Guys please help. How can I make my money back??

I was trying to do the amazon drop shipping thing.. And I was trying to look for products with good margins. I think I fucked up..

I know these fidget spinners are super popular with kids these days and some of these go for like 5-20$ EASY. I met a guy locally who had a bunch in supply so he sold them to me for super cheap. He only charged me .50 cents a piece but I had to buy his whole supply of 50,000 units.

Either way its a SUPER good deal. But I'm not selling any on amazon and my wife is pissed because we have boxes of them in my living room.

How can I sell off some of these?

You missed the moon mission.
Your best bet is to stand outside schools selling them and hope the police don't arrest you for being a pedophile.

This is bait. But on the very slight offchance its not, OP, you are a giant retard and bought these a year too late

fake bait. I've read this before

If you had bought 50000 XRP at 50c you would be much more happy right now

> 2018

Cmon dudes there has to be a market for these still???? There's TONS of people selling them

I'll buy your entire supply for $500

How are you planning to sell them??

Find someone like you to buy them for $10,000

Yeah well Im not stupid enough to buy high sell low Bro
People are obviously still buying these theres just too much competition

It probably is, but don't doubt people really did end up fucking themselves like this

I'll take it all for $550


I'll seriously give you $1000 for them.

Can you tardos do math?? I spent 25k on these !!


Yeah well no one is going to give you anything close to that so take our low ball price and move on or stop crying on biz feggit

Ok If you guys are serious then lets do it.

Auction starts now. Who wants these chink spinner?

If we're restarting the auction...then $0.50 for all of it

Alright lets do this, I'll start off the bidding at 5!

6 here

Ill give u a goat and 2 chickens

Thanks, OP, I just bought 50K.

I'll over 2ETH.

I'll go $10

*offer, Veeky Forums made me retarded.



buy a kid. make him sell them at school. keep changing schools.

Isn't this fad largely over? We had our own version of this called slap bracelets which were cheap thin strips of metal and some design overlayed on them. People made a killing... while it was hot.

Put them on something. Do some lampshade spinners, coffee cup spinners, whatever. Put made in /insert your country here/. Mention a bit of profit goes to whatever charity. Do give the first few profit to charity and advertise the paiement made. Don’t do huge stock, like 10-15 of each. Charge indecent amount for it. Oh, tell your wife to stop whining and get on with the work. You welcome