Fomo for Tomo

That feeling when you missed out on the next NEO
None of you are gonna make it.

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75k dollars in the presale. Fully expect to become a millionaire off of this.

>biztards just heard of this coin for the first time

Proof of shill+ bear market... see you at ico price

The ICO is on the first of March you dumbfuck. So yeah, see you literally at ICO price. Mong.

Holy shit, how much did you originally ask for? I only asked for 100k and they lowered me to 25k.
Are you part of a fund or something?

Wtf is This? A whale coin?

Pleb team lol

The TOMO shill who was giving out ETH for memes didn't give me any, fuck em

So you're saying this is hitting $100-200 easily in the next year? Gtfo. Not even close.

Yes. They sold 7.5 million in presale and left 1 million for public. Obvious whale PnD.

Not gonna say how or why but I know the team. I speak to Long in private a lot and I am also part of a larger investor. Congrats on getting in 25k, what price did you lock your ETH at? I was trying so hard to get the best price, luckily got weak hands when the drop started and locked well above 1050. I know people who locked at like 920 haha.

But yeah, by getting in 25k you made it. Congrats.

I applied for the whitelist for the public sale. Seems like I'm not getting in anytime soon lol.

Did you do the PoC?

I locked it around the first day, 1,100.
Yep, it's gonna be a good ride.

yup, I said that I was just disscussing about the project online. I hate that POC shit that ICOs do. I'm an investor why do I need to do shit like that?!

I know for a fact that some whale pool groups have gone in big on this shitcoint. It's gona be a pump and dump. Not to mention the proof of care bullshit to get on the whitelist was ridiculous. These fags are basically outsourcing their marketing for free.

Proof of Caring is bullshit.

Hire a marketing team. I'm already investing my hard-earned money into your company, shill it yourselves.

Any ICO with Proof of Caring is a Piece of Shit.

How else would you be able to distribute an 8.5 million project in a market where 30 mill icos are the norm? I prefer a strong community. Also, the harder you work, the more value you saw (the more you think it is worth your time). Who is gonna sell something like that?

they lost me at poc. gl anons

You fags don't realize that he said you can prove you care by showing that you supported A DIFFEREBT COIN. He isn't looking for marketing, he just want people that are actually involved in the crypto ecosystem. Not just flippers. If they wanted money and marketing that would be easy for them (the demand was 3 times supply).

That's not how it was presented.

Either way, they sold 7.5M of their 8.5M to pre-presale institutional money.

That's also highly fucking retarded.

It was presented to the community poorly, and I fully expect it to drop to near ICO-price levels after it hits exchanges.

>8.5 mill hardcap
Pick one
You guys are funny. You guys don't know what happened in the presale. In both the presale and POC sale, there was multitudes of more demand than supply.
Not saying anyone should buy.
This is not investment advice. Just simple economics.

>triggered because he invested 75k in a meme

Can I add you somewhere to laugh at you in a month or so?

There are other coins out there who also had very low ICO hard caps in 2017 who are still under $10M in marketcap and will not be for much longer.

So, your logic is flawed.

>the next neo

lmao this is a shitcoin. the only reason people care about it is the small cap and because theyre making shills shill for a 0.2 cap

Why is it a shitcoin, user? Give a few reasons.

Because it bills itself as a knowledge sharing application and, oh wait, now it's a full on platform for DAPPs as well.

They don't know what the fuck they're doing or what they want to achieve.

Insanely weak FUD. It's a horizontal scaling solution for Ethereum that outsources transaction heavy dApps so they don't clog up the Ethereum blockchain. The TomoApp is bascially a proof of concept for this, they outline the amount of transactions needed for the app in the whitepaper. Long said they are trying to get around 5-6 dApps running on TomoChain by mainnet launch. Multiple projects already asked to be part of it, because they have a reward engine for early adopters. I personally know about a project that wants to make their dApp available on Tomochain.

Bascially it's an easy option if you don't want to ruin your users experience because you are on Ethereum and fucking Cryptokitties are clogging up the network.

Thanks, just bought 100k. Oh wait, I can't because they gave most of their coins to whales in the private sale.

"next NEO"

That's tough and I've been there. Being on the other side this time feels comfy, but I am not planning to dump this. My talks with Long convinced me to support his vision. Who is to say he won't pull off another NEM? He has the experience and the contacts for it.