i tried warning you guys at 9k but you never fucking listen. whos laughing now

r u the user that said btc would go to 9k and then back to 6k? i believed you

why do people think they are more legit if they have a gay tripcode, if you are an adult and seeking validation on a fucking imageboard then please just kys

Kys, tripfag.

Great blog

I did and saw the same on the charts, was actually right for once

yes i am. im glad you listened. The idiots who didnt, all deserve to lose their money


Looks like you remembered to turn off you tripcode this time before samefagging.

No, you’re the idiot who advised sells at 7.3k and then vanished after stinking up a thread for an hour.

So many fucking newfags on biz this shit is unbelievable

really 30min chart :)))))) ? are u fucking dumb :)

>Be pumped up to absolute max
>Make zombified normies put their life savings in this shit
>Dump on them next month
>Erase 70% of coin value
>Call it "store of value"
>Be in CLEARLY bear market
>Shill for week about going 500$ up
>Get dumped on in 20 minutes

You retards never learn. This shit is so fragile right now that it can drop to 2k anytime.

of course he is

>see guys i was right it wqs going to go down sometime unlike my other 3 predictions that were wrong this time im right! totally not random! Please upboat and send nudes narwhal bacons :-)ʕ•ٹ•ʔ:-)(^^)v(≧▽≦)(ㆁωㆁ*)(^o^)v(≧∇≦)b(*´ڡ`●)ლ(´ڡ`ლ)(*^。^*)

bet you were one of the idiots that fomod at 9k because of the "do the opposite of what he says" meme
F to spit on your grave

Higher highs, higher lows.

The electric chair is too humane for you

my durn bitcorns will go up forever and ever.

For me, it's Pantene

You realize if it drops to 7700 right now you are still completely fucking wrong

You forgot the Goober formation that formed at midnight, we're going to make a whiskey swirl with 2 teaspoons, what that means is that we're going straight to 100k

hurr durr bitcoin will drop forever and forever

sorry my dude, I actually know how to TA...bought in around 7k sold at 8.8k.....unlike you. Pic related.

you said you would kys if it wasn't 8k give or take 300 usd by now, go on

>it drops to 7700

You're never right bitch. Fuck off with your gay ass trip code and edgelord name.


is it not 8k give it or take 300

I'm glad to see that trips on this board garner as much hate as they do on other boards. I'm here for the pink wojaks.

There were so many threads yesterday predicting a reversal and they all got laughed at. My short is finally feeling comfy again

I also tried to warn you Veeky Forums. I posted days ago when we were at peak. I also posted on Twitter at the peak again this morning. Why didn't you listen, Veeky Forums?



This didn't happen because of bots though. If fucking Veeky Forums would ever spend a couple minutes to learn about market trend and some basic TA and trading strategy instead of just FUD sell slow and FOMO buy high, perhaps user would be more profitable.

This. OP was wrong so many times, it's embarassing.


All you had to do was love Lain. I seek to bring us all riches and winning user, and nothing more. Beta uprising, but only if you buy low, sell high.

funny thing is, it was user's unironic asking futureman to get a trip that started this.

I hope you’re right because I want cheap BTC but god you’re fucking arrogant and annoying and what does that name even mean

finally it will get rid of my skin flakes

Do you even know what a head and shoulders is?

There is no volume confirmation.

No, he's been saying bitcoin is going to 4k for a week straight, he said at 5k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k.

Also, if we ignore the volume and call this a head and shoulders, the bottom would only be around 8.1k, which would also be fairly consistent with an ABC correction after a 5 wave impulse.

Dont be fuck bois this 5th wave dip traditionally leads to a bull run to 20-30k+ but dont forget that's also traditionally followed by a small dip so sell accordingly in low-tid range imho but to each his own

This is Veeky Forums, buy high sell low for life

Why are you using a 30 minute chart on a Saturday ?
Fucking Retarded.

he's not an user, he's a tripfag. he's also the faggot that sold everything he had at the utter nadir of the dip. He seems to have made it his life's purpose now to post threads on biz to try and convince people to lose money with him.

Lain go back to posting shit-tier FUD on your twitter no one follows


Oh boy time for another worthless prediction from this constantly wrong moron

Sleeping bear will wake in the winter hungrier than he was the last.

This, a wrong.clock is right twice a day.

why does it have 2 heads

this dumb tripfag said btc would crash when it was at like 6.5k a few days ago and it just goes UP and UP.


kys trip loser

whenever i see him i actually feel sorry for him he must just be lonely