What does she want?

What does she want?

to not look like goofy

a refund from her plastic surgeon

to be white



Bigger breasts

what the heck just ask you weirdo

any white man with money

Money and a guy with a long dick who can make her squirt. Why is this a mystery?

A black woman would rather go for the regular black guy over a rich white guy any day. White men with money have nothing to offer to black women.

False, look at any dating site statistic.

Also, if you were white like me, you'd be getting hit on by black women too.

Rolln for dubs

Still think he has to be white.

I want BLACKED /pol/ posters to leave

>White men with money have nothing to offer black women
>implying those porch monkeys wouldnt jump on any rich guy for purses and new weaves
gr8 b8 m8

more likes

idk about that I'm white and black chicks hit on me all the time

explain john mcafee

black girls hit on me all of the time, you must be ugly as fuck nigga

She wants big muscles

This kek. Black girls are thirsty as fuck for white dudes, borderline asian ime.

Women will take money & security no matter what race it's coming from.

t. black guy

>t. african american person

ftfy you racist misogynist

I am white, europeen, somewhat good looking and holy shit I love these young cappuccino girls, they are so nice to be around and they always wanna fuck me. Too bad there is more of them black beauties here in eastern europe.

Asian girls always hit on me aswell. More and more asian girls here in eastern europe with every passing day and good looking asian college girls are the fucking best, Im telling you.

Maybe dem black and asian girls hit on me all the time because Im white? Then holy shit its so fucking good to be white.

>average looking black girl talks to me once
"blacks girls love white guys"

I love how triggered white boys get in here over some roastie.