Europe woke up and dumped it

>europe woke up and dumped it.....

its not us
its the amerifats
they never hodl

>americans dumping at 4am

european intelligence everyone

"Europe" was also the one to pump it but whatever.

>he doesn't know there are professional american dumpers that dump early to blame on europeans

EU glass hands again.

They are getting worse than the pajeets.


>euroniggers have to invent conspiracy theories to distract people from their small soy hands.

Look at the time. The pump from 6k to 7k happened before the SEC hearing during Euro time.


He fink it euwoman stoopid amewican hahahah me sell all bingcoin hahaha

Why are ameriburgers obsessed with soy?

I noticed you excluded Sweden and Russia from that image.

Why, does it make you feel embarrassed?

>obsessed with soy
it turns you into a faggot

worried about further lowering already low t levels

Why are Euro's so obsessed with America?

They missed the boat.

You know it's still the afternoon in China, right?

>American intellinge everyone
They dump when most of the normal people sleep. Betrayal trading.

Behind cryptos there are the worst neckbeards with odd hours, they dump when normies are harmless.

Eurofag here, 10:22 AM I'm going to sleep now.

Please. Asia fomos everything.

The timing on the charts has everyone pointing at EU.

Just stop buying in we have some moon missions to go on.

The USA litterally has to bail these braindead idiots out of EVERYTHING. WW1, WW2, cold war. Without our nuclear umbrella their socialist government saftey nets they love to claim are successful would NOT work because theyd actually have to spend money on their fucking military. I wish we would have just let Russia buttfuck all of you in the 50s. Youre literally useless SJW immigrant panderers now. We have to save your asses time and time again in every single arena just for you to continue to be the worlds biggest fuckup. Get fucked soyboy eurotrash, you are all a disgrace.