Wealthy but low I.Q

>tfw grew up in a wealthy area.
>multi millionaire parents.
>around 15-20 million networth.
>dad didn't even go to college and mom went to some meme fashion school.
>both have low I.Qs.
>went to really good private schools in my area but everyone else besides me was a literal genius becuase I lived in a wealthy area.
>couldn't pass my HS classes so dropped out in junior year.
>bought ETH around January 2017.
>now I'm a 19 year old NEET with around 1.4 million worth of BTC ETH NEO, and 150k in a savings account living at home with rich parents expense free.
>tfw constantly depressed because of my low I.Q
>never feel accomplishment or satisfaction in anything.
>no friends, KHV dateless becuase I'm a NEET.

What should I do? I can't go to school at all, and my father sold his company and is now retired, so I can't work for him. I'd much rather be born again into a middle class family but have a high I.Q, I could easily make more money than I already have, and I'd be able to be happy and feel accomplishment. Hell, I'd even be willing to be porn poor if it meant I had a high I.Q. Having a low I.Q is true hell, no amount of money can ever make me happy.

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Do you have any interest in hiking or outdoors shit? It can be really good for physical and mental health to get the fuck away from people and do something strenuous. Connect with nature and all that gay shit.

Fuck you I'm IQ 136 SD15 and I'm only at $33k and both of my parents are broke with no retirement.

If you send me some Eth I'll be your friend

You are not low IQ you are just insecure beta nucuck

how'd they make their money?
Go travel or something, friendo

Do you hold LINK by chance?

Seriously this... where you from bud? What state. I did pictured rocks! It was amazing planning on going to banff Canada

maybe if your parents raised you right you wouldn't be such a miseraible fuck

good thing is now you realise that you can go teach yourself. stop leeching off your parents and go live by yourself and get a job

you're a 19-y-o with no independence. just do what i said and you'll feel great in no time.

How are you or your parents broke if you have a 136 I.Q? If that's actually your IQ at least one of your parents has a similar I.Q and should have a high paying job, you also could easily get a good degree and a good job. There's literally no excuse to be poor. If you or your parents are poor it's entirely their fault, and your fault.

I wish my IQ was the only problem I had.

Why are you guys suggesting travel and outdoors shit? This loser can't leave his house.

Damn man idk how else to say this without sounding gay but I want to talk to you. I know exactly what you need, no larp. Very similar situation. Just busy for a few more hours.

this, but lift instead. go into nature to get away, not for exercise. if you can lift in nature, then even better.

Buy a fucking hooker

Fuck off beggar.

Nope, tested at 98 when I was 14, I also have bad ADHD.

Father started his own company, parents also did really well in stocks, and real estate. My father was also from a semi wealthy family.

low IQ detected

Nope, just ETH, NEO, and BTC. mostly NEO now though.

I'd rather not, I'm American so it's illegal and unsafe. Most hookers are fake and ugly as shit also. I can barely leave my house anyway.

I already said I have a low I.Q. if you have a high I.Q and you or your family are poor just kill yourself. You're literally failing life on easy mode.

People with High IQ's are more likely to be depressed.

I have a fairly High IQ however I'm depressed as fuck and too lazy to get out of bed most of the time. Anxious as fuck with awful social skills and also Dyslexic so cant spell to save my life. Poor and Suicidal for about 10 years, have a shit job and endless nagging from parents to try harder.

(I got IQ tested in school at 16, my dad is a civil engineer and my mum is a doctor)

Wow you also have autism

if your iq is too low to enjoy money feel free to send some my way
you can be happy that you helped a poor user out

It's actually the opposite. People with low I.Qs are more prone to depression and suicide. Having a high I.Q won't make you depressed. There are no actual downsides to having a high I.Q.


I didn't notice you were OP. And life isn't that simple my man. IQ != free ride through life. But it make sense that you think that, low IQ combined with living in a rich people bubble.


maybe all the low IQ suicides were Muslim suicide attackers?

A high I.Q isn't a free ride through life, but it makes life much much easier compared to a person with a lower I.Q.

>I'd much rather be born again into a middle class family but have a high I.Q,
>I could easily make more money than I already have

IQ is correlated with a positive life outcome up until about SD15 133. Past that there's an inverse correlation. By the mid/upper 140s you're damn near as likely to end up a garbage collector as a doctor, scientist, or engineer. You grew up in wealthy schools so you might not realize this. (The correlation remains positive when those with high IQs are raised in high income families.)

