, those are thousands of lost jobs, wages, more government dependence, more undercut pay rates. A lot of the companies that outsourced weren't the ones heavily committed to R&D, which at this point in time I would say are primarily in technology. They have their own basket of problems.

If you analyze the effects of NAFTA, you could attribute a small bump in GDP growth to it. For productivity it did free up more resources, since companies could pay foreign workers less. But that was also a sheer loss in steady American work. Mexico's GDP absolutely skied while ours grew modestly.

Our priority at this point in time should be shifting agency back to the American worker, while doing things like slashing corporate tax so companies still have the bankroll to pursue R&D and investment in America.

Ohh and the regulations that bought about the 2008 crash were removed during the Clinton presidency.

So yeah, fuck you.

poor gary
I'd play uno with him

Yeah, but if the gold and silver markets keep pumping along with the stock market, a lot of that money will go into crypto too. That means we've got 2 more years of this until economic crash settles in.

>Make millions in FIAT trading shitcoins
>Economy crashes in 2020
>Enter economic crash with millions saved

>Wage slave for two years
>Economy crashes in 2020
>Enter economic crash with thousands saved

I know which one sounds better to me, user

>Muh risky derivative instruments

CDOs and other derivatives aren't the reason why the prices failed, it was more the predatory lending and pressure to lend to those with bad credit combine with derivatives.

Its called the dunning-Krueger effect. The dumber you the smarter you think you are. Makes sense why his base supports him if you factor that in.

Wow look at all that land with no people in it that voted for Trump. Are you actually retarted?

All politicians graduated from some prestigious university and look at the job They have done.

Your argument is invalid

>definitely not an econ major
>macro econ is a scam science

Where's your Nobel prize for debunking that one brainlet? Let me guess, you heard someone else say that so you adopted their stance because it makes you sound edgy and smart. Please unironicaly kill yourself.


>tfw you watch the big short and become an economic expert.

Thanks brainlet

>inb4 they go down the street to Moody's.

That smug self-assured superiority that's typical of leftists makes me smile.

It's especially funny that you're exhibiting the same buzzword term that you're projecting on conservatives.

t. Libertarianfag

>still less than 50% of the population

if those areas in the US could break away and leave you farmer country fucks, we would, but you're useful for now

>guess which areas contribute to gdp the most

Or... self-reliant, capable people don't need a babysitter to hold their hand.

You are the dunning kruger effect personofied. I am glad ron paul idiocy is on the way out.
t. trump supporter

It's not, we just realized Trump is more effective to support for the time being.

Whatever you saw in 2016 was not Libertarian, unfortunately.

I'm pretty sure it's the hoard of self-assured liberals with useless rote degrees they earned at diploma mills while getting indoctrinated on leftist, big government thought who are suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Trump won the $50k-100k demographic while Clinton won the sub $40k and minorities so I'm pretty sure it all evens out "smarts wise".

You can check that out yourself, Clinton won "degree holders" because Clinton won women and women are now earning 60% of degrees due largely to the fact that they all major in social work, psychology, and basket studies while racking up tons of debt and sucking government subsidies.

These majors don't require a lot of independent thought, most in college don't anymore outside of STEM and a few others. You go to class, sit your ass down, ingest what your professor and the slides tell you and spit it back out on a sheet, rinse and repeat.

Also, to back up your point, people actually capable of making money voted for Trump.

My argument is literally in opposition to the assertions in the big short dipshit

>Trump won the $50k-100k demographic while Clinton won the sub $40k and minorities so I'm pretty sure it all evens out "smarts wise".

If this is implying Drumpf supporters are better at making money, this is why I was valedictorian and you weren't.

Subhuman drumpf retards

Why the fuck didn't we meme Ted Cruz into office? Didn't he want to COMPLETELY ABOLISH THE FUCKING IRS?! He was literally the craziest one.

Go on, user, tell us what you do for a living.

I'm a web developer.