Drumpf destroy the economy in one year

>drumpf destroy the economy in one year

>"this is obamas fault!"

tell me of a bigger disease than the drumpf cult

protip:you cant

>tell me of a bigger disease than the drumpf cult

I was with OP but I think you actually win



Obama superficially inflates market with quantitative easing and negative interest rates. Trump returns things to reality. Obama wouldn't let healthy corrections happen. It is most definitively his fault.


You have to go back to Reddiit and suck Bernie’s dick

says the guy who sucks drumpf dick

You realise up until this week the economy was doing the best its done in like 40 years right?

Interest rates were near 0 before Trump became president.

And they didn't get that way because Obama was president.

The economy crashing will have nothing to do with who is president.

Actually, Obama did a good job of doing nothing when the economy did crash 10 years ago. Had he actually done anything, shit would have probably gotten real ugly.

> mad he won’t get his gay rights and gender equality anymore.


Can't have it both ways you fucking nigger.

>massively misspelled reddit and ended up here

Well, it's not like you weren't told exactly what was going to happen.

>Trump takes credit for stock market rally since election
>Economy suddenly tanks

Back to pol!

y all faggots realize that the stock market is not the economy, right?

>people who dislike /pol/ are one person

what a dumb motherfucker we have for president..jfc

is this real life!

>economy recovering
>long period of low interest rates
>I have an idea, let's just cut lots of taxes, especially for the wealthy, that will lead to lots of borrowing and inflation
>expect fed not to raise interest

this is what piss me off

the orange retard was praising himself weeks ago about the economy

now of course hes quiet while the drumpfkin drones are blaming obama

Yeah isn't great, but at least we don't have to bend over to > THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT EVER, honestly i'm glad he won just for the sake of not having that reptillian of a whore as a president.

>tell me of a bigger disease than the drumpf cult
reddit spacing and soyboys

Indeed. It was regrettable, but necessary.

Stinky Linkies (jews)

>"lets make history and vote a female"

>"nah lets vote for the new yorker conman with tons of failed bussines!!"

He didn't say anything about pol did he nigger?

If you want to make a /pol/ thread, go on fucking /pol/. Stop spreading your fucking cancer here, you king of the niggers. Putting the word "economy" in your thread doesn't make it a Veeky Forums thread you fucking faggot.

>biz full of ass braap threads

>"drumpf is not biz related"


>people make brap threads
>therefore Trump threads are okay

Take your own advice.