It's mooning. Get in boys

It's mooning. Get in boys.

Moon launch isn't until march/april this is just following bitcoins lead

I'm a bit out of the loop, why are we scheduled for a moon then?

t. 71k ICX holder

Token swap and mobile wallet in march

Tell that to the green dildo that just popped out.
Pump and dump likely. But now it's on the ground floor.

guess who got out 1hr ago... youre welcome boys

Everything is mooning retard. Look at 5min candles

>looks at 5 min candles
>calls me a retard
Stay poor nigger. Easy 15%.

it's correcting. will be stuck at 4500 sats for the rest of the month

Why am i a brainlet? Help me im a noob at day trading. But everything is pumping tho

Pump and dump. Unless you're already holding icx, and want to sell, don't touch this pump with a 10 ft pole.

Yeah it looks like a pump, but it'll never reach my buy in price...

>holding icx
>it's 4 am and i'm about to go to bed
>this happens

I haven't witnessed pump and dumps except for watching trx jump up 600% over night (and slowly bleed out over the following day/weeks) Is it worth it to stay up tonight to try to sell or will I probably still be able to make a nice profit if I go to bed and check in 8 hours. I mean this shit doesn't look like it's going to be like the TRX pump.

>advising against getting in on a pump and dump at literally ground level

It's already dumping.

its already dropping, what would be a good price to set the sell order (in ETH)?

>It's already dumping.

dumping before even starting

Stop watching 5 minute charts, brainlets.

what will be good sell order?

Pumps only last a few minutes. Unless you're saying this is a multi hour/day pump?

sell at market and rebuy at the botom

I don't know, I'm not a clairvoyant. Sell when you're satisfied.

$5 EOY boys.

Meant to reply to

Go to bed. Already dumping.

You think a pathetic discord can sustain a pump on a coin with a 1.5 billion market cap? Fuck off.

Thought it would go around 0.0048 but already back at 0.0046, doesnt make sense to sell at this price

You seem to know a lot about discords.

45-46 is where the floor is at. Im going to throw a couple more ETH into it tomorrow if we don't crash.

>45-46 is where the floor is at. Im going to throw a couple more ETH into it tomorrow if we don't crash.

yeah i'm also waiting it to go ~45 and will throw some in it

>pump and dump
it's literally corrected because people who sold yesterday bought in


>5% PnD
each day that pass this board gets more and more retarded

Come back in 12 hours, brainlet.

Why would that lead to moon?

poo in loo pajeet