I am about 20% into this book and I just have to ask if I fell for some shitty meme?

I am about 20% into this book and I just have to ask if I fell for some shitty meme?

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It's good, keep reading

please read we by zamyatin

Don't stop reading it

Orwell is a hack, this and Animal Farm are incredibly overrated

Care to offer any alternatives dealing with the same issues?

>it was something new so it's good
brainlets everywhere, I bet you also read for the plot


t. marxist/antifa cuck


Tried 1984 and it seemed...basic, like I've seen everything in it done better (more elegantly and complexly) in other stories. There's a reason why it's taught and shilled--it's because it's easier to spoonfeed to brainlet teens.

Okay, I'm kidding about the last part.

It's worth a read.. It's not a prediction. Its a horror story. A worst case scenario. Just read it. You should be done by tomorrow anyway.

confirmed for attention-seeking shitposter. back to /pol/, asshole, there's a "kill thuh nagurs" thread waiting for you.

>like I've seen everything in it done better (more elegantly and complexly) in other stories.

name them.

bonus points for any stories written before Orwell wrote 1984.

"I could play 'Stairway to Heaven' when I was twelve... Jimmy Page didn't write it until he was twenty-two."
- Bad New on Tour

Huxley was way better. I used to love animal farm in 5th grade, but now all I hear when I read it or 1984 is "imblyingimblyingimblying"

Hold out for that third section, brother

I enjoyed we, though I enjoyed how 1984 went more into the nitty gritty of the party and the psychology of the whole thing. We is good because it focuses more on the characters and alludes to the other side more.
Both similar stories with chilling messages. Both good.

It's literally a well-written propaganda piece about Stalinism. It was fun to read, but nothing beneath its surface, just like Animal Farm. Read it, you won't regret it, but it is massively overrated by 19yo english majors, who don't understand the context.

Everyone is going to hate me but Ayn Rand's "Anthem" is a better, more insightful dystopian novel.

Goldstein's book is actually the best part. Yet everyone else seems to agree it's the worst.

Holy shit you fucking idiot, Huxley is dystopian in a completely different way you actual moron.

>implying animal farm is fiction and not a recount of the birth and corruption of the USSR.

Orwell was a socialist you dingus

yes but he was anti Stalin.

But he wasn't anti marxist and was literally an antifa


Woah... we've got a smart guy over here!

It's a kids book. American love it because it makes them think "damn.......................................... just like real life," and because they all read at a high school level.

Substantiate what you mean or fuck off.

Tbh I think Anthem is about on par with Animal Farm. It's her tightest work by far, but also the least interesting.

Yeah. In a non-implying kind of way, you autist.

Part 1 was the best.
>that 40 page chapter in page 2 that just reiterates what we already knew about the system and politics
Took me 4 days to finish.

Homage to Catalonia is better, chill stories about wanting a smoke at the spanish frontline. Broken old guns and seing how vets and young recruits interact in the trenches.

>writing a book is as easy as reading it

I thought Veeky Forums was full of intellectuals.

>It's literally a well-written propaganda piece about Stalinism.
>about Stalinism
>about Stalinism
>about Stalinism

Holy shit you are retarded.

No one thinks 1984 is like real life. You've been listening to too many dad jokes and reading too many forwarded emails from your grandpa. Protip: 95% of people who say "lol real life is such like 1984" haven't read the book, and those 5% that did, do not understand it.

It's a good read, but the amount of starbucks socialists going around saying "OMG JUS LIEK REAL LIFE" and burning trashcans in the streets is becoming tiring.

It is a meme, but a quality meme nonetheless.

I found it a bit dated, but still worth a read. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I read it while in my teens vs in my 30's.

If you read it for its social commentary then you completely miss what makes it a good novel.

its boring as fuck desu

Am I alone in thinking Down and Out In Paris and London is his best book?

i didn't get the ending, when the savage- the last human kills himself

back then those words meant completely different things compared to now

back then there was still hope for socialism until orwell crushed it with his book

back then anarchy didn't necessarily mean chaos

even back then fascism was an ambiguous term, and now it doesnt even have meaning

it is real life, just not in the western world

as with every sci-fi story, it's the present once removed by the future

Are you kidding? You can finish the book in a day or two. Try finishing shitty books before starting shitty threads about them.

Are you in the middle of a fucking brain aneurysm?

You don't say

He hated most socialists back then, and he would probably hate most of them now.

The fact that modern socialists tend to separate people into classes of "educated" and "uneducated", and how they claim that their position is one of education and rational reasoning....This smugness would have driven him crazy.

God I hope so. I don't want to read his shitty rebuttal

It is mostly bourgeois liberals / progressives that think like that

Most marxists dont think that education is going to matter when the proletariat emancipates mankind.

The story starts after about 100 pages.
It gets really good.

keep going, definitely my favourite book, and i'm a marxist

tfw noone reads any of his other stuff :(
I liked coming up for air and burmese days desu

Most Marxists are also bourgeois liberals / progressives.

Face it m8, your ideology is in the dustbin of history and the only people left wanking over it are scum.

No. It's awesome. I might be biased because I was homeless for a time.

Burmese days, going solo, and heart of dankness really paint a picture of colonialism.

It's not even about the government, though. Only plebs read 1984 and think it's about totalitarian govt.

Define "meme"

It is for edgy teenagers. If you already passed that era, just drop it.

only commies don't like Orwell prove me wrong

But he just was a trotsky fanboy instead of a regular commie, he also faught franco lmao

read it so you can realize just how wrong everybody gets it.

1984 doesn't live up to the hype nowadays, mostly because so many things since then have imitated it and surpassed it in some cases.

