We are going to zero

Goldman says nearly all crypto currencies are going to zero soon. They know something. There was a secret crypto currency task force gathering at the Davos meeting. (((They))) are going to destroy crypto currencies. Be prepared. I warned you.


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Why would they publicly tell you the truth for free?

Really, think about it.

Because everyone will say "Goldman was right".


Yes ofcourse mate, just like 90%+ of all start ups go to zero

Being on the blockchain doesn’t magically shield you from failing

Jesus Christ

Because no one would believe, bit when it happens they will be famous as the ones to have warned us and as the ones who were right all this time.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out most of this shit is going to zero. I mean seriously, think about it.

Because they're guys and dont want people to lose their money?

Why didn’t any of them warn us about the housing market? Think about it

I hold BTC but people who think about BTC like it's a foolproof system are fucking idiots and make me laugh.

BTC is not a religion

That and 0.005 BTC will get you a cup of coffee at Davos.

Someone has to be on the other side of those trades. Normies listening to Goldman will sell their crypto to....


>tfw the crypto babble will pop


Honestly last week showed us that nothing protects crypto from insane crashes. Nothing. When the panic sets in, even BTC enthusiasts sell their coins and lose faith.

If cryptos crashed completely, would you really be surprised?
No. You'd just realize that they were built on nothing.

i agree, nearly all will go to zero. its probably a thinly veiled message to buy btc, since they bought in big.

What the fuck are you on? These animals don't give a shit about nothing but money. If they "know something" they most certainly wouldn't be shearing, they'd be making bank.
If anything they know this shit is just getting started and want to get in as cheap as possible.

People who insist BTC is immortal do it because some of them hold 400k in BTC. At that point your mental well-being demands that you believe in it blindly.

FYI, normies still posting on Veeky Forums like mean we have further to fall.

If you read the article this is what Veeky Forums says anyway.

90% of coins are worthless shitcoins you know nothing of. The useful ones will make it. That's what it says. The title is clickbait.

>this shit is just getting started

What is? Monopoly money with $50 transfer costs? Yeah we have that already. It's not like its the tech of the future, it's the tech of today. And it sucks.

It's pretty obvious most crypto currencies will go to zero. Just look at the currency list in any exchange, what the fuck do they all have to offer? Eventually there will be winners for each niche and the competitors will die. I think XMR will be a winner in the privacy niche. BTC is the strongest contender as store of value. I'm not sure about ETH in the smart contract space.

You don't understand. (((They))) won't accept any currency not controlled by themselves. That's why they are going to destroy crypto in 2018. It's going to start with the Bitfinex subpoena. Tether is going to implode and Bitcoin will be going down with it. Just get out and wait until the situation has cleared up. It's going to be a global war against crypto.

*good guys

Now that Roger and chinks stopped spamming the network transactions are super cheap.



>this shit is just getting started

If you truly believe that, and you're not shilling, you're a completely deluded fool. You lack historical, social and economic background, like a typical entitled millenial

Looks like someone is trying to buy low sell high...


NIce, just sold 100k BTC

It's way too easy to jam the whole BTC network.
Imagine if the whole world bought their groceries with BTC. There's no way the network could hold.

key word(s): nearly all
which means if you are doing youre homework like a good lil neet you will prevail

>>$50 transfer costs?
>this pajeet is still spreading months old kike FUD
Tell Mr. Noseberg to update your training materials.

>Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman-Sachs on the Bloomberg channel giving "financial advise" for free

Jfc that sounds only a little fishy

I worked at goldman last summer

If I gave my opinion to the media they could write about it and everyone would say "goldman said bitcoin to 10000k"

Just use the Lightmeme Network. You know, centralizing and creating overhead for a decentralized, low overhead network.

Why is Veeky Forums so full of /pol/-esque retards lately? You really think that they wouldn't be able to control your shitty new currency? And what difference would it make for you anyway? If Crypto becomes the norm, then the gold shifts away from it and never ever comes back.

We are the ones who take a risk. Who spend his time.

Project succeeds - richmen buy your coins to run their masternodes and earn a passive income.

Project tanks - you loose.

That's all.

Well, duh.

95% of all crypto are worthless me-too coins with the sole purpose of speculation. If you aren't in alts which are unique or backed up by real shit you're gonna be holding your Shitopia bags forever

>months old

Transferred BTC 5 days ago and it pretty much cost $30.

Just admit your precious BTC is absolute garbage.

This is the state of Veeky Forums in 2018.

How can one person be so delusional?


thanks just bought 100k.

So why are they telling thier investors
"Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin will replace gold"

Meanwhile fidelity who has a 2.3 Trillion dollar is setting up Bitcoin mining.

Here's a hint. Do the exact opposite of whatever Goldman Sachs and Bear Sterns say on CNBC.

You can set any fee you dumb nigger, just because you're stupid enough to over pay when it could have been LITERALLY 100x less than that is your own fault stupid.

>Goldman Sachs are the good guys

bitmain thanks you for your stupidity
dumb fuck gweilo

>Goldman Sachs are the good guys

Well they're right. Look at all the shitcoins being shilled just on Veeky Forums, most of them will go to zero. Stick with coins that actually have real users (the quality of the tech doesn't matter if nobody's using it) instead of empty promises or you'll be sorry.

