Daily reminder that JJ is more intelligent than any of you and he's a rich af now

daily reminder that JJ is more intelligent than any of you and he's a rich af now


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the shilling quality has really gone downhill lately


what the fuck were they thinking? is this fan made or something

too many layers of irony for you

/k/ here
ur wrong

shhhhhhhh ;)

The fuck is this shit? This is bitconnect level shilling

yes you shouldn't buy any skycoin ever


whats the story behind this guy?

he bought skycoin and now he's living the skylife



Anyone that isn't a dumb europoor knows that a M249 SAW is MSRP $80k and a FFL Class 4 is less than $8k.

t. ex-mil and has a small armory

why don't you just trust jjj man, why would he ever lie? someone named JJ Jenkins is obviously legit af


people forget this type of stuff when they cant live free

I know. Sucks for anyone that's never shot an anti-tank rocket or thrown grenades. This JJ fuck can't get M67 fragmentation grenades with his civilian credentials. Sad!

at least we can die hard

Can someone explain what is going on in this picture? 2 escorts holding a gpu rig?

It's fremont street las vegas..U pay the girls for a photo with them

Okay,but what's that Computer think they're holdinf

Skywire Miner for skycoin

Ohhhh, that's curious. Wwhats it doing in a vegas show...

Hello Sir,
Skycoin not scam like bitconnect. Please to buy skycoin dear. Make you very rich.

Some people will do anything to get publicity..In this case a Skywire miner and the girls made $20 (not a 100% on that) everybody wins

Everybody except the poor sap who believed in crypto reeeeeeeeeeeee

Sure love or hate crypto you have to admit it did work..It peeked your interest a little bit..

how is a m249 80k? transferable?

wow its real. apparently he was shilling skycoin at $1. just a legit Veeky Forumsness negro who has actually made it. I can't be mad.

The girls? I've had an on off interest in mining but always hit dead ends...

Yes, transferable. That or know someone who runs a small gun factory that can work regulatory strings like I do. You can buy a semi-auto M249 for $5-7k and have them secure a mil surplus sear pin kit for somewhat cheap. Or just buy a damn AR with a bumpstock because beltfed can jam easy if the links feed improperly. If you have to have beltfed then get a Shrike kit for your AR. Boom.