Did I get scammed?

Did I get scammed?

Why the fuck would you buy this?



why did you go in knowing it was a scam..

wasn't this the ICO selling 1 coin for U$2 even tho the hay like 1 trillion coin supply? kek

Still NO tokens after 6 days

I think I got scammed


Told everyone it was scam. i know these guys, I'm from Switzerland myself and they sold all the ETH and BTC they got as soon as the ICO ended.

Carlos told you "DAS A SCAM" and u didn't listen

They arnt even distributing tokens

I've got mine

>company based in gibraltar
>token used only for "voting"
>hitbtc listing

here's a little pro tip for all you newfags, never EVER buy into any ICO that announces it'll get listed on hitbtc

every single coin that got listed on exchange has tanked horrible

csno, ebet, agrello etc etc

its fucking slavic cancer exchange with terrible withdraw problems that ICOs only contact because their coin is downright illegal in most first world countries

Answer my question though.

Becuase I thought id get the tokens

>Buying something with the name SWISS on it

You deserve it faggot. And this comes from a swiss mountian jew

Stop lying

I got mine tho

should have listend to Carlos

I'm not lol got them

listen to this man and learn, faggot

Stop lying, they arnt even distributing tokens anymore look at the top wallets

post proof

I got mine too

swiss mountain jew here
the team is full of albanians and other subhumans
they even used comic caricatures on the website so you dont instantly see it kek
enjoy bags
>falling for the swiss meme
oh myyyy

Look at the top wallets they top distributing

I think they only did it for the first day realized how hard it was and then stopped

Why would you buy worthless tokens?

Inb4 kek poorfag

>trusting something with 'borg' in the name

been waiting to post this

Give a brother a heads up before pnd

>dir huere opfer

Ask if theyre done with token distribution

Owning 24k CHSB
Cyrus is an absolut Pajeet

and got banned in like 5 seconds

to anybody who's holding bags:
dump this fucking shitcoin at 3-5x on HitBTC, it already went on a bullrun the minute it got listed on IDEX and someone sold his bags for 5x the ICO price, other whales are probably waiting to pump&dump that on HitBTC as well since if you look at the trading volumes on Livecoin and IDEX seem to be a tiny fraction of the marketcap

but since HitBTC is complete dogshit, the listing is not happening in time again, it was supposed to happen 4 hours ago

just sell at 3-4x, 5-6x if you're looking for higher risk/reward, it might go higher but it's coming back down 100% and it's not gonna go back up anytime soon

richtigi husos si ds, wie schwirig isches de si coin uf KuCoin oder Cryptopia z becho weme fucking 50 mille bim ICO gmacht het und sone hype wie die het cha

they supposedly are with everyone who did KYC (only if you've invested more than 5k in fiat) and confirmed his ERC20 address, so check that out, and if you still haven't recieved money I can't help you and you should honestly just message their support or their admins on telegram

I got banned for spamming telgram so that theyd actually get somebody to engage the community

Apparently they arnt distributing tokens to people that logged in from an IP address but they still took money

GG. Im in the US

How do I send ETH on MyEtherWallet? Tried to send 0.01 ETH but it never arrived