How would you have handled this?

How would you have handled this?

"Like, $8"

Sounds like a reasonable response

>block phone number

"Sorry but I'm not interested in talking about my personal finance."

> How would you have handled this?
If I were you I’d have refrained from reposting this fake convo.

If I were the person who originally created it, I would feel bad about my life for multiple reasons:

1. Creating fake stories for attention online.

2. Using an iMessage conversation generator that doesn’t even use the correct font and size of iMessage.

The same way . Fuck them money hungry normies

Lie and give them a number based contextually on what that is person would consider not impressive. If you don't trust them and know them, fuck them off, they don't need to have any clue.

For the record this is the same larper that did the mother wants him to pay for his sister, Girlfriend calls for another guy to steal his laptop and coins and girlfriend finds out how much money he has and demands half now.

It's the same guy just posting different text larps.


cryptobabble until he loses interest

oh just a small amount

id say "im not telling you because you sound like the type of person to use the website and i don't like people like that"

Why would you tell anyone you struck it big?

Yeah I almost got 1,5 ethereum. Pretty chill, thinking about buying some old truck.

What where your profits last year with your construction company?

Tell him to invest Ethereum classic if he missed the boat

By not blogging my life to fucking Karen

Another day another LARP conversation

i'm gonna sage the convo

>replying to to be beggars


why do the normies always do this

He was obviously trying to insert pengis.

This was already posted yesterday. kys

> "how much do you have exactly? jc"
> thats none of your business

as if people even have my phone number to beg in the first place

>being here 15 hrs ago

Another LARP fag
Why do you waste time posting this shit?
Get a life.

How does having money in a digital currency make women want to fuck?

I invested around 30k to buy 120 ether and traded my way up to 300 ether

"I put it all into nigr coin"

How do you make your iphone messages in comic sans?

This. I absolutely love talking about it. People’s body language changes immediately.

They don’t wanna know. Suits me fine.

>We are still in early adoption

By not telling anybody in the first place. Nothing good comes from this.


But thats facebook chat

don't even respond

Fucking this. Do people ever ask specifics on people's share portfolios? Pensions? Savings? Why does your crypto have to be public knowledge?

My coworkers and I talk about stock portfolios all the time. And we're mostly programmers. Crypto can act like a high Beta investment sometimes.

Ask him how much he earns, what he paid in taxes last year and how much he has in his savings account.

should've went something like this if you never want to deal with this nigger ever again,

>HEy Kevin! how are you buddy pal! i got a wopping 8 ETH man, haha! i didnt think i would make it like you!! Listen matey, you wouldnt been happen to need an extra hand in your company by any chance right?? i mean, money isnt everything and im doing financially well of as your self, but i REALLY REALLY need to just you know, do something with my life as it is getting abit stale just sitting on my fortune, i'm extremely skilled with my hands, and i have a very soft lips too (HAHA JK, jk! got you Kevin! unless your into that stuff? which is totaly cool man, its 2018 afterall).
Listen Kevin plz let me know if u have ANY job oppertunity available man, i mean i am definately doing very well money wise, but i just really need some cash on hand right now dude. plz i can even invest some of your money if u want to get rich with me one day, man. u really dont need alot of money to get rich off this thing called link chain or whatever its called, if u dont mind just handing me over like just 10k which obviously isnt alot for you i can REALLY make you rich in like just weeks bro i swear! Really Like to hear back from you Kevin! Kevin, pls let me know asap man, pls

I guess it's fine if you're all in on it, I get quizzed about my finances all the time by the broke paycheck-to-paycheck living retards at my work.