The true IOTA

There are now a handful of other RFID-based coins in the cryptocurrency market—Ambrosus, Vechain, Wabi, etc—and while they are all involved with tagging items on the blockchain, they all have one thing in common apart from Waltonchain: they do so through API.

When collecting data from the outside world via RFIDs, that data must first be fed through API before being written to the blockchain. This means all the data is first passed through a centralized intermediate. The blockchain is implemented in the application layer, through business-centralized control, and as such, the system cannot be trustless.

Waltonchain bypasses this problem completely. They have developed RFID chips that write directly to the blockchain on their own, without any human intervention, guaranteeing the data is fully reliable with a decentralized, trustless system. They implement the blockchain through the RFIDs themselves, at the foundational layer. This technology is patented, which will secure Waltonchain as the only blockchain that connects the physical world (via RFID) with the virtual world with truly reliable data. This positions Waltonchain as the optimal Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This also allows for the true authentication of items.

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Waltonchains Partnerships

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Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited

"Smart Oceans" blockchain R&D project with Fujian Provincial Government

Air purification and smart monitoring project with Jinhu Provincial Government

Building "Blockchain Silicon Valley" with Taiwan Cloud and Fujian Provincial Government

Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology Co.,Ltd

NIDS Sensor Technology



Yunnan Yunshanghuaxia Trading Co., Ltd.

JU&KE Creative Design


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Guangdong Original Clothing Trading Center


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Fujian Soonbox Logistics Park

KISA and Korean IoT research centre

Korea University engineering department

Sungkyun Technologies

NanKang City Furniture industry

Taiwan Cloud Association

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd




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Jiangsu Zhongke Internet of Things Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Fujian ST Electronics Co., Ltd.

Thanks just bought 100k VEN

this reminds me of that minerium scam

>tfw bought WTC at $1.70 and sold for $3

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You forgot these partnerships too.

Logo looks like two people taking a piss at a urinal

op, im a brainlet. can you give me specific examples of what walton will be used for

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Mfw there are people still calling WTC a chink scamcoin. I'm 40% in VEN as well but there's no denying WTC is literally one of the most legitimate crypto projects on the market. They're going to be a top 10-15 token once their mainnet releases.


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Waltonfags and Vecucks need to come together and realise that you are one and the same. I'm sitting so comfy with both these coins rn.

what challenges does walton face?

what can price go to if it is mass adopted?

Chainlink solves this problem.

Its about connecting everything trough blockchain and RFID.
Waltonchain has a patented RFID, one of the smallest in the world, and it has integrated blockchain unlike competitors. They will monitor and track items/merchandise/cargo/weather/trash/humans etc you name it, they will be able to track it.
They have forked ETH to make it more scalable, with childchains (subchains) made custom made for companies with custom consensus like PoW/PoS or neither, example gucci chain/nike chain...

Have Smart City contract in China and Korea
Release of mainnet Q1-Q2

They are not the same, Waltonchain has whitepaper and working product, make their own RFID and have proven how they can scale the blockchain. Ven has hype, banned on reddit cryptocurrency for paid shilling and a couple of partnerships,and lied about Vitalik being advisor

thanks op. i'll buy a masternode

I hold both wtc and ven, and what you said about ven is pure bullshit

New logo is shit but this coin is top 5

Vechain was banned from the crypto subreddit because of a couple of retard mods from the VEN telegram.

Vechain even come and out said that they supported the ban, and urged supporters to stop harassing the mods. There was no payed shilling involved.

It's no secret that Walton has more impressive tech than Vechain, it's why i'm heavily invested in the project. It doesn't at all mean that things can't change in that respect, nor does it mean that VEN can't succeed just because they're using API. The two aren't bottlenecking the exact same market.

Ven does have hype, which it has created for itself via big-name partnerships. You've already shilled WTC's partnerships in this thread so I don't know wtf your deal is here. As for the whitepaper, it is being remedied and released in time for the re-branding. The scope of the project has changed and evolved so the VEN team saw it fitting to edit the OG.

I've never heard about the Vitalik-advisor thing, though if it's true, it is admittedly a little concerning.

Proof that WTC has better tech? I keep hearing this but no one actually knows. I don't doubt that Walton has good tech but why are people doubting the tech of VeChain? They have a huge team likely working around the clock on their tech, all in the background of huge partnerships. I think their tech might surprise us

thanks just bought 100 masternodes

t. Brainlet


As OP mentioned, they, unlike VEN, produce their own RFID chips.

If you consider that as constituting more impressive tech (which I do), than they have better tech.

Whether the fact that they create their own RFID chips makes them more attractive in the eyes of big-business is another matter. I can't split WTC and VEN for who will give a better rate of return so i've hedged my bets for both.

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Here is proof VEN team lied.

Dude when I looked into vechain 2 months ago, they had a bunch of names Peugot, Louis Vitton etc. with this assumption that they are partnered with them. I followed everything up, in Chinese language also and except for one or two, they were all bullshit. They market like as if all the customers of their partnerships are their customers too. It's like OMG saying that they are partnered with everyone who has eaten a MacDonalds burger (they are partnered with McD's in Thailand. I dug deep in Chinese language too about their lead developer and found nothing. This project always has been vaporware. They are a few influential guys trying to leverage their influence to make money on the blockchain. And that's totally cool. I hope they can bring something of value to the world. What is not cool is their early investors, particularly Oliver who is a disgusting example of a human, pushing lies and half truths to noob investors to crypto who don't know any better just to make a quick buck. It's not that hard to make money in this industry that you have to lie to cheat people.


AMB is so fucking undervalued. But WTC is good as well

Don't know if I such move my VEN into WTC

>VEN team lied
>links to claims from reddit users on /r/vechain

post proof that ven says or said they're partnered with peugeot or LV or kys

I split my VEN to Amb and WTC

Well, WTC is better than IOTA, so this thread is retarded. Great work OP you stupid faggot

what? the point is that VEN never said they were advised by vitalik. it's just the /r/vechain wiki are you retarded or something