Also: "positive life outcome" != "rich". It means employed middle class / upper middle class, i.e. 8-5 wagecuck or salarycuck.

People do not appreciate the degree to which wealth is the result of pure fucking luck. The wealthy tell themselves how good they are because it strokes their egos, not because it's true. The poor and middle class tell themselves 'you've just got to make the right decisions' because it gives them hope. But it very much comes down to fucking luck. There are so many geniuses who died poor and alone it's a fucking meme. High IQ does NOT mean you have an easier time becoming rich. It often means who will have a harder time.

>What should I do? I can't go to school at all,
Sure you can. If you can read and perform basic arithmetic there are classes, programs, and degrees you can complete. I don't know if that will give you any satisfaction though considering you just don't need them for money.

>Having a low I.Q is true hell, no amount of money can ever make me happy.
If you had friends and lived on your own you would probably be fine. Pick up a hobby you would enjoy. Travel. Hike. Do something.

Read and learn:

>It's actually the opposite. People with low I.Qs are more prone to depression and suicide.
What's curious about this is that studies don't really show a correlation between high IQ and depression. Yet just about every high IQ gifted individual will tell you that the correlation exists.

I'm not sure why, but I can tell you that I'm depressed as all fuck right now. And I've struggled with depression off and on my entire life. (It seems to just be "on" right now.)

>t. 147 SD15

no shit

> humblebrag
> boohoo i'm so rich i just wanna be smart

So this does not actually say depression, but rather that dumber people are more prone to atempt suecide.

It's not bragging in this space, bro

Donate 20 ETH to 0xea4b966e5ee4928010e910b6f86987bc195f63d8 and I will tell you how to be a well respected individual.

I guess youre not larping, because you are truly dumb as rocks. IQ is about potential, its not even close to being the major factor of success. If you have any sort of mental illness like depression, its fucking over.

I was a top student on my school without studying much (paying attention in class was 90% of the work) and although i never got tested, since i really dont give a fuck about IQ, im pretty sure my IQ is at least somewhere along 120-130.

I can guarantee to you that if you lack motivation and get easily bored of anything fast, you are fucked. If you dont take life seriously and conclude that all the work will not be worth in the long run, as you will waste your best years grinding day after day, you are fucked.

i have friends similar to me (above average IQ and middle class) that work 5 days a week on the same repetitive sequence month after month and waste their weekends worrying/planning about how next weeks work will be. If i had to do that for 2 weeks i would probably kill myself.

Trust me, you are in a much better position, unless you are one of those super motivated people that enjoy to work / socialize

Most wealthy people are actually pretty retarded. Save for multi billionaires. Money is just good goy points. I've literally never witnessed a rich person perform the most rudimentary task themselves without coming out looking like complete retards.

This is probably only true if you live in jewland.

You sound like a spoilt brat. Go kill yourself.

This guy gets it.

also depressed, shit job, no motivation, few friends, age 34
IQ 140

I stopped keeping apace with math in like the 6th grade. I passed algebra and all, but it was such a chore.

I have an IQ of 147 and graduated in 4 years from a top 20 university with a Master's in computer science. I grew up in a poor black/hispanic ghetto and went on to start a business that I had to claw my way up from food stamps with. Having a high IQ + bad start isn't a cyclical trap as brainlets would have you believe, but it took me 3.5 fucking years after graduating college to finally clear a $100k income. A good chunk of that still goes to paying off some pretty hefty loans, and I still have two years before I'm free unless crypto absolutely explodes again.

Even at a "low genius" IQ bracket, I feel completely disconnected from society. Statistically, I can only feel like I'm speaking the same language with only ~15% of the population, and maybe 30% of that can engage me in meaningful conversation.

Being an absolute idiot or high IQ is a lonely experience OP. You should count your blessings.

Reading your replies here you deserve whatever you are feeling desu

You are retarded if you think iq is the most important thing for monetary success.

What you need is a gf and/or friends, and some kind of passion/hobby. Try some kind of extreme sports just to get out of your comfort zone. Do a paragliding course, learn to ride a motorcycle.

>140 Iq
>shit job

not possible brainlet.

Yet here you sit, watching imagine dragon videos on YouTube while sliding an olive oil-soaked child's sock over you tiny penis. It's not help you need user, it's lead poisoning.


This thread is a joke.

