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Hi Veeky Forums

I've always had a dream since I was a little girl to go live in the UK. I don't know why, but it's just one of those top things I've had on my bucket list.
I've been in a long distance relationship with a guy for a good while now as well that lives there, and I am having a hard time finding jobs in my industry (music) in the U.K. I play a professional orchestral instrument and have graduated from one of the top schools, but everywhere I look around online seems to say they're hiring citizens of the U.K. only.

I'm a white, 23 year old female that has experience as previously mentioned and also a lot of general knowledge of music, as well as general technology (web management, SOME coding, ticket systems, ETC)

Does anyone know what the best way to get a job over in the UK is? From what I read, It seems that a company has to sponsor you, but I'm having trouble finding that.

I'm really desperate at this point, as this is the point in my life that I really need to start moving out of the house and move on to the next portion of my life. I graduated in September and just really want to get out there and make my dreams happen, as well as get into the work force.

If any Veeky Forums anons have any suggestions, or ANY leads to employment in the UK, I would heavily appreciate your input.

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No, I'm saving myself for my boyfriend. I want to have a family with many kids and I want to remain pure to him.

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What does it matter that you're a white female?

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Better me than some unskilled refugee.
It doesn't. Just figured I'd throw it out there in case it was pertinent to any "diversity" quotas for anyone out there with potential leads.
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My boyfriend thinks I am.

>I want to have a family with many kids and I want to remain pure to him.

Get married - simples...

This is what I am thinking, but I would honestly like to ensure that we are compatible together for a year or two before making that commitment. It would be silly to just meet on the internet and fly over to get engaged. I'd like to have some responsibility/ensurment.

Try to convince orchestras to have you even if you aren't a UK citizen. Also can't you get citizenship by marrying your bf?

The problem is that my instrument, there's usually only one or two in an orchestra, and there's not really any orchestras that seem to be hiring for that. Also it doesn't help with the fact that for every opening there is on an orchestra seat, 200-300 people apply. I'm willing to essentially do anything, especially if that is related to music at this point.

Oh you haven't met him lol, well doesn't matter get married if it doesn't work out file a divorce and get half his shit, that's what all the girls do

I really don't want to do that. If I get married I want it to be once in a life time. I don't want this modern day garbage of doing that cunty-tango where the girl takes half the money

I'm sure there are some important dicks you can suck to get the seat if you aren't too ugly. Otherwise be willing to do any job at first and then move up from there. Look for work visas

Plus it's hardly difficult for you to get work if you play a rare orchestral instrument to get a job teaching it. Search for agents for music tutors:

It's a start

Good. I don't want a stupid ugly whore ruining my operas

As someone living in the UK : don't. It's a shithole. A huge underclass of violent, incapable scum that never worked a day in their life and goes around dressed in track suits causing trouble, hordes of stabby aggressive blacks, 60% Muslims, rich Arabs walking around dressed in golden robes looking at you like you're some kind of serf. And everything is ugly, small and miserable. Grey, crumbling homes under dreary dark grey skies. And either you live in a tiny cage in London, or in Abject deprived misery elsewhere. Move to Australia of something.

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Nice LARP, OP.

I'm pretty much willing to do anything at this point, not just limiting it from that.
Thank you for the links. I don't know if a private lessons teacher would quality for a work visa.
I know, but I have a stupid dream from when I was a girl and it's on my bucket list now. I feel like I will live life with regret if I dont do it. Plus my man is over there.

That's why I said some coding. I know HTML and a few things from shit coding language like PAWN.


The UK is a shit hole, trust me on this. I lived both in the North and the South of England for most of my life, have also lived in various other European countries. The UK has by far the worst weather, quality of life, architecture, modern behaviour. They can have their brexit shitfest and sink into the Atlantic and we'd all be better off. Have been happily living in Germany for years now, and every time I have to travel to England it feels like visiting a third world country. Would not recommend

No you are not better than an unskilled rapefugee. Fuck off. You are only welcome in London where the degenerate wankers and forgiven muck live. Anywhere outside a city and people will be polite but secretly hate you.

im an anglophile burger with a strong admiration for your culture. That should be more important than most of the foreign people flooding your nation.

