Who successfully day trades here? I've been avoiding it so far because I've been afraid of getting burnt...

Who successfully day trades here? I've been avoiding it so far because I've been afraid of getting burnt, but I started making trades to increase my ICX stack the past few days just out of sheer boredom and it's gone pretty well so far.

I've been able to gain about 80-100 ICX a day for the past 4 days just buying and selling large quantities off tiny swings. I'm talking like differences of 500sat MAX. It's not a lot but if i could sustain that for a month, that's an extra 2800 ICX in my pocket.

The real test comes after about 100 days of day trading. You can do it profitably, question is are you predictably profitable. It tends to pan out worse than it looks up close

I've been swing trading eth for like the past month. Turned 1.5 in 10.3 and now I'm pretty bored of it. I just want to invest in things and hold so I Don't have to look at the charts everyday


I day traded QSP from a stack of 10000 to 70k

Been doing this too,but it has been so stagnant for the past day or so.

Yeah, just not in crypto.

Veeky Forums, I think, is like 95% hodlers.

Sometimes I buy low and then sell high. Other times I sell high and then buy low.

Seriously though, all the info you need is out there. Apply yourself.

I started to daytrade with a small amount. I lost half already, every fucking trade is a loss. I keep going until 0.

Day traders is for the smart. For those that have years of experience in options trading

Just because some NEETS here had a few weeks of gains they think they are gods

Out of curiosity what was your most efficient timeframe, 4h fucking scares me in these conditions.

been daytrading every day for 10% returns every day

Purposely say this just so people are convinced to start and hand all their money to me

Let me give you the obvious statistic - 95% of all traders LOSE MONEY. Guess where all that money goes to?

I margin trade BTC on bitmex. Started a few days ago, already up 1500%. Got very lucky with 100x longs. I rarely short, and the few times I did I nearly got liquidated. Wish I started doing this before the crash, would've made bank shorting but I didn't know what margin trading was until like 10 days ago.

Protip: Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says. When you see a bunch of threads saying BTC will crash, go long. I'm convinced this is coordinated FUD by a discord group who's shorting BTC, but I have no proof.

another statistic, the daytraders that lose often leave early, but the daytraders that win (5%) consist of 40% of all the volume in any given day

Bought FUN 18 days ago with a small amount just to play with.

Waited an hour, it was lower, bought a little more fun.
Waited an hour, it was lower, bought a little more fun.
Waited an hour, it was lower, bought a little more fun.
Waited an hour, it was lower, bought a little more fun.

Today I am all-in on FUN and unable to day-trade.

Watch a couple of coin in which you trust to be long term hold. Sell the ones that are in the green and put money in those in the red. Wait for those to go up and repeat. Learn to ride those waves.

been working on it, stocks and crytpos for now. Want to move on to forex when I'm good.

what I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around is figuring out when I'm losing money comparative to BTC moving up. Maybe someone can help me out?

for example, if I sold 60 coins at 1200 sats. Then re-bought that ~125 coins at 550, then sold it again at 750, then re bought at 695, for a total of about 150 coins. its obvious that's some pretty good bear action.

but then it gets confusing when BTC starts to make significant moves up. Because when coin at 695 sats and btc is 7k, that coin is worth .07c

but then BTC goes up in dollar value but my coin goes down in sat value. so that coin now at 550 sats, and BTC at 10k, is still worth .07c.

so like... did I actually just make money or did I just go through some convoluted money losing treadmill ?


Daytrading talk about bitcoin only

I'm day trading FUN too, its a coin thats pretty honest to its trend, sell when its going down, buy when its going up. always hold a bit to sell at spikes, but always sell at spikes because its going to go back down.

Look at it this way. Did you end up with more or with less coins?

YOu know that if we do what you say we wont do what you said right :D logic paradox D:

you know that each time you trade its a taxable event right? you're gonna get fucked by the IRS for not reporting your capital gains on each trade

oh shit

I try to day trade with 200 USD, got fucked by fees and end up with 200 XLM

>the kikes just can't stop lying

if you're going down in sats that means you're not outperforming a simple buy and hold strategy.

what is this from

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 63

according to my strong google-fu