>hurr durr I wish I was smarter

Tons of successful individuals aren't super high IQ lol, find your passion and learn how to create a revenue stream from it. Stop complaining and being a fucking pussy.

>fucking luck

what a retard

learn to manage your money, what will you do when BTC hits 1k? Just goes to show low IQ morons buy crypto even when they are a millionaire.

Keep 100k worth in crypto but go get yourself a small house and decent car nothing too special and learn to manage yourself and grow your money.

send me some eth and I'll raise your iq.

Well if you want to look on the bright side (besides you being loaded of course). You're at least smart enough to be depressed. Low IQ dumb motherfuckers are the happiest people I meet, without fail.

Look on the bright side, you're not a poor 22 year old DKHFV like me.

Just start doing a sport and take up other hobbies. Pretty much every activity has social clubs for it.

You could even get a job as a hobby if you'd like.

Low IQ confirmed. Also my last 2 digits will be Links price the end of this month.

So does money. Now stop obsessing about IQ, height, penis size or whatever. Find something fulfilling to do.


You could send me some bitcoins and I'll teach you how to raise your I.Q.

depression is a meme

66 sats, sounds right

If u say for ureself that u have low iq means ure iq is high if u think u are smart u are stupid thats all and school we have today is pure shitlook at how technology changed past 20years and how humans progressed but shool is same shit for past 100years+ so we need to go forward in education that means u arent stupid youst in the wrong sistem thats telling you u are stupid

buy ven

>no downsides
Imagine 90% of the world is dumber than you. Would that make you feel optimistic about the future?

>'spic' and span on the table
>beaners having a cute lil party
Oh the irony

A lot of smart people are poor because they don't like to fuck people over for money. Then again, a lot of smart people are rich because they like to fuck people over for money.

unironically combat sports. jiu jitsu and muay thai

What is the reason for this?

Holy fuck the photo makes me depressed. They're celebrating just being together and alive another year and yet the cynical overtones are impossible to ignore. Fuck I just want to make it.

If your family have low iqs, where'd the money come from?

the person with highest confirmed iq currently is a quiet, shut in accountant for a small country side business (basically minimum wage).

>another humblebrag LARP thread

go and read "mindset" by Carol Dweck. You are maybe stupid now but you can change that

It seems that everyone both rich and poor is miserable. Of course the rich on average live longer and healthier lives and often have better mental health. I think this place is just bad for your mind.

I personally would rather spend my money and time on longevity, living well past the normal life span.

If your iq bothers you the most then make the most of what you have. Read a lot of things that will increase it such as math books and the SAT dictionary really helps. Hold out for a brain implant or gene therapy.

Read books. Fictio and non-fiction. I feel like that raised my IQ significantly along the way. Plus, reading how people more intelligent than me approached life's problems and relationships made my Emotional Intelligence through the roof. I now see how almost everyone is just a grown up child, overly emotional without being able to take criticism the right way

IQ isnt a real indicator of anything anyways. Stop being stupid go back to school if you can or get your GED. Youre literally doing this shit to yourself and blaming it on your IQ which doesnt mean shit

post your wallet. oh wait you cant, youre a larping faggot

neck yourself

i like seeing retarded rich people. Its an indicator of potential redistribution of wealth.

IQ isn’t stagnant, it doesn’t even really measure intelligence, but honestly it sounds like you’d be stupid with or without this info. I envy you though, I’m 19 too, struggling hard every day to help provide for my Large Hispanic Family™ my dad abandoned. I like this life better though. I’m gonna end up on the literal moon because being surrounded by poverty has created an insatiable ambition within me. Good luck with your life though, if I were you I’d have already reunited south america and the carribean (not jamaica or any other nigger islands) under one flag (Gran Colombia) and gulag’d Brazil.

>he fell for the IQ meme

Pol has fucked you people's brains to shit

Shut the fuck up about this IQ shit it's a fucking meme. If you are stupid then read more. Then read way more than that it's that fucking simple. You were born rich and think MUH IQ is some holy grail guess what faggot if you were born mid class or poor you wouldn't have the money you have now idgaf what your IQ is. Get a grip. Get out the basement for a year. Read at least one book of substance a week. Start a business can be as simple as selling fucking cookies

IQ doesn't fucking matter. I know i'm taking the bait and falling for this retarded fucking LARP but seriously you are a clear fucking example of how little IQ matters. You hit the goldmine being born into wealth and made your own money in crypto. Just go travel and enjoy your privilege you absolute faggot. Feeling depressed? Buy some fucking antidepressants or take some psychedelics to fix your pathetic mindset. Your low IQ isn't the reason for your inability to gain satisfaction from shit, use your wealth to buy happiness faggot.

i lost a whole hemisphere trying to decipher this

you just have autism, plus you’re 17 so this has been a long time coming

I have 136 iq I can tell you that I would never consider attempting suicide but I often feel lonely and upset about my life and the future.

