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old thread NEWS: movie isn't complete shit

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>personal opinions in the op


Is Ninja Steel good?

C'mon, the designs in that Spongebob movie are much cooler than the PR movie ones and you know it.

It's slightly above average for neo-Saban

genuinely the funniest shit I've seen here

Post Sentai you wish they would have adapted and still could but never will

>will never get a LSR/RPM styled Go-Busters

toqger because mechs, specially dieselOH

>still can't get over that I purposely missed basically all of Ninja Storm during the marathon
>still can't get over all the fun generals that were posted on /tv/ while Ninja Storm was playing that I missed
>Ninja Storm theme song has bittersweet sound to it now

T-this feeling will go away, right? I'm feeling so much regret and sadness. I know that it's not the worst thing in the world. But at the same time I realize that I'll never be able to experience what I exactly missed out on and that depresses me.


TV movie when?


Never since based Tommy wasn't one of the Dino Charge team members.

>based Tommy

>tfw you're not in it
just HAHA YEAH my shit up

that's from Kyoryuger, of course DragonRanger wasn't there

t. JDF

What is AbareBlack's excuse? He isn't dead and came back to their Earth for other crossover films.

no idea, I didn't watch it

Cam's actor actually has a successful life
He's in his 40's IIRC and I think he's never been to a Power Ranger's convention.
It's completely behind him

doesn't he have a family on his own planet to take care of or something?

>NEWS: movie isn't complete shit
Why would you make this thread a den of lies?

so if they dont skip zyuohger what do you think it'll be called?
Power Rangers Cube Force?
Power Rangers Beast World?
Power Rangers Wild Instinct?

so, really not good.

I really don't want to risk Enter getting Neo-Saban'd

I want something regarding "Kingdom"

Episode 1: They Kingdom come...

>ywn wear colored spandex and pose in front of an explosion

>Power Rangers Animal Kingdom
eh doesnt sound too bad

>Find a better network that won't diminish you to 20 episodes
>Get Wasserman back or at least get someone like him for songs
>Get a better budget for the show
>Have Chip Lynn and Eddie Guzelian write a do's and don'ts on handling Power Rangers
Anything else?

Power Rangers Animal Cubedom

Go go Cubedom Rangers

>expect movie to be shit
>see it with normalfag friend
>he is hyped as fuck and joins in when i cheer

yea its actually allright normalfag or not

Snyder is basically Neo-Saban'd Enter


>Use union actors(for fuck sake,Japan has one specific for the tokusatsu stunt actors).
>acting coach

I think it would be video game themed to cash in the minecraft theme. I think they call it "Power Rangers Pixel Strikers"

Video games all day.
>Now presenting Saban's Masked Rider: ER Simulator

The next Death Battle is Voltron vs Power Rangers Power Rangers are going to die right?


I saw the movie...

They retconned Zordon as the previous red ranger and Rita as the Green Ranger.

They mentioned the morphing which I think it was a good idea.

The rangers couldn´t morph, until they sinchronized between them and the morphing grid.
Zordon was an asshole who wanted the rangers to morph in order to get energy from the morphing grid and turn back into life and recover the red coin.

Billy was to empathethic for someone who has diagnosed with autism.

I laughed my face off when Rita hangs the rangers to a yacht and throws Billy into the ocean. He dies


Logically, the Rangers should die
Even with Boom comic stuff (the Zords being hinted at being space worthy with Dragonzord rocketing to the moon) and the Ultrazord, the Rangers wouldn't stand a chance
Even the individual lions would beat the Megazord
Even Legendary Defender Voltron alone could beat the Ultrazord easily
The only way the rangers could win if they scale Zords and use their feat breaking a Green Lantern shield in Justice League/Power Rangers but doing so would be flawed considering it'd lead to characters like Jax Briggs on par with Captain Marvel (DC) and some Megazords are blatantly more powerful than others. The Thunderzords were an improvement on the original Megazords and they still lost to a few monsters.

>had a non-speaking role on TV’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


>Power Ramgers: Wild Force Cubed

Kingdom Roar, maybe?

I don't get Samurai.

I cant get over the goddamn silkscreen animal shirts
This is some 3 wolf moon shit

>guy I work with thinks "Zordon as OG red and Rita as traitorous OG green" is a dumb idea
Then again he watches Fairy Tail, HxH, Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul and complains about hiatuses and seasons when he could just read the fucking manga.

felt this way too
then I gave it a chance and started watching

the suits are amazing

I'd be more on board if they were a whole lot less detailed. Minimalistic representations would be the best way to go, especially considering the Zord design. This looks like I should be seeing it in TJMaxx in the kids' clearance section 10 years ago.
Also DAMN Orange does not look pumped at all

Another way the Megazord could bullshit a victory is if they actually interpret the Mastodon shield as being immune and reflective of literally anything despite how ludicrous that would be

Post a time you went down the path of evil

Because of Lauren.

