World youcollect co

If you aren't in this tonight you are a virgin beta who will fomo in after a week once cities are released.

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easiest profit of my life leaching off this Chinese whale

everyone who sleeps on this tonight is gonna get JUSTd...look at the txns

wtf is the website?

Same, literally you try to help out biz because everyone literally scams them and they don't believe you, such is life

some countries are still available for under .03, definitely worth getting in on ground floor. Make that money!

It's in the subject retard replace the spaces with dots

Thanks for the post gave me the much needed 1 eth

Thanks fuck stick.

Solid first day

I probably shouldn't but I'm very tempted to buy USA. It's gonna be so much dividends once the cities are released



You must have out-gassed me, I tried buying it and cheaped out with 2 gwei.

I bought Chad for .04 and I'm a Chad in real life. Fuck you virgin neets I will fuck your mom and gf

Fuck I wish I could hold this forever

You and the rest of the South

Ahhahaa, when I saw this game I just went straight to Africa to see prices of Niger, Chad and Nigeria.

Africa has the coolest countriest to own. I am starting my own cotton farm rn

Do it! Own that bitch


your move faggot

Yep, got Liberia and Sudan.

Fuck I don't own that much ETH to play and I'm not fucking selling VEN or OMG.

How could you get my Niger. Now I have to move to some cheaper tier

yep, the country names are all fucking hilarious

burkina faso is so great, im so ready for cities to come out so i can buy its hilarious capital

How do you like my new precious gem?

I fucking own world's BBC right now, lol

yep that's a mighty fine bbc

OK, I bought some more...
Time to bring civilization to those lands.

I had no fucking idea that countries like Swaziland or Togo existed, lol.

Never seen a page full of incoming transactions...this just gone out of bounds !!

My eth is flowing...
I will get my Niger back you bastard

too late. just in time for chad, though

Fuaark I was also trying to buy nigger and some NIGGER sniped it off me. Getting more eth before it gets bought again

Cool game. Addictive. The prices will shoot up soon for countries having cities... those could rise in value...



Thanks a ton for the post I really mean it....I just made 0.2 eth...I am all in

Chad. No, not ME.

Are you fuckers literally gonna sleep on the country with the best cities. Fucking wish I had thirty eth I would buy it right now. Fucking stupid whales

niggeragua is still cheap

Thinking on scooping up barbados for 0.1 eth, pretty cheap for a very well known country

not enough niggers

Fuck it. The only one to have is Chad. I wish I wasnt a poorfag. There is plenty of neets on biz who will pay shitton for it

Chad and Niger because you know how much them two words get tossed around on these boards

What the fuck is the website? What are 'contracts'? What's the point of this? I can buy pornstar contracts?

pornstars are at

Chad and Nigger are true gems

I can see them two being bidded to the fuckin moon cause of Veeky Forums trolls

If you're not in then idk what to tell you

How much does it cost now?

Countries are still ground floor at 0.04 eth so never too late. Few good ones are still floating around 0.5 (chad and nigger), USA/China and top tier countries are like 15+ eth

USA has the best cities and is cheap as fuck and all u retards can do is buy the country that closest resembles the word nigger....I'm so proud of you biz

Ah I see how it works. I would buy one if I could at the moment, but sadly I can't.

who doesn't love nigger water

Chad for 0.5eth? Lol. It's going to be pumped so hard

crypto youcollect way better

I wanted Chad too...but it just whizzed past me...Need some Asian countries now

the state of biz

USA sucks. It is for fucking 30ETH. You think it is going any up soon?
Only still cheap african countries are good as they are going to double in value soon

This is the best African country I am not giving it out without a fight user

European countries damn cheap too...I see Estonia for 0.2...good they own cryptocurrency lol

Still lots of cheap dirty south American countries too

You fucking retard. There are releasing cities in a week and USA has all the best cities. How much do you think USA is gonna be worth when it's collecting dividends on San Fran and New York when San Fran and New York are 5 eth each?

As soon as a non retard whale realizes this USA is gonna shoot up to at least 40 eth.

Yeah... But what are the chances somebody buy them?

In my opinion the best collectibles are big countries or funny ones. More people will go for Niger or Chad than any other southamerican shithole

If I wasn't a poor fuck I would buy USA...Canada too

my best meme ever, and not one fucing YOU....fuck you guys and little game

Stupid burger
US is overpriced. Africa is where it's at

let's go bitches

>he didn't buy one of the civil war hall of fame countries

>some countries are still available for under .03, definitely worth getting in on ground floor. Make that money!
If it's still worth it then why haven't you taken those countries retard?

Oh... I didn't get it in the first place

>Heh, I sure hope nobody buys this! Really, I want to keep it, so please NOBODY here buy it!

Any non retard who read my posts will realize I'm right

Well they all are overpriced, because they're all worth 0.

Don't get too jealous pep

We were born to late to own a Nigger. This was my only chance user. Btw it's long gone now

Just like Bitcoin and fiat :^)

Nocoiner detected.
Shoo, shoo, go back to your real mediocre world

Don't pretend to be retarded now, Crypto and fiat serve a function, so people don't have to carry gold bars and bring goats with them when they want to go buy something.

It’s only 0.48 last time I checked unless someone bought it again

I'm sorry you are only capable of abstracting the value of coins. I'm a level below you abstracting the value of digital Chad's. Stay poor homo.

These collectibles also serve a function. I can make fun of virgin neets like you who are afraid of my Chad cock. It's like a fancy car. You don't need it but it's fun to have. Stay soft nochader.

I know. I bought it for 0.047 and was one of the first who owned it. But it fucking slingshoted to 0.48 rn
I guess that everybody wants to have a Niger lol

Fuck this game.
I want Chad so bad but I am a poorfag...
Are there any cheap countries left?

Just waiting for the 20 countries...all with major cities...will reap 1 eth every day on dividends

>when all the early cities are in shitty countries

she's the only reason I pulled the trigger on Puerto Rico. mmmm

God-Tier Buy.

literally one person owns the world, all continents, and all countries. What do you want to bet its the owner of this site. Would stay far away if i were you

all the good countries**

I love Congo.....Just got it fliipped for 100 bucks

13 hours ago......

Dude you are retarded the world has been flipped multiple times

care to show how?

The starting prices are: 0.001 ETH for a "city" (coming soon), 0.01 ETH for a "country", 0.1 ETH "sub-continent" (coming very soon), 1 ETH for a "continent" and if you want to own the "world" it will start at 10 ETH.

The world at 83 ETH, many countries at 4 ETH or more... cities and sub continents will be launched

where are the transactions

I tried to tell these retards about this yesterday when they could have made 10 eth easy. Now the only way to make real money is to buy a subcontinent like USA that will have a lot of cities.

Still lot of countries available cheap. As all capitals and other cities get released, each country could go to maybe 0.5 eth... because each country has a capital... good ones could go higher...

The game has just started...

All my countries sold now...I can start buying back the floor.,,,,catch me if u can ;)


those lips

Prices too high for all you virgin betas? Can't even afford to play a Chad game with your internet meme money...tsk...tsk user