You're not worthless OP. What you need now is to take to rebuild yourself.

Clearly, you have self-esteem issues that cripple your every move. You must leave your parents house and explore the world.

Budget 10K and start by taking a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires. You need sun, you need a new environment, the only way to fix your self-esteem issue is to stop stagnating. Move.

You're young and with capital, become ruthless and you will be dangerous.


>mfw dad has like 140 iq
>mfw have about the same
>mfw he ran a huge import business supplying supermarkets, he ended up expanding too fast into new sectors, was over-leveraged and despite having lots of assets, didn't have enough cash to last through a 8m deal that got delayed due to a transport strike & went bankrupt & had to tell 200 people they lost their jobs because the buyers for a 12m deal in 1989, who needed product, ended up going to another supplier

That's how user. When smart people fuck up, they fuck up big. You know, the mad scientist who blows himself up in the lab, that's the archetype. Shit, my own personal experience with money, the first time I ever speculated, I made 250k in a single day, then a year or so later, I lost 150k in a single day.

Emotional intelligence does not correlate or equal rational intelligence, nor does it include risk taking (it just helps you manage risk, that's all), my dad lost everything and it left him with a wound that instead of going off to heal, he has let it rot, he has never been the same. Despite succeeding at climbing a mountain few would even think of tackling, he now chooses instead to live at the base camp where it's safe. When I lost the money, I made radical changes, cut the toxic people out & sought help.

All IQ means is I can process more data, nothing more. IQ doesn't correlate with judgement, character, courage, intuition (which is as important if not more important), etc. Intelligence is just a way of defining the speed of the computer, it has nothing to do with what you do with it. A person who isn't smart enough to climb over a high wall, but instead bangs their head against it, day after day, until it yields, will accomplish more than someone who knows how to scale it but lacks the courage to risk themselves in climbing it. There is a reason the expression is knowing is half the battle. IQ isn't everything.

Why did you tell me this

Why don't you people realize Veeky Forums kills your spirit way worse than a soul crushing job

The absolute only reason I came back to this shit hole is because it told me to buy bitcoin in 2010 and I forgot to do it. once it 15k I said it was time to comeback. When I get what I came for from crypto I'll leave again. I suggest you do the same.

You live in OC? If you do we will hang.

This sounds like total orange county. I'm calling it now. You live here. I moved down here to start over and I wouldn't be surprised if someone shit posting here was from there

careful user, don't mistake insatiable ambition for arrogance

Nobody actually give a shit about IQ, it's your own insecurity holding you down.

Good post

Nope, live in NJ.

Look into nootropics, specifically Noopept. Regenerates Brain plasticity and its basically gives you the ability to learn how to learn again.

Anyone with IQ that high can just get money if they want.

You took some free internet meme IQ test

>If that's actually your IQ at least one of your parents has a similar I.Q

Literally retarded. Please just K-Y-S.

Give me yours and your parents money OP you sad worthless piece of shit. Then kill yourself.

the absolute state of the amount of bullshit in this post

All I can say op from what I have read, you don't only have a low IQ but your also a piece of shit as a person. Having a high IQ does not guarantee you shit, it's all about the opportunity laid out for you. As the saying goes, it's not what you know, but who you know. Pretty sure you should have learnt that from your stupid ape parents

>itt solid larp
you surely got some autistfags raging

You do know that I.Q is mostly genetic, right?

This is wrong. You have no idea how many depressed poor geniuses there are.
Wealth is mostly about hustling, you just need a high enough iq to work smart. Too high iq results in paralysis because you see lots of potential risks that other people won't think about. Also people above 2sd are usually lonely because it's very hard to find friends at a similar level. They feel alienated all their life and have no skills as a result.

Really, anything above 120iq is negative for wealth prospects.

Keep coming back to this post and idk what it is about this photo but it's really got me down. Maybe I'm more depressed than I realized? Like these people are just having a nice birthday party and you can tell they haven't had it easy. Life is cruel