It's the "Are there anymore Squidward's I should know about?" scene

>Zordon was an asshole who wanted the rangers to morph in order to get energy from the morphing grid and turn back into life and recover the red coin.
I actually really liked this. It gave Zordon an arc and played with the fact that he's unintentionally a shady asshole in the original show. One of the better things to come out of it.

>When your Japanese versions biggest trauma is when his entire family was murdered by a homosexual dragon and yours is that you cheated on a test

When I though pic related was a good idea

Just how hard will Saban drop the ball on this one?

well they were the one who comes up with all these mess from the start

fucking jews

I dunno man...

Those suits are fucking cool

How many guys does that make that have been in the show and then killed people?

Two...ish. Ricardo and Skylar Deleon, who will still don't have confirmation on which background character he played - if any at all.

>they end up not using the cockpit stock footage and use those shitty motion capture ones even though the movie had the same thing



I'm black.

What was his name again?

I kinda wish they ditched the moulded lips on these. idk with but they always looked off, especially on the Zeo helmets.

i'd say they can't fuck up an already shit season but considering what they did with Ninja Steel who knows

Unless Nick is gonna update thier contract and let them make more episodes then this is unadaptable.

I don't understand how people can be excited for this and not realize it's a gonna be a fucking mess to develop 11 rangers in the span of 20 episodes with long ass hiatus' in between

kyuranger is so good idk want /ssg/ says

Is Kyuranger actually any good? Suits look fuckin dope.

No it's terrible.

They cranked up the number of characters with the hope of having at least one likeable.
And I guess they did not fail? Pink and Black are alright, and that's it.

I think it's pretty good so far
Gold and Silver are fantastic

Not really. The majority of the cast have failed to really do anything interesting so far because they're so fixated on sucking off the Red.

it's fun to watch so far but the cast is already bloated and they're introducing 2 more rangers soon

Saint Seiya (sentai) power rangers?

Sort of. They have issues handling too many characters and the action is rarely satisfying. Villains are very underwhelming. Granted, its only 7 episodes yet but the cast is so large the first introductions aren't over yet....but we're still getting an early sixth like if this were a normal show AND an extra ranger character. In short, it has every problem that one would expect from such a large cast and one would think they were prepared for it. Hopefully it gets better.

That said, the characters are decent at worst with the only exceptions being the red and the commander but red inproved a bit in the last 2 episodes and the commander was tolerable in the last one. There's plenty of room for improvement. Whether it happens remains to be seen.

>pink and black
>not silver and gold

I think that's the least of our worries. Knowing how they like to invert situations from Sentai, it's entirely possible they'll work around the footage so we still have a five man team, with the extra Rangers showing up on a more sporadic basis.

Orange (Zyuoh Bird) isn't a main member, and shows up less than 5 times iirc. In that particular shot, i think he's already tried to stand up to one of the final bosses on his own, so he's probably broken in a few places

IMDB says someone named Roger, but it was a non-speaking part according to the article linked above so does he really count?

I can kind of see where he is coming from if expected the movie to have their respective characters be the same as they were in MM or the same as their counterparts in Zyuranger.

I think this is generally my problem with the suits as well.

Cole "enter my room, meet your doom" Evans

Hating on the commander rather than "(thing) THAT'S SO FUNNY"? admit it: Hammy utterly sucks

Cole "Leave the lights on, I'll do to you what Andros did to Zordon" Evans

I hope Saban goes back to their roots and turns Yellow into a girl inspite of that impressive bulge

It's just ridiculous that out of the 11 Rangers on this team there's only 2 girls

I accidentally wiped out almost all humans

>They make Lucky a girl

Do you want the PR fanbase to go nuclear?

Besides, the only logical solution is to make Balance a girl.

>Female Gold
Are you mad?

It's either this or pick one of the non-human members that aren't the Red.

>Female mentor purple dragon ranger with a trenchcoat

>The name's Foxy, the Blue Spaceball Force ranger, grroowl

We had a female silver, I don't see why not

Koda is a treasure.

they should make the little kid bear ranger a girl tbqhwyfam

He actually didn't play Roger, that was Kosmin Parker. So like I said - just "ish" since we don't know who he actually was, if his claims even were true.

I actually didn't notice them until you pointed them out. I definitely agree with you. They would look better without them. What's weird is that the molded lips aren't in a gray or silver area like they usually are but are instead blended in with the primary color of the helmet (red, pink, orange, etc.).

I guess a completely flat surface also looks kind of odd, but they can just throw a few lines there, like a Gundam's mouthplate.

he's top 5 ranger ever don't (you) me

flat worked nice for shinkenger though

I kinda appreciate that Blue has fangs