Guys... Buy all of the Chainlink you can, asap

I want to share with you a very interesting article on stablecoins and I encourage you to read it on it's entirety:


In our ideal world, we would have some sort of decentralized tether-like coin that function and operated through smart contracts.

Enter the stablecoin movement in crypto.

>What is a stablecoin?

It boils down to a cryptocurrency that attempts to retain a constant value (tether being the best example) for either wealth storage during volatile times or in order to be traded against more investments such as crypto,stocks, and other financial vehicles.

>How can a decentralized stablecoin ever be created?

It boils down to having the stablecoin be either collateralized by a crypto (such as Eth, BTC, Bitshares), or likewise, creating algorithmic-powered DAO that can increase or reduce the supply of said coin (using bonds and interest rates, similar to the fed) by having the right data.

>How does this relate to Chainlink?

While I encourage you to read the article here is the relevant bits from the article:

>All stablecoins must address the oracle problem.
>If stablecoins are pegged to the value of some external asset like the US dollar, the system needs some way to get data about the exchange rate between the stablecoin and the asset that it is pegged to.
>Using a trusted data source (aka a trusted oracle) recentralizes the power to the data provider (meaning a decentralized oracle is the only secure way of achieving a decentralized stablecoin)
>Having the users that stake the coin provide data (no efficient way of doing this in an efficient way for the stakers, at least not automatically and accurate at the same time.)

That's right. Chainlink is in the market to compete with Tether and fiat currencies. Billion and Trillion dollar competitors.

Q1 is almost up guys, and Chainlink's mainnet is going to go live in 1 or two months. Don't miss this for the love of god.

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Saged, learn to read


Wooo! Stinky linkies

That's right. Chainlink will power the stablecoins of a plethora of different cryptos and it's very likely to one day powered whatever leading stablecoin takes the place of tether.

Then there is also the fact that once a true stablecoin is achieved. Pegging it to real-world assets (oil, gold, stocks, index funds) will become a possibility.

Guess which data source is the most secure and trust-less to feed oil and gold crypto smart contracts the right information on gold and oil prices?

Chainlink. Motherfucking chainlink

>b-but muh fud! S-stinky linky!

Ignore the fud.

Do you realize that Chainlink is to crypto what rocket fuel is to a rocket? secure, trustless Information. To blockchain and dapps, this is literal gold.

Everyone knows it, but everyone is accumulating for the day LINK goes parabolic.

Look at all of these sage/slide posts:

All of these anons are accumulating, and so am I. But I want to give you poor anons a chance to strike it rich as well.

Don't miss this train forget all other cryptos. Chainlink is the only crypto you need to make it this year.

b-but I only have 3k link.

Don't you fucking listen to the fud, newfriends. You will be stck wageslaving for the rest of your life.

Buy link before it's too late, or hero in exactly a month and a half when Mainnet goes live (End of April more or less)

How much link to make it biz?


Only 8k LINK here.

I know I won't "make it" how others will make it but, imagine that you only invest 1k in ETH in the early days. While you wouldn't make as much from Eth as someone that dropped 10k into it, you would still be enjoying a nice juicy profit from it all.

Don't worry. 3k is plenty. With 3k LINK, you will be able to get paid as a node operator for providing data. The value of your 3k LINK will pay one hundred fold.

At least you own some.

If you had invested 1k in ETH in the "early days" you would have millions of dollars. If that's not making it, I don't know what is.

You mean end of march?

Veeky Forums definition of making it is 200 million dollars. You are dealing with basement-dwelling neckbeards who have no concept of money here. But they're all richer than you. Sometimes I ask myself what this life is about...

>what is circulating supply?
LINK has a max token cap 10x higher than that of ETH so by your logic 10K is needed to make it.

No one is accumulating your erc20scam

LINK locks up tokens as part of its use though. The circulating supply will be WAY lower than eth.

1 million is alright if you live extremely frugal. Making it is never have to work for anyone else again, it’s having enough money to do whatever the fuck you want when you want, as long is doing what you want isn’t living like a full blown Saudi prince.

>With 3k LINK, you will be able to get paid as a node operator for providing data.
Thanks for showing us you have no fucking clue what you talking about
You don't need link to be a node operator, you can be a node operator with 0 link

ETH will also "lock up" its supply down soon enough. Are you really that brainlet to be arguing against market cap, the only quantitative value in this purely speculative market?

Not only stablecoins. LINK is the shovel in the middle of multiple goldrushes:
>As you can tell, I am bullish about ChainLink. Often in crypto, the old saying about how the guy selling shovels in a gold rush is the one to get rich. Well, I believe PSD2 is another gold rush and ChainLink is the first in the door selling the shovels, the diggers, and the whole wash plant.