The article clearly says MOST cryptos. Which is true.

it's not a fucking secret nobody needs 1500 flavors of world-wide crypto currencies with overlapping purposes.
no kidding most of this shit will disappear within the next 2 years. We'll be left with less than 50 viable, which will continue to compete until we're down to 10 which will include regional stuff like "crypto-rubles" etc because some fucktard dictators just wouldn't allow anything in their country that didn't have their names on it.

hahaha the fact that fags like you think that crypto"currencies" are just currencies like the ruble or dollar makes me feel really fucking good that we're nowhere near the end of this ride.

>i want slow transactions to exchanges when BTC is crashing

the jews at bloomberg hate bitcoin more than anyone else in the world

LIterally every name in that title is Jewish

This. Even the US Government said they expect 20 Trillion in the market by 2020

That's the point you stupid nigger you can set a lower fee and still get in on the next block...
He literally paid 100x too much, not even fucking kidding, then comes here trying to claim high fees, just fuck off retards.

you cant trust a face like that

It's afraid.

the blocks are so slow in bitcoin you can lose 10% if you miss one

How many times a day you use BTC instead of FIAT?

What are the actual use cases of Bitcoin instead of hoarding for gainz?

At least he specify the time frame, but i don't really see what has changed or what will change within the next year or so.
There are a lot of unusual investors in cryptos, what information would cause people like "us", to become convinced that the crypto game is over?

Lmao love these guys, like back in August when they said crypto is a meme.
Then later on it appears that they have been investing of the side.

They really are an impressively smart lot

Better choose a real project with an actual team, whitepaper, use cases, and proven tech.

Goldman is not wrong, there's so much money in vaporware and unproven tech just "waiting to moon" its literally just a shitcoin with killing of dollars of speculators buying only for profit waiting for dumb people to come in after them to dump

Those days are nearly over, enough people have been burnt already. You didn't think your December like 1000% gains in literally any coin could be sustained did you?

Even if that were true he could set it 10x lower lmfao, either way he WAY over paid, even if he really had to get in on the next block.

This is not new. MOST cryptos are shitcoins. We all already knew this. A few will succeed and be permanent though.



Can we stop this retarded FUD already.


>what are dapps and smart contracts

many of the current ones are LESS than currencies; mere prepaid tokens for this or that use case with a value that is not fixed (and likely zero this time next year, but thanks for your fiat :^))

yes sell everything Goyim, it's going to less than 0 anyway

/pol/ is so retarded
I can handle some edgy memes and jokes
But the fucking conspiracy theories range from plausible to fucking tinfoil hat doomsday prepping insanity
You have to read in between the lines and realize that the person on the other end of the internet might be batshit insane
Some of Veeky Forums thinks the spaceX launch was faked on a greenscreen

you're seriously listening to the CEO of Goldman Sachs. This board has fallen very far since 2017

True, but a lot are more than just simple currencies.
I agree the vast majority will go away, but honestly I doubt many will go to zero, just like bitcoineeeeeeect they will flounder but probably exist for a long time.

He wants to buy the dip

Yup (((they))) disinfo here all the time.

Prepare your angus...

spacex and nasa are fake, the military runs the space programme.

look at the dow faggot, nothing is protected from crashes, idiot.

>current year
>actually believing this


something here tells me not to trust this source for an odd reason. jeez, i wonder what it is my gut is telling me here?

you think you know more than you actually do

just like fiat.

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anything thing that ends with berg or stein is jewtier and thus shit-tier

you know what bloomberg does for a living? they sell trading terminals to whales who don't understand they could also make their own terminal for much less...

fromunda cheese

Hey I have started my own server FREE to join for ALL like minded investors.

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There will be absolutely NO VIP/premium subscription membership b.s . It will be free forever. I want to make it more fun but more crypto oriented - LESS Spam, would you like to join?

i don't care about having 15,000 members, 100 contributing members is enough. i'm only asking people i think will bring value to the community

>title says most

This is like three day old FUD. Old news. Besides, they kinda aren’t wrong. Most cryptos are shitcoins. Only the top 50 or so are worth it, and of those, only about 25% will be around 50 years from now.

95% of coins will go to zero, blankflein is correct. just like nasdaq bubble 95% of stocks vanished, few big survive of new technologies


there are over a 1000 different coins

most of them are utter garbage

Try reading the article sometime. If you dont think 90% will go to zero without outside influence you are delusional. How many tech startups survive? Look at the correlation graphs, what does that say about this market? Hope you did more research on your investments than you are doing with this post

Exactly. There’s shit being shilled that nobody’s ever heard of. President Trump Coin? Wtf is that? The article isn’t wrong, but the title is total clickbait.

It’s really the headline that people have a problem with, not the article. Normies only read headlines nowadays. If they see somebody say that crypto is going to zero, they’ll think crypto is going to zero.

Jibrel Jcash is a fix for the tether issue.



Most cryptocurrencies hitting zero is a fact and will happen eventually.
A lot of shit chains will die off when a one true chain emerges.
It will be like the corner store vs Walmart

actually over 1500 coins