Is it too late? all the good coins have already gone up by ridiculous percentages...

Is it too late? all the good coins have already gone up by ridiculous percentages. What would happen theoretically if I were to go all into Ripple right now after it just went up by 50% for example?

you would get justed like the amateur you are

>buy high
>sell low
stay poor fag

here's what will happen

>you buy
>price goes up a little then it dips
>it keeps dipping
>you panic sell
>price rises

>the greed
>the impatience
Go ahead and buy right now you moron


You're welcome new guy.

There a lot of bagholders. Good move if you get in now but you don't know when to get out and you'll become part of the next generation of XRP bagholders. You make money at the start of moves and in the middle, don't hang around for the end.

Interledger is a game changer. It's literally the future of payments and XRP will be the most used coin with it because it's the fastest and cheapest .

First implementation is coming out soon. You can wait, but you will have to buy at a higher price. Few people know what the hell is interledger. This will change soon.

You're gonna hate the way you trade, I guarantee it.


What a plethora of shitcoins


It's pretty much too late. BTC will reach $100k, which means you can only get one more 10x gain at this point.

Ripple is going to penetrate markets measured in tirllions, not billions. Bitcoin's market cap is not the ceiling. 2018 will be about utility, not speculation.

How many coins have an actual product.

How many coins are integrated into day to day activities?

This is like saying MS just released their operating system its not going higher. Or investing in Amazon and saying well they can't sell anything but books so this is it.

We have a loooong fucking way to go yet. Of course shitcoins will die out as they fucking should.

Don't buy ripple now. I did this with fun last month and ended up buying at the absolute top of the candle. I'm fucked now. Going on 3 weeks of money tied up I can't use.

lol people actually still believe banks are going to use xrp

>What would happen theoretically if I were to go all into Ripple right now after it just went up by 50% for example?
You would have 50% more money tomorrow? Ripple has plenty of space to grow, have you seen the price of Bitcoin? Ripple is like 2011 Bitcoin. The time to get in is now.

This, why bother buying some 3 digit coins when you can do 10000x with xrp

Waltonchain have actual product, patented RFID with integrated blcokchain

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7.
-Payment channels can process 10s of 1000s of transactions per second.

-A standard transaction costs just 0.00001 XRP.
-The cost is not paid to any party: it's irrevocably destroyed.

[Real-world use]
-5 institusions are currently using XRP (MoneyGram, Cuallix, FlashFX, IDT and MercuryFX).
-Many banks are currently using xCurrent. Since xRapid is cheaper (saves up to 60%) and provides final settlement, they are likely to transition to it.
-Bichip will use XRP in its RFID chips.
-A w3c standard that Ripple helped develop (and was demo'd by Microsoft) will be available in all major browsers, it'll facilitate paying with XRP.

-The supply is fixed.
-Unlike Bitcoin, there's no inflation. Bitcoin uses PoW which relies on inflation and/or high fees. Bitcoin requires $18M of net new $ flowing in just to maintain the price!!

-Unlike Bitcoin, double-spending isn't possible. Bitmain (a Chinese company) can rollback Bitcoin's chain and bunkrupt the whole ecosystem.
-An attack could only stop new transactions temporarily. Participants would simply remove bad participants from their list

-Each participant can run a validator and use his own list of validators.
-validators role is to agree on an order for new transactions
-10s of reputable public & private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., Microsoft, MIT, CGI, WorldLink, Bahnhof,..)
-Consensus for the order of new transactions requires a supermajority of 80%

-XRP is a revenue source for Ripple Labs. This aligns its incentives with XRP hodlers. It uses the revenue to improve the tech and expand XRP's marketshare.
-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches on the network. Only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. XRP is sold only to long term investors (i.e., they can't dump).