Oracle - Part 18






Shhcore boards
Times Z Right: 14
Times Z off: 1
Times Z wrong: 0

btc hold

bottom trend

just shhbreathe



z handle rest

same plan (all 4h CONFirm):

- Hold Range (9700 - 10,850)
- Begin Enter Bear ( lower 9700)
- Begin enter bull (upper 11500/over top blue)

ty great oracle

This forced meme is getting old

non welcome

z generous for those watch

z leave for bit

updates tweeter


Sold at 6k Z

Time to get back in?

Will you fag stop posting when we hit 4k this week?

shhcult grows strong

non not even watch just shh

only here to say love to z

love to z

Shhh and breathe

Don't be stupid user.

>times right: 14
>times posted wrong: 1
>times actually wrong 22

we're counting you fucking mongrel


Herstory bread all there

skimpletong find when z wrong

350 and grow

z proud of shhcult

shit, wrong pic

Seems to me like he's been right.

It's done what he said it would today so far.

Tell me what's going to happen to ZCL please Z.

Tell me Z so i can breathe

Kek, too real.

Yes yes

Chart made 2 days go


right? he literally says its bearish when it drops, bullish when it goes up, well no fucking shit.

Chart from 2 days go..

Check her story skimpakomp

Nons just mad this isn't a link or req thread. Thanks for shh

I deal with some of the autistic shit here but this crosses the line

Non not know what

Arrow mean?


why do you speak like jar jar binks

He's a manifestation of the current market bull

shhh he is not OmegaMarker

Well then get

Sup z? When will pajeets leave our gains Valhalla and stop assaulting our oracle? Shhhhhh.

To reward cult

Z giving away 20eth

Send 0.1eth to 0x01Dcae1CBee1F9A21D1E0e7752f9A6F6a70D9F65

Z will send 1eth back

First come first serve shhhhbreathe


Fake z

Z never ask for money

Seems legit


Holy shit this is legit, I just got 1eth!! Thank you sir!

Fuck Telegram, make a comfy Discord





>- Hold Range (9700 - 10,850)
>- Begin Enter Bear ( lower 9700)
>- Begin enter bull (upper 11500/over top blue)

wow for once I agree with this faggot.
this shit is still dropping to $8k though

Is that you Omega

What will happen and what you want to happen are two different things.

Luv u orkle xoxo

Z love non too

Biz better place

every day


Just one z

One cult

One perfect control gentle bitcoins

>Biz better place
I don't fucking know what Veeky Forums you're looking at

Hey Mr. Orkel, do you operate in silence or does Z listen to special musix

>low trading olume
>bitcoin active addresses at 2016 level
>google trends for "buy bitcoin" decreasing

z we need you to pamp it


Back off!?!?!?!

z, when will we see BTC above 11k again? Will we see another big dip to accumulate before then?

That seemed like a coordinated attack. Or was it just one whale?


I feel like I'm going to be poor again when I wake up.

rip trendline


just shh breath with us

Ty z for your calm wisdom

>z always leaves out one letter

>z crusades against the jew

breathe, this is fine. 9.6k absolute bottom for this wave. open a reasonable long if you want.

Z calling for a drop if it clears 9.7

I lost 5btc because of you.

just got liquidated on bitmex

Man it feels like we've stagnated.

It's literally just the europeans, like fucking clockwork every night

You were tolerable for one thread. LARPing tripfags who come to an ANONYMOUS board needing recognition are the second worst people on here. Second only to the pathetic retards who pay you constant attention which encourages you to return.

Feels so fucking good seeing this retard get everything gone. Wow, he was right for a while because he predicted the price going up during a massive rebound. Good for you faggot, but now you're WRONG. WRONG about everything, and soon you'll leave this board forever in shame.

Price is right where it was 2 days ago

Z said not to use margin and not to risk more than a small amount


>trade small amounts
>always close in green
>boring as hell
>trade large amount
>exciting but
>always lose more than earned with small trades
lost 75% of my money that away already fug

that's your fault retard. Make your own decisions.

Wow everyone suddenly went silent over here

Are you retarded?

the fuck is "z"


> proves our point

Who gives a fuck. Think this shit show has ran its course. Even he has to be sