How many ETH do i need to hold to experience true love like this?

how many ETH do i need to hold to experience true love like this?

None. Take care of your body, be a good person and you will find someone


However much it costs for a night out at the clubs my dude

>be a good person and you will find someone

kek my thoughts exactly. not saying it's impossible , but good luck friend

Money only gets you gold digging whores. You'll never find a woman that loves and respects you unless you love and respect yourself, and you'll never find her because women like that are extremely rare, and men like you are too lazy and stupid to go out and find them.

Rollin' for truth

You could if you went with younger women and it wouldn't even be too hard to find.
You're risking jail though.


>able to love and respect


Stop going for old cunts.

Just be yourself bro :^)

you would have to get to them at like 12 and keep them out of influence of other women. They do stuff like that in sandnigger countries, but in western world its near impossible

Stop going for American slags then.
You're not supposed to be doing relationships here you just pump and dump.

Love is severely overrated - biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate...

>chasing jailbait
>good person
I think we have different ideas of what constitutes 'good'

Just because some freak faggots like you actually think 17 year old women makes you a bad person.
Explain yourself.

The exact number you throw out doesn't matter.
Any 'relationship' you develop with a girl that's significantly younger than you is going to be built on you basically being a second father figure for her to leech off of that she also occasionally lets fuck her. Unless you miraculously find one that's some kind of prodigy with just as much money and career prospects as your self, you will always look at her as someone you're spending money on to keep around and she will always look at you as someone she's letting fuck her in return for money and a house to sleep in. In other words, exactly the same/even worse than going with one of those 'horrible older slutty women' you were talking about before.

That sounds like the bulk of relationships everywhere. Look women are women. You're either getting a younger, slimmer body, or an older flabbier body. There isn't a huge difference in the mindset and personality of the bulk of women as she ages other then they get more cunty and vindictive.


traditional women