Here's the thing, not only is ChainLink the shovels etc., there are MULTIPLE gold-rushes happening at the same time here. PSD2, legacy systems rushing to use smart-contract tech, stablecoins, reliable external data inputs; there are more but you get the idea.
And link is the shovel for all of them, the middleware. And it doesn't even need to capitalize on all of these gold-rushes. If it establishes itself in one of these markets, the network will grow to take over adjacent markets.
LINK is going to be the biggest shocked in the crypto-space to date.

Mcap without looking at the bigger picture is meaningless, yes. What argument do you have to call it meaningful? In a vacuum, it's absolutely useless to look at mcap and judge a coins potential by that.

>bigger picture
What "bigger picture"? Blockchain isn't new anymore, brainlet. You don't know how its adoption will go more than any other retard "investor" in this space.

>tfw been fudding the fuck out of LINK

This thread will change some poorfags life forever. ChainLink is literally future infrastructure. Buy buy buy

It's too high now

Jesus, delete this. Right now.


Nah, it has strong support where it's at right now. You'll never see link under 0.6 USD again unless crypto goes bear again and total mcap goes under 400 billion.

I dont know how anybody can say that with a straight face right now.
BTC and ETH is reversing the everlasting bear market and will soon go full bull, hence the H&S and the ever occuring bull flags and wedges, once wallstreet is done goofed with future shorting btc, they realize that they cant press the price down any lower so everybody will go in.
This shit will blow up soon and make DEC17 look like a joke, the candles gonna be so high that you cant even put them in the St. Peter's Basilica without touching gods hand in the michael angelo painting.
The time is now and the train will not, I repat NOT wait.

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Im scared guys, also BASED FUCKING GET

...checked 0.o

We know, don’t tell them.

>What if the bogs aren't shorting btc but trying to suppress LINK
>The bogs are trying to get sub .50 cent LINK

holy shit


haha fuck

gtfo here with your voodoo Sergey

the absolute madman.

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sir, is this true? pls sir tell me if true, pls


sir, what time frame do you expect here? my guess is april, do you agree sir?

What, you think a guy called assblaster and an online community full of deluded neets is a bad source of advice?

kek this is some sparsely used pasta. love it.
Checked, add to that, we're not in a bubble based on the amount of fiat flowing in and out of the market during the peak and trough of the correction
Big Institutional money and regulated capital is coming, and when it does projects like LINK is going to blow the fuck up this year, but LINK could fucking take the cake.

Exactly there is at most $60B in the market right now so the sky is the limit

I'm so conflicted about LINK. Is this a dead project going nowhere being shilled by a lot of heavy bagholders, or is it a genuinely undervalued coin headed for the moon.

Read the brownpaper and decide for yourself, sir

Have faith in the memes friend.

I say this unironically. Memes influence our reality and create these kinds of self fulfilling prophecies. Look at recent events. Trump wins, eagles win super bowl this year. Always bet on the memes because what people expect to happen will happen if you have enough people and I think Link has crossed that threshold.

I just have one question for you linkies.
Is there any reason for the LINK token to be worth much? I get that it solves a problem and all that, but why does the price of the token matter?

Thank you



When does mainnet release?

It's simple supply and demand. The more people that care about the project, the more demand there is. Most holders aren't willing to sell anytime soon, so the price goes up. When nodes are hording LINK to increase their reputation (to earn more LINK) the supply will be even lower which will pump the price more.

>market cap, the only quantitative value

It's reputation faggot. Would you rather start a node with zero? Or 1k staked? You'll also make more link back too

I'm starting to want to travel with my gains. Some people say that it's just a meme, but I just want to see the world for what it is before the fiat dollar and liberals fuck it all up.

ETH will be inflationary.

Stay up to date.

what the fuck are you talking about?
i can buy a gold derivative who is pegged to the price of gold at my online broker with two clicks

for what do i need your faggy oracles in that case? it seems to work as of now?
inb4 muh decentralized and trustless
no one cares, is trustless anyway so they don't get fucked by regulators


Good God.

Allright i see your point. But what is the reason for the demand? Is there anything other than speculation? And isn't it a disadvantage that the price of the token is volatile?

Me too mate
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the trips that saved crypto

hory shit
>sells children for bitcoin

You interact with a centralized platform that reports your earning to the government and more-so is at the mercy of (((goverments)))

If I could have all of my investements in crypto-deviratives and real world backed crypto assets (tokenized derivatives) I would close all of my brokerages accounts right now.

ohshiet, confirmed legit



>the candles gonna be so high that you cant even put them in the St. Peter's Basilica without touching gods hand in the michael angelo painting

fuck me that's funny

9k. But I'm seriously thinking of getting more after the Bitcoin SuperConference and Sergey starting to market Chainlink.


Shit nigga it's real!!!