ITT: Pajeet vaporware

>ITT: Pajeet vaporware
I'll start with the most blatant one

If 2nd layer solutions work, BTC will x5 while this thing will x25.
If they don't they'll both crash.
But either way it's a better hold than BTC. Whoever says otherwise is a cuckold


Knew about this coin in July 2017. FOMOed in at $12.97 recently for 50 OMG. Berty cumfy

>it's a better hold than BTC.

IOTA is a fucking mess as well.

Im trying to accumulate but I dont know when to buy again? Just start DCAing or what?

Nice fud adding it to the compilation

why did you make this thread kike?


did you buy OMG at the top? 28 bucks 330k sats? cuuuuuuuuuucklord.

me 2

He's baaaaaaack hahahahaha


I'm adding this to my compilation of baseless OMG shilling. I'll see you at 5 dollars a token.

I'm screencapping all your posts and will make a thread just for you when OMG hits $50. See you in a few months.

Lightning Network



what the fuck? looks like a small black mountain troll

>when OMG hits $50
maybe 50 pesos


these fudders will cry, see you in 2 years
fellas the child of ethereum will be stronger then ever before

>will cry
I won't cry about missing out on pajeet scamware. Good luck with your bags. They're going to be very, very heavy.

Guess who's back, back again
Migglys back, tell a friend.

>Migglys back