Why do normies buy new cars?

Why do normies go into debt, take loans, to buy an overpriced depreciated asset?

I will never understand their mentality.

I just buy cheap 1k-2k hondas that get me from a to b. I am able to invest the rest of my money by doing this, instead of buying something that loses thousands the minute you drive off the lot.

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They do not want to die in a car accident


some people like cars/not being boring

Normies don't even buy. They lease and give the car back with nothing to show for their money spent.

you sound like a normie


I drive a 1996 LS400

you can buy one for about $3k and they were 65k+ new.

drives better than my fiances brand new ford escape.

but. i will probably buy a new one if i make it.

i literally grew up poor so i've got that jigaboo vein that needs shiny & new things to fill that void.

i literally had to wear my friends clothes "hand me downs". they went to the same school as me so people would notice i was wearing anons old shirts.

ive got a lot more stories if anyone wants to hear

and this is why they will live with mommy and daddy forever

the norman must always show that he is a part of the modern society by owning new peripherals, accessories, and utilities
the norman mind does not consider what is sufficient in terms of practicality but instead craves what is new in order to signal others of the same mindset that he exists and that he is part of the modern world
take a close look at a norman the next time you encounter one and you will see what i mean

What does this even mean

Plenty of cheap cars have good safety ratings

If you ever grow up and have a family OP, these cars won't cut it.

When Bitcoin Private hits $1000 next year I will be buying a nice used Corvette. Maybe a 2013.

I'm 20, having enough to buy a house is more important to me than a shiny piece of shit right now.

I actually rather travel than own a new car.

This. Please share your Stories. I was born farely poor in a rich country

If BTC private hits $1000 I will buy a house in cash at 20.

That's why I said when you get a family.

It is like women.
I fucking hate used goods.
I like to make things mine you know?
Frame, engine and seats

Honestly this is the perfect car. Not expensive, reliable, stylish and you won’t look like a poorfag. What more do you need?

Social capital

I realized someone wil just copy pasta my struggle so that's all i'm going to share.

to add insult to injury though. my step dad is a millionaire. my grandad is a mega millionaire. my aunt is too.

i will be a trust fund kid in the future but im already 32. i wish i had that money now to live a fun life while im young.

grandad is 84 with dementia, and a penny pincher. don't people realize you can't take it with you..

also; i dated a girl who physically abused me. for some reason i was madly in love with her. that's another story.

i think i was taught im worthless at a young age so that stuck for a while.

hopefully i keep my big heart once i make it.

>Not expensive,
maybe the newest model
>and you won’t look like a poorfag

>dated a girl who physically abused me
how to find a grill like that please

>I just buy cheap 1k-2k hondas
and that's why you're a virgin

if you want to buy old and cheap, get an older sportscar. for example 996 911s are super fun and not that expensive, still have great power and can the interior can be upgraded to still look nice

I only pay like $250/mo for mine

Reddit uses TWO Enter row delimitation.

Veeky Forums uses ONE Enter row delimitation.
Like this.

Have fun, friend!

yes. this is essentially correct: everyone i’ve seen with a new mercedes s-class either lives with their parents or in a $500/month shitbox apartment

lol, no they don't

factor in repairs and fuel, insurance, especially if you're a new driver, I personnally would feel more financially fucked than happy driving it

I wouldnt wanna fuck a bitch that was so shallow she cared about a car anyways.

buy a 2003 xc70

desu if you have enough money then I see no problem treating yourself with a new car. personally if I ever decide to buy a new car it would be something above average, like minimum 200k

we've got a car thread on biz again and the kid with the 996 hasn't posted yet.

I lease because I can write off the payment as a business expense.

I used to buy, but after about 5 years, my car started having problems (It was American, Chevy to be exact. That's where I went wrong). I invested more into the car over the next 2-3 years, where I could of spent that on a lease on a new car.

Lol yes they do

Consumer car reports

I agree with that i'm just saying normies shouldnt be putting their life savings or going into debt for a depreciating asset.

normies do what's expected of them. They buy the latest iphones, watch reality tv and buy new cars that the media tells them to go into debt to buy.
you'll never get into this mindset.

pretty much everything on a chevy is going to fall apart except for what keeps the car going. those 5th and 6th gen monte carlos are fucking tanks, same to be said for impalas of similar years

lol the car isn't for the girl, the car is for you. Girls don't care about fast cars. They care about expensive cars, and expensive things in general. Those aren't the women you need to be chasing anyway.

I'm 19 and the insurance on my cayman isn't bad at all. Also the Porsche flat 6 in particular is pretty fuel efficient(if you don't drive in sport 24/7) so it's really not that expensive.

I guess I just got lucky being 26 and having the means to have a brand new car paid off and still having money to put into investments etc etc. I love cars

a clean black coupe like that is worth nearly a quarter of in my country so i have to agree here

Yes good goy, buy this $60k SUV, it'll (((keep you safe)))
as if the life of an average normie was worth anything anyway

Only retards buy flashy things to meet the social expectations

Because we were taught that in order to make it in life you go to school. Colleges and universities are ran by left wing fucking Marxist radicals that are incapable of questionionijg. Thus we were jindoctrinated to believe bullshit. Until we reach breaking experiences and or Veeky Forums

top kek

>the cost of properly maintaining an out of warranty vehicle is your prize for owning old turds
or don't and endanger yourself and everyone else. now, if you know how to do most of the maintenance yourself or can get it done cheaply then this is the way to go

gotta take the time, and find steals on craigslist that had 1 owner as a grandma.

