This is the last time you will ever have a bounce before it goes to 4k within three days.

You can laugh all you want, but you laughed at me when I pointed 6K and 8K.

there are 35000 btc worth of margin longs open on bitfinex right now, most of it probably with tether, as opposed to 12000 btc of shorts, now guess what 23000 btc of downwards sell pressure will do to the price

Probably raise the price because there's zero reason for it to dump you paranoid brainlets.

sorry if im brainlet but arent longs supposed to push the price up?

>MACD crossed over
>RSI was oversold
>5.9k bounce lined up perfectly with the mean

I know it's easy to zoom out and say it's gonna keep dipping because thats been the trend, but as you can see they fucking change and everything points to that now.

>you laughed at me when I pointed 6K and 8K
pruf sir pls

Oh look everybody

It's another faggot who has no fucking idea how to read volume.

Hey buddy, you might want to take a business course, because that is the most retarded thing I've ever read today.

top kek

its going back to 10k-13k.

> using bollinger bands

Every single time you retards don’t hodl you regret it immediately or eventually

>but you laughed at me when I pointed 6K and 8K.
A literally who?

you sold the bottom, didn't you?

You are a brainlet, yes.

>but you laughed at me when I pointed 6K and 8K.

show us where you ''pointed it out'' at

>oh thats right you didnt
>stop mooning reeee

are you trying to say buy ? i dont get it. theres more longs than shorts

holy shit a literal fucking brainlet can tell to you we are going up, looking bullish af sorry OP

I will give you a picture clue.

its a good thing the whales follow common market sentiment

Because you think that back then there were real reason?

It's so fucking easy to put togheter a series of coordinated FUD.

Fuck it I'll do it since you're a brainlet but you admitted to being so.

It's about to againstdump hard.

>what is fundamental analysis

did i get it right? did i win the game?


>6K cucks, the harder they fud they higher it goes

Says the nervous user who sold at the bottom

I literally only come here for these buy and sell signals
I'm exiting crypto for a bit once these 6k brainlets finally shut the fuck up

$92,000,000 short liquidated.

It begins. The idiots that ever thought shorting bitcoin was a good idea will start suiciding soon.

best market cross section ever

Holy fucking shit

I sold at 6k and I pray everyday that it goes down so I can get back in. It literally started going up the second I sold. I feel so fucking sick right now, it's only going to come back down when I reenter the market. Fuck crypto, fuck Veeky Forums, and FUCK BITCOIN.

We just broke 9k. If it goes up like 200-300 more dollars we will pass the previous peak it hit before the most recent dip. If it passes the previous peak we will officially be on an uptrend.
Were going straight back to $20k

jesus, when is this dip gonna come so these faggots can shut the fuck up and welcome the coming of the bull with open arms?

babys first time doing risk investment

I dont understand shorting, what does this mean?

Yes, it is. I'm not sure what you want me to say. I thought it would go lower. Now I want to end my fucking life.

never put in more than you can afford to lose especially if you're at the point of ending your life. you can learn from this

spekulating on pric fall sir

Does it need a reason to dump?

That's not how markets work

Am I doing this right? Last candle not closed yet, let's see what happens next

I cashed out with a small profit although my portfolio was up 50% the next day and now it's up about 75% from when I sold.

if it dipped to 1k, there would be people on here saying wait til it hits $100

It's not going to 4k that quickly, the earliest we'd see 4k (barring crazy shit like the Tethering) would be weeks from now. The bulls need to exhaust their money first before the next dip can occur.

>downwards sell pressure
if I were a whale, even in a bull market I'd push the price to 7/8k first to liquidate margin longs, shake weak hands so I don't have to deal with them at 10k, and get more BTC for a lower price.

the 100 week MA is at 3.1k
that's the real mean since the beginning of the bull run

You borrow bitcoin with the intention to sell it, only to buy it back at a later date, preferably at a cheaper price.

If the price is cheaper when you buy it back, you keep the difference. If its higher, you lose.

it goes up it goes down wait it out, good luck

I sold for tether at 6.4k and now while drunk alone I made the rational well informed decision to buy back in and to buy more. Sell really low, buy low. Based

Fucking fantastic. OP btfo

basically you sell assets that aren't at X value and buy them back at a lower X value but if the price goes past your initial value you fuck up and lose a shitload of money since you have to buy the assets you borrowed

then you have buckshot for breakfast

I sold my meager 150 (yes third world poorfag here) at 12k, bought back in at 6 with 200 and now just waiting

They usually liquidated the short and then dump it, just saying.


Is this the dow or the nasdaq thread?

Volume says otherwise.


>100 week

Obviously the 100 week average will be fucking low since that covers the past two years. The market cap of all crypto was 7 billion then, those numbers are irrelevant to the explosion of interest that has happened since.

Damn so things that go up eventually go down and things that go down eventually go up?

Cheers for the insight man.

>I sold right after an almost 70% drop
>Who would have thought it would go up again!?!?
Are you people retarded?
Buy high sell low is aupposed to be a meme. When you see a bullrun sell. When you aee a crash buy. Fuck me.
t. doubled my holdinga at the bottom

No, crypto is a clusterfuck. I'm mocking that you retards think you have any idea what direction it will go.

>those numbers are irrelevant to the explosion of interest that has happened since.
Which, if you look at Google, has been waning...
Crypto isn't that much more useful than it was in 2016. Does Segwit and LN being beta tested warrant a 30x price increase for BTC?

>Crypto isn't that much more useful than it was in 2016

you're right. but in spite of that, a lot more people want to buy bitcoin, but the number of bitcoins hasn't changed that much.

t. 4th grader

Fucking user hell I did the exact same thing and I'm a no coiner now I bought and held bitcoin for the lulz now I'm going to be a poofag forever fuck fuck fuck fuck I'm going to suicide.

so much for 9k tonight

How to slowly increase your LINK stack when you run out of fiat

Google trends is a terrible indicator, but even if it wasn't you're interpreting it wrong. People no longer googling it doesn't mean people aren't interested, it means people already understand it.

get a grip on your emotions retard.

OP is mentally retarded. Cya at 10k+ next week


That's the only reason needed.

FUD, it's $9600 in Korea

South Korean Won is what matters these days