fucking new exchange listing and community finally is not toxic

get in faggots

unironically one of the worst projects in crypto

Where do I buy it?

unironically a mediocre project in crypto

weak FUD faggot


is this a pnd? such low volume big increase in price 135k $ volume

The team is 3 high schoolers living out of their parents basement.

This isn't a roastie poster dumbass

Nice, fucking finally. I’m tired of fudding this. What exchange???? Holy shit up 60% so far

lurk more

No, but it is a shitcoin.

*breathes in*


Lots anticipation and FUD going on at the same time with Lamden Tau

I bought 1ETH at 55k vitaliks. At this point I just want to break even

Cashed out at 1.20, done with this shit, there are WAY better investments

thanks, literally sold 100k

If you honestly believe Lamden will ever achieve anything other than being a vessel for whale pump n dumps, then there's literally no hope for you

Didn't pay attention to the mcap. Would've too if I knew it was over 100 million at that time

>holding a pnd

This would be blockchain 5.0 and a shit ton better than XRB if (and it's a big IF) they manage to do as promised.

$5 eoy

Which will never happen.

High risk, potentially high reward
Nothing is guaranteed

Dude. Look at the fucking team. Do you really think they have the potential to create a blockchain platform that will exceed every other project out there? There are a multitude of smaller cap coins with way more potential than this shit

looks can decieve. Besides they certainly have money to hire devs now.
If I had great confidence in that they'd succeed I would've gone all in at ICO. But I rather decided to put in 4% of the satoshis I had. And I'll hold that for some months; see where it brings me

moon moon mi

Can a post be more pajeet?

can you be a bigger FAGOT

I don't have to go by looks when I've seen their shitty YouTube updates. They have no product, no real business plan on how to achieve their goals. All hype no substance.

Except the atomic swaps code you can go read you fucking piece of shit fudder

The true success is succeeding despite having a toxic community.

>he's this buttblasted that he holds lamden
Come back when they have any sort of viable product