I only buy new because I like nice things and I spend 2-3 hours a day in my car on weekdays.
Had a piece of shit truck until 2009 when it died, bought a $2k beater car that lasted until 2011, then got a new 2011 truck. Drove that until 2017 when I wanted 4wd, bluetooth, AC seats etc, sold it for about 20k less than I paid for it.
Have a 2017 Denali. I could have probably saved 50k over 6 years or so but whatever.
Why do you eat anything other than bull rice, beans and protein powder?
Why do you not live in a shed behind your house and rent out your house?
Why do you pay for running water and not just refill jugs from public restrooms?
Why do you own an internet capable device?
Why do you not constantly steal and pawn stuff?

because your a fucking boomer

yeah i had a mazda 6 and it was comfy and costed 2k
now i wanna buy an older toyota avensis
the new cars arent even that reliable
but thats why normies will stay poor

Why buy/rent a house when you can live in a cardboard box?

what did he mean by this...

What's the most Veeky Forums car manufacturer? Mine:

newer cars are safer akon. do you want to get rich and then perish 60 years too soon because you were driving a rolling coffin? buy the safest car on the road and survive the crash that would have killed you. life insurance. pic related

Volvos are God tier


>Dodge RAM

I would never ever buy a car if I live in a city or live nearby where I work in a 10 mile radius. Why the fuck do people spend loads of money in terms of insurance, registration, maintenance, gasoline expenses and parts just to "show off" what they own? Materialistic idiots piss me off so much. Having a motorcycle I can understand, it can save you time and you can go wherever you want. But cars? It's totally useless unless you live in rural areas or have a business that totally justifies owning a car.

Then you have no real experience with women.

>slipping under the seatbelt and breaking your legs

I expense mileage on an owned vehicle. pretty sure you cannot expense both the lease payment & mileage. If you buy you can depreciate the asset if it's your business vehicle also. not a tax guy just saying...

most normies I know lease a car for 12-24 months and then just lease a newer model.


I do all of those things, fucking Norman.

Becuase being a cheap poorfag isn't part of my plans

And my taste won't settle for a rusty shitbox

Doesn't look like you have much taste.

t. thinks lambos are cool

Stay being a NEET for the rest of your lives



having a fancy car wont change the fact you're a greasy autist

amazing how Veeky Forums does every kind of mental gymnastics to believe there is nobility in poverty

are you a nigger or dune coon?

pic related is the most Veeky Forums car, prove me wrong

protip: you can't

a friend of mine has one of those golfs, its from 1989 and it still (kinda) works....

They're fucking fools who will never know what it's like to sniff coke with blonde models and then drive 180+MPH


>a nigger has more money than him

Well first thing that dies on those volkswagens is its owner

I'm shocked as well

>all the cars you mentioned cost more
>but because you don't like BMWs, that means you have less money
Stay delusional

>any z8 costing less than 200k

also, just noticed your shit poorfag list
Lmao if you think any of that trash competes with merc classics

The desire for new things. Corporations took advantage of that. Wouldn't it be easier just to keep the same model cars going as long as you can reproduce parts? You'd make even more money and have more jobs with people just recreating 1960 Mustang doors and shit instead of making new cars. Not much changes every year in new cars. Nothing so innovative it needs to be made every year? Monopolizing fucked it all up.

what experience is important?

posting a soccermom suv goes against your point but oh well

Since you're NEET so I understand your ignorant misjudgment. You should be embarrassed with your non-existent knowledge.

Green text physical abuse story pls

2 row is far more readable but we all insist on being mega autists and reee at anything that is "Reddit".

How much is it, and what type of cayman? I'm 19 and was thinking about getting one.

To fuck bitches

I'm 30, fag. You jelly you can't afford anything but a shitbox beater?

Take your pigfat lolcan't turn momwagon somewhere else and fuckoff my chans

yeah, and what do you need money for then huh?

I just did my first big purchase with crypto to get a 2018 A-Class. I'm leasing so with deposit it'll be around $6000 this year and then $3000 for four more years.

And frankly I can't wait till I get it. I've been penny pinching my whole life and I think it's finally time to enjoy life a bit. No I don't wanna drive around in some banger, no I'm not doing it to impress anyone, I just wanna be comfy in a car I think is nice.

You keep saving until you're 60 user. I'm sure your teenage Stacy will appreciate the new BMW on her sweet 16. Don't forget to clean Chad's cum out of the seats.


I'm also 19. I got an 07 Cayman S for 21k with 60k miles on it. I didn't have any credit beforehand so my parents co-signed(I also pay for my uni and other expenses so they worked pretty closely with me to make sure I wouldn't be costing them any money. I also had a pretty substantial down payment.

the 718 doesn't have a flat 6. get the 987 cayman. They're cheaper and if you really want to spend the money get a cayman R. And ofc if you want a convertible boxsters are even less.

Man, Honda civic is one of the safest cars out there and is cheap as fuck

How the fuck do you know this?

are you retarded? you actually think all 15-20 year old cars were all death traps? we had safety ratings in the 90s ya know, driving a cheap older car is generally pretty safe as long as the steering and brakes are in good condition

thats a woman car tho lmao

yeah, chan culture is weird about that. most people divide their writing logically in paragraphs, and standard practice is to have whitespace between paragraphs

it's like pretending ">" is meme arrows when it's how quotes were universally used on emails and message boards predating Veeky Forums by decades

>reddit spacing.

Holy shit am I on r/bitcoin or biz? Get the fuck out of here faggot.

Who else /corvettec7/ here? I bought a used 2014 one with cash after I cashed out a tiny bit of crypto, it's only around 3%-4% of my total net worth and I enjoy driving it everyday so it was worth it. The corvette is probably the best sports car for the price currently, models like the z06 even beat out 200k super cars.

>not used nissan
you know nothing about cars also fuck your trips