HODL thread

How are you fellow HODLers doing? What do you guys do to pass the time?

watch anime

be a bro dad. be brad.

video games and online gambling

continue to buy more on dips
play vidya
watch anime
workout a bit
talk with buds
watch my holdings go up

what else is there in life?

That pepe is for scary cryptic threads only. Please delete and replace with Pic related.

Watching the chart and mentally influence it. IT WORKED.
And watching movies and stuff.

laughing at all the faggots last week who were selling out, calling for a zero, hodlers brainlets, etc.

larp as a hindsight mastermind

shitpost, create fud, generally just fuck with the daytraders and new people here

Stop posting this I’m on no fap

Learning to not be a retard next time.

hodling till the next alt party/ bull market so i can be confident trading again. easier to make money up than down, especially when retard money flows in.
even started playing DOTA again to pass some time.

Shitposting on Veeky Forums 24/7 desu.

Referral myself like 1000 times to get free coins that get advertised 1 coin = 2$, but are actually worth 2 cents.

The only logical thing to do while holding is generate more fiat. When you aren't working, build something on your free time to sell, be it art, tables, pottery, restoring appliances, cultivating seeds of rare plants or embroidering baseball caps with memes.

I still watch the market and read whitepapers and updates, if i see something that concerns me with the fundamentals of a project I will sell but otherwise my hands are solid diamond.

Also, I trade stocks and do normie wageslave shit.

Watch markets. BJJ. shitpost on Veeky Forums

do completely pointless shit, some video games (although not much for several months), watch movies, television, listen to podcasts, read books, watch charts, post on here

cashed out enough gains over the last few years that I don't really have to work right now, or at least don't have to consider it for 5-10 years. Will see how things continue to shake out over the next 1-2 years and make a career decision

Been givin the wifey a lot of facials lately
She thinks theyre funny
Passes the time

thats hot. how good is she at sucking dick? be detailed

Wanna learn a trick or two?

Read. I'm currently reading "The intelligent investor" and a few other SciFi books

play vidya, watch movies, listen in on whale's mating calls, read chart, look at market caps, read white papers, read about shitcoins and shitposting on a chinese cartoon board.

Yeah, I can advise your mother on what to do next time