No, why do you ask?

when I first read this, I thought that it would be to in my face about how authoritarian governments are bad and that somehow the main character would somehow have the same morality a person in real life would have.

But I was surprised how well written the characters and setting really was. Did anyone else feel this way or was it just me?

>mostly because so many things since then have imitated it and surpassed it in some cases.

Like what?

>using the edgy teens """"""""""""argument""""""""""""

Please stop.

Yeah it was actually a very well-written setting. Not as high-tech as I expected from when my dad told me about it but it was good. I don't know why everyone hates it so much. Veeky Forums only seems to hate it because it's read in high school and somehow that makes it bad. People have sex in high school too does that mean sex is bad as well? It's just hipsters trying to being elitist and they cannot substantiate a single argument as to why 1984 is bad.

Of course most of them consider the book to only be about totalitarian govt. and so they miss 90% of why it's actually compelling, so fuck them.

This i thought the world building,and just the rhythm of the language was great

But in all seriousness
Everyone shitting on this book is a fuckin psuedo-intellectual contrarian piece of shit

You'd think they'd appreciate the browbeaten loser everyman
And the fantasy of fucking a chick way out of your league

>George Orwell
Nice marxist propaganda

The sad thing is that people actually believe reading this book is a refutation of left politics, as compared to a serious engagement with Marxist theory.

Orwell was a socialist writing against the Soviet Union, which is not unusual, but fiction also isn't a particularly deep and detailed analysis of the USSR. That would require history and economics. I'm afraid his books just encourage meaningless narratives.

Didn't he actually get a lot of heat from fellow socialists for this and animal farm?
The whole 'we should be rooting for the communist experiment' narrative

I mean its an argument against a lot of things,its dumb to say it isnt what a lot of people sum it up as

Jeeez, im fed up with ponies mentioning meme all the time.

The story of Evil Stalin destroying the good fruits of the revolution is stupid, anyway. I don't believe things would have gone significantly differently without Stalin himself taking the reins - he had the support of the Party, after all.

I believe the USSR was fucked once it failed to link up with any of the revolutions occurring in western Europe, which failed. Originally, Lenin and other Bolsheviks considered their takeover as a preparatory action until more developed nations had a socialist revolution - for a while, there was a real hope and it was right to support them. Once they were left to industrialize their barely post-feudal society on their own, and abandoned Lenin's pragmatic economic policy in favor of "socialism is one country" delusions, it was basically fucked.

I'm like 1.5% in and I feel the same way, Animal Farm was great, but I'm not feeling this.

Orwell hated most socialists in his day. Read the least few chapters of Road to Wigan Pier.

Orwell was indeed a socialist, but he seemed to think that socialism was always pushed by some of the worst people in society. He understood why many working class people had an aversion to socialism, because the things they enjoy (their traditions, pasttimes, etc) are always relentlessly attacked by socialists, who want to discredit any form of tradition or patriotism.

Read it when I was 18, obcviosly didnt get it. Forward 25 years, so right, so much.. today? Dont get me started!!

Wil check it out
Im one of the plebs who has only read animal farm/1984 and a fee assorted letters


This is so spooky I can't even abolish it, it doesn't even mean anything.

Who the fuck cares if it's "spooky", that truth is that most humans feel connection to their ethnic group and their society's past traditions. It's stupid to say humans have no right to hold an in group preference for their own culture.

All your theoretical abstractions are fucking irrelevant garbage, humans will act this way whether you think they should or not. A lot more people would be accepting of socialism if they didn't relentlessly try to destroy the dominant culture of whatever country they're in.

Are you retarded?

I guess to a marxist its all spookery by the bourgeois?
How do they reconcile that a lot of traditiona predate capitalism
Class cant be the dividing marker for everything,especially in rural areas and undeveloped nationa

They can have socialist traditions. You're talking about this as if it's a fixed entity and not arising from historical conditions of people, which is why you don't understand Marxism. I'm sure people were very attached to their feudal monarchist traditions in the 18th century too. Tough shit.


No, Nineteen Eighty-Four is fucking awesome.

Note — Anyone who tries to use this book to shill for leftism against rightism or rightism against leftism is a retard.

Nineteen Eighty-Four isn't just a sci-fi novel about a future dystopia — much of it is also a caricature, an exaggerated depiction of the everyday consciousness in our actual modern societies, even in the liberal democracies.

Doublethink, for example, is very real. Indeed, most human thinking is doublethink.

I've never read it but I hear that this was the spiritual predecessor an that it was much better, I'd like to know what you guys think about it.

(inb4 we-wuz jokes)

Can someone please tell me how Winston knew about "the place with no darkness" 7 years before it happened?

That's a surprise.

>People have sex in high school too does that mean sex is bad as well?

Having a GF for 5 years, I can say sex is fucking overrated as fuck. It feels good but god damn it is some god damn annoying shit.

>Hurrr hurrr "Have you cum yet?"
>"No, I was waiting for you"
>"Oh I came like 10 minutes ago"

stop trying to justify your fantasy of orwell being le epic free speech redpill warrior


Wasn't it in his dreams? It's not like he KNEW about it, it was more like just an ironic happening. He dreamed he would meet O'Brien in the place where there is no darkness and learn the truth. Well, he did, in the Ministry of Love.

>back then anarchy didn't necessarily mean chaos
And it still doesn't.

This is a bad thing. Chaos is good, but people still hate it. Chaos has to be cultivated on the inside, now.

Huxley was a real prophet. Orwell wrote 1984 when as the events were unfolding, but Huxley saw into the far future.

Huxley saw our future better.

The London half is entirely fictional though.