I know it might not be what I expect, but I want to at least say I did it. Plus love, and all that.

Explain how I am no better. Please, go ahead.

What do you admire about are culture?

You do know are culture will be vaporised in the next 20 years

I appreciate your history of your country. Your beautiful architecture, the fact that most every building that stands has been there for a long time, and has many stories to tell. The fact that my ancestors once lived in this place and flourished. The beautiful countryside, and the deep history which each small town/village has to offer that makes up a much larger story; the story of a nation which once ruled the entire world.

I've just always admired it.

London is great. Very multicultural and generally the people are proud of this and embrace it as part of living here. There is some violence but this is to be expected in any big city. Generally if you aren't looking for trouble you won't get it, just be street smart.

The best opportunities for work are likely to be found in London as well, I actually know somebody working in an orchestra but havn't spoken to them in a long time so can't help there sorry. Where are you from?

I'm from the USA.
I'd prefer to get a job near Birmingham but I'll honestly take anything I can get at this point.
Any help would be completely appreciated, and I'm glad to leave some contact info.

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I also am a classically trained violinist so ya never know

>thinks england is bad
>moves to germoney

Marry him, then you’re in. Easy.

Haven't spent much time in Birmingham myself, so can't really tell you much about it. It's also a very multicultural city with a large Muslim community. It's the third largest city in the UK with a few minor cities such Leicester and Coventry nearby, so should be plenty of opportunities for work if you are prepared for a short commute. Also about 90 mins on a train to London which would make day trips fairly easy.

If you want to leave info i'll try to help if I can, but might take a while for me to get back to you.

Sure, my info is quixoticalvixen at gmail dot com

I would thoroughly appreciate it.

As an architect in the uk I can only describe it as a prison island. Truely horrific. I won't be here for much longer will move back to Europe, but my god. The comments are true. Worse than third world and getting worse.

that would kinda defeat the purpose
Please see this Why is that?

get a house in milton keynes. spacey, not too busy, has everything you need and not too many muslims

Not third world tier I'd say but there are definitely better EU countries including mine which I won't shill because we are, in fact full

I need the legal right to live there first.
Im not denying that other countries are better in terms of standards of living; its just this specific country I particularly want to live in.

Have you ever visited the UK? It isn't like those movies where everyone is classy and speaks with a good accent and everyone behaves like a well mannered person.

When we pull our dicks out of Europe we're gonna fuck the rest of the world.

>The opposite of this
Those who the gods want to destroy they first send to Milton Keynes.

Yes, I have. I visited London before. I understand the media portrayal is much different.

1) don't come here it's a shit hole and I'm trying to leave

2) fuck off we're full

Love makes you do stupid things. Life dreams make you do even stupider.

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>white female
Sorry, we're only taking shitskins right now

Good on you femanon. We need more trad women like you in this world. I don't have any advice For you but I wish you all the best!

Feels bad man

I appreciate your words. I certainly believe my boyfriend does appreciate me too.

My wife is British and I was able to get a spouse visa when we got married. That might be your easiest way to come across here. You can work without restrictions on the visa. However your bf needs to be gaining a certain level of income as part of the visa rules.

Also as a few anonymous said... Its a shit hole unless maybe you move to a nice house in the countryside. I can't wait to get out of here desu. There are some nice moments though

I just don’t want it to seem like I’m marrying him for that and I’d like to make sure (even though I’m pretty sure), he’s the one.

What about the nice moments?


Lmfao op is a loser with an internet bf just how ugly are you OP?

As a young female you can get a job as a waitress or shop assistant anywhere easily. The rest you can figure out when you get here.

But the UK is mostly a shithole.


I'm probably a 6-7-8/10
Im not ugly. I just am not very social.

I just would need to find one that would sponsor me for a work visa.

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Come to Mexico. We have one of the best cultures in the world, best food in the world, really cheap to live here, a pretty nice weather because of our geographical position, you would get a job easy for being white and speaking in english and we have the best cities to travel or to live in. We have the best beaches in the world, the largest and most incredible pyramids and ancestral architecture, ancestral culture, big mountains and large woods. What the fuck, we have literally everything you could ask for.

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