How much is it worth not to live with your mom

Would you pay your mom a thousand dollars a month that she says she will probably give back to live in her basement or move out but pay $1500+ which you will definitely never get back?

I'm going to be doing this for 3 years so that's over 50k that I would probably save living with my her but I'm too old for this shit and she's a nag. Also assume you won't be getting laid in the next 3 years so that's not a factor.

>tfw still forced to live with my mum because my shit salary can't afford rent
>tfw almost 30

buddy if you have the cash, moving out and living on your own is the next step in becoming a grown person. You have to start sometime.

same here user

I lived alone for the last 4 years but somewhere else and it was fucking awesome. I'm actually trying to semi-retire in three years which is why that 50k is looking mighty tasty.

Get the hell out of California, it's not worth it.

take that 50k and go se asia

tfw 27 and still living at home, saving everything and plowing it into crypto. We're all gonna make it

but i'm on the complete opposite coast

bro if you lived alone, moving back is a fucking bore. I've been there, stayed longer than I should have, damn it feels good to live on my own. You are an autonomous being and living in a household with someone who is used to you being a child only leads to pressure even if you both have the best intentions.

It's worth it to move out. The freedom you have is like nothing else. Once you've lived on your own you can never go back. But make sure you have enough money first, you don't want to have to move back in with your parents down the road because you can't make rent.

I will pay more money for the "privilege" of living in California than rent in Nevada

in other words, I'm moving out this year because California income tax is cucked

Holy shit. My entire cost of living is under 600 a month. get the fuck out of wherever you are and go somewhere that you dont get raped to live.

>not getting you mom to buy you an apartment because you're a NEET

user, I...

>500 per month
>garbage tier mom

it's not worth living on your own unless you make over 120 or 130k USD a year because no attractive bitches will fuck you if youre poor anyway

ironically this is what I want to do, but I have to stay until I'm sure I make it incase I have to find another job. because working in a flyover state is just retarded

lmao where do you live? I know I could do like ~1700/mo outside of CA but if I could live off 600 I'd never work another day in my life.

Some of us would rather spend 4x as much just to not have to live in Nebraska

i mean if it doesn't effect your job opportunities I don't see why you wouldn't

get on my level of poorness

clean your damn refrigerator, that shit is gross.

If your mother is just going to waste money on bullshit, move out. If she is spending it in a way that will benefit you (investing, fixing the house, better healthcare, etc...) stay with her.

If you have good parents there is nothing wrong with sharing expenses until you have saved enough.

Only if you are unable to tell your parents to fuck off.

If bitches know how much money you have, you already failed.

well that is foolish... there are plenty of nice places in America that aren't ridiculously expensive. I grew up in the midwest, I had lakes, and boating in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. tons of country for dirtbiking. back roads for learning how to drive real nice like. riverboat casinos. and neighbors that weren't dicks.

also pick a conservative state, and a good school district more towards the country side, and your kids will get an outstanding education. I went into college pretty much with my freshman year completed. and 3 people from my graduating class of 250 got 1600 on the SAT, and about 75% of my class scored in the top 85 percentile (this was before writing section was added)

They out this rich cunt with a fridge

I miss scrooge treads. They shold just make /cry/ and let us have Veeky Forums again.

false because I live at home and boinked a qt Chinese girl last night

>1k USD a month to live in a FRIGGIN' BASEMENT

The fuck... I wouldn't pay that kind of money to live in a flat, much less a basement. MUCH LESS my OWN FAMILY'S basement.

T. brainwashed brainlet

if you're extremely financially ambitious or have financial goals (saving to buy real estate or whatever) then cutting down on living expenses is the best thing you can do to reach your goals.

That said, personally I hate living with people, it makes me less happy. I moved out of parents at 18, lived with roommates, then lived with girlfriends, now own my condo and live by myself and pay all bills alone.

I could get a roommate in here renting a room or whatever but it's not worth the annoyance for me, despite losing out on profits/cutting expenses.

So it all depends on your temperament I guess and what your goals are. If your mom really nags you constantly and won't leave you alone, it might be worth the mental health benefits for you to leave as soon as possible.

>How much is it worth not to live with your mom

I have never in my life regretted paying rent to live on my own. I love my mother, but you really need to get away from your parents as soon as you can.

>live with parents
>friend text me says the room under his is available march 1st
>300$ a month internet and all utilities included
>want to do it but literally 99% of my life out of work is sitting at my pc so whats the point

>am 29
>still live with parents

I'm paying my way through grad school out of pocket, and making meaningful contributions to my outstanding student debt, but it still feels bad man.

Bitch please. I'm leeching everything off my parents and putting every last cent in crypto. You realize one dollar you save will become TEN dollars right? so it's not $500 difference A MONTH, it is $5000 A MONTH

>$1000/mo for your mom's basement
Jesus dude, no. I wouldn't pay $1000/mo to room with anyone, anywhere. Maybe outer space. And that's what your doing, paying your mom $1000 to be a roommate.

you could pay someone that wasn't your mother $750 to be their roommate . . . I wouldn't pay your mother more than $600 tops, unless she's cooking a minimum of 7 meals a week.

I wouldn't pay $1500 rent to have my own place, no fucking way. but non-family Roommates are totally a thing. I've had dozens and they've all been from tolerable to awesome. maybe 1 that was a nag, but they you just MOVE. pretty hard to be like "yo mom yous a bitch im out"

>filing state taxes for crypto

now THAT is a new level of cuckery

I meant, I don't see why you wouldn't *not* live in a big city if it didn't effect your job opportunity.

even if I had a better source of income, unless I had a gf, I would refuse to move out, it's just financially retarded, a years worth of rent in a savings account is just better in the long term

even worse

same except I'm 25

what the fuck do you think, I can just hide half a million dollars somewhere?

if only there was some electronic currency not regulated by governments for you to store your value in.

Metoo user and a coinlet also

the whole point of cashing out is selling at $13.2K, not buying $400 monero to have it lose half of its value

A grand to live in her basement? What dank ass basement do you live in? My mom's mortgage payment is 600 dollars a month

how did you meet her
how did you seduce her

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TFW live in aus education is cheap u get free money from the government for studying and even more if you live out of home. Plus if you get a cash job then it just rains money. Been living out of home since i was 18 now 22 with 50k in profits from crypto and a well paying job life = good

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do it retard

I hate my parents and can barely spend the 3 days every 2 years I spend visiting them. No amount of money can convince me.

wtf it isn't october yet though

> How much is it worth not to live with your mom

All of it, all I ever had saved in my bank accounts and pockets, all I could ever hide away... all I can effort and more to never ever spend another minute with this moronic and emotionally abusive creature my goddamn mom is. Never again.


We are guns and God, and if you bring any of that fedora bullshit, or SJW for that matter, you will have no irl friends. Fuck you and fuck you some more.

Trust me no one wants to live in the fucking Rust Belt and work at a meat packing plant anymore

It might make it easier to turn that 99% lower if you lived on your own.

If your parents are totally fine and cool with you living with them and non-demanding in the slightest I can see how its comfy to just stay though.

>all of these anons living with their moms
>not a single one is openly masturbating in front of her on a daily basis

Why bother then?