Bcb - Bittersweet Candy Bowl

Dodgeball is fun edition

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Is this a school where playing is optional?

If so Mike really should consider staying out this time.

Daily reminder that Mike was Right

>user actually delivered

Mike was right - Taeshi, 2017

Suitcase even recognized "user's sister" and delivered to her my message.
Thanks Suitcase

On today's episode of BCB

>user actually delivered
The absolute madman

why is everyone in this comic an anime character with neuroses set to 11

>more filler

It's going recursive loop back to being animu fanart just like the beginning.

Soon the colors will go away and it'll just be textbook scribbles.

Or Taeshi just got incredibly lazy with the basics regarding character proportion

Then I must seek her out now, and get another book signing that says "Mike is a schmuck".

mike is right

where he belongs on the best boy meter

below paulo, above abbey


David and Tyrone > Paulo's dad > Paulo = Augustus > Matt > Jordan > Mike > Abbey

>Lucy's tits in the bottom left panel

I don't think so this time. It's going to follow the school day class by class and show us how Lucy's going to interact with Mike and Paulo. It'll still be about 20 pages too long, though.

Should Matt be on the bottom of Jordan?


>Lucy hits Mike with a dodgeball
>pic related happens

I'd love to see a Mike x Lucy dodgeball game where they both played seriously and put their grievances in the game.

But probably Mike will avoid hitting Lucy and she will play normally and eventually win because of it.

Why is Mike afraid of Lucy again?

He's afraid of what he thinks he has done.
She's just a reminder

Is that Lucy's stand power?

Wasn't Lucy wearing clothes at the start of this chapter before going to school with Augustus?

she was on the rag

Lucy used to beat him, but now she is out for blood. If I was Mike I would jump on front of the ball when Daisy or Sue threw it.

「Drama Queen」 has already touched this thread

But she said she wouldn't bother him anymore.

>But probably Mike will avoid hitting Lucy and she will play normally and eventually win because of it.
If this shit seriously happen then I'm dropping this
inb4 see you next monday. I know I'll be back

I don't think you understand how periods work my friend. If you're bleeding in the morning you aren't going to stop making sure you aren't later that same day.

She wore the private school uniform one last time "just for kicks"

>gym class
>Abby is no where to be seen.

Where the hell is he? Crying in the corner? Unless he shows up next page.

that was then, this is now. mike's ass is grass

Abbey is probably hanging with the other group. Or maybe he missed it. Or he won't appear because this is a Mike page.

>beats up Mike
>Mike tells Sandy
SandyXLucy cat fight when?

>mike tells sandy
>sandy sics david and tyrone on lucy

The school is big enough that some of them are in different classes, you know.

Isn't Abbey in the year above?

Once Sandy gets to know Mike better, she'll help Lucy in beating him up

>Not siding with Lucy
David vs Tyrone when?

that won't happen because mike was right

>thinking you can beat motherfucker Mike
>the dude who blocks punches without even stutter

That sounds like the best end to me.

I see no dubs on that post.
And I mean once Sandy gets to know what a gigantic pussy Mike is, not once she knows what he said to Lucy

Nope, where did you get that idea?

She will offer her virginity when she learns what he went through.

>using scripts
wew lady

What kind of catfight?

The type where you'd bring popcorn and a videocamera, or a stocked first-aid kit and a tazer?

she must know how much of a fukboi he is already

First the one, then the other. The the first again.

But they're in the same class. Or st least it seems that way if we go off of the pages in that Mike/sandy chapter a couple chapters ago.

>even dragons are running test of strength now

>gigantic pussy Mike
They are all pussies. And Mike is small.

If it wasn't clear after the date I don't think Sandy will ever notice how much of a cuck Mike is

This word was a mistake.

Beta needs a comeback.

My money's on Lucy.

mike is only a cuck because of sandy

>other bitch to be dependant on
You talking Lucy or Mike here?

if sandy didn't exist he'd literally have all his other options in near vicinity. it's the facts that his gf is so far away constantly and that he's too good that make him a cuck

Did they rape him?

>he's too good that make him a cuck
>being a very good guy is being a cuck
Haha oh wow.

They were made for each other, right? Both dependant wrecks

Would have been the quietest rape ever.


Well he was wrong about the Paulo thing there.

no, its both the things. she's always so far away and barely ever visits him so the crew always gives him shit for it, but he sticks with it because he's way too nice of a guy.

angry mike is guchi and he's slightly right

Please refer to

>user is still salty about December
>an one time deed after entire volumes of constant abuse

A long range relationship doesn't make him a cuck.

I look forward to seeing Mike left all alone.

Lucy would be the man in that relationship.

who's to say sandy isnt getting some which I honestly think has been somewhat implied in a few chapters

I want them to win the Mikebowl.

>A long range relationship doesn't make him a cuck.

Oh you naive soul...

Sorry to stop you, but Mike has an entire army of fangirls after him. He will only be alone if, and if, he chooses to be alone. Which to be honest is an acceptable choice and nowhere sad.

desu he has shit friends and would be better alone

>Calls Lucy a Parasite
>Needs constant reassurance or he will die

>Sandy dumps him because she can't keep balancing work with their relationship
>He can't handle it and blows up at friends
>They all realize what a shitty person he is
>Forever alone

I think you got in /bcb/ memes. Sandy worry could be seen as a lot of things, not only adultery.

You know there are lots of long distance relationships that work,
right? It only needs both to be committed.

I dunno man, with all the walking Sandy does while modelling on catwalks HURR I wouldn't be surprised she could land a mean kick if she even knew how to kick someone.

Also Mike's a wuss, so no wonder he couldn't deal.

fuck that noise user everyone goes all out in this chapter


Carter's the only true one for Lucy.

this anime is fucking shit

i don't mean like she's getting BONED, I don't think taeshi would actually put that meme shit in the comic, but the signs are there that she could potentially be seeing someone else/thinking of seeing someone else. and don't say there aren't, some of them are kinda blatant imo

I will indulge you user:

Suppose you are right and Mike needs Sandy. So what? Mike, different from Lucy, never attacked or hurt Sandy. Mike, different from Lucy, always treated her right. Mike, different from Lucy, doesn't need Sandy to suck her up. Mike in fact offers himself over Sandy. That's nowhere a parasite.

>I try to create scenarios to make Mike end alone
That would be kinda impossible. Even if he got blue for some time he would eventually get through. And besides, you seem to forget how much of a shit his friends were to him. Even if he blew them all away it would still be a profit.

Actually no, there is nothing implying another relationship... unless you mean a relationship with her work. But you are free to post the page where it shows she could have another lover (which, even if true would be abusive from how she acted).

>Mike, different from Lucy, doesn't need Sandy to suck her up.


>I will ignore everything else, that will help me.
Besides your disingenuous attitude, yes, Mike doesn't need her to just suck her up. He also needs her to dedicate, to give her himself.

>mike x sue will never happen
feels bitter man

All that blushing makes me sick.

I didn't say it was outright said, i said it was potentially a thing. With how their relationship is and how everyone seems to think that they're obsessed over one another, what could have possibly been the causes of some of things that happened in their past date? the silence during the ride there, the outburst at the tree on the hill, and the "You're just so...nice." after the kiss where she was crying? Hell, the fact she didn't even say I love you to him and only left with a smile. Maybe I'm looking way into it, which is probably the case, but i don't know.

There is definitely something wrong but I think Sandy would leave Mike before doing anything with someone else and I think this will happen.

>the silence during the ride there, the outburst at the tree on the hill, and the "You're just so...nice." after the kiss where she was crying?
That she deals with bad people in her work? That her modelling career forced her to mature quickly? That she felt out of place?

I really find it hard to be another lover, seeing how Sandy was sincere in pretty much her every intention.

i did say it could also be she was just thinking of seeing someone else, which is more likely since she's good at heart i think

>They all realize what a shitty person he is
You do know that they all hate each other at this point more than they would ever hate Mike right? Despite your hate boner, Mike is generally regarded as the nice and friendly guy. Cause he is the friendliest and nicest guy.
Try not to let that bother you.

which how little we actually see of her, those could all be the case. but at the same time, i can't rule out the possibility that she might want break up with mike, whether it be because of someone else or not, as all those events could easily lead to this scenario

He dropped a little after his outing at Rachels b-day party.

Its a possibility for sure. Maybe not even someone in particular but i wonder if she sees her colleagues with bfs that can talk about issues that she faces and thinks how good that would be...

I actually agree that there is a very high possibility of breakup, not only for the previous problems but also because of the epic drama it will bring.
Which is a shame, because Sandy is a very good girl if you remove her work obsession. She helped Mike a lot.

to be fair he wasn't wrong there, his friends mostly do think of lucy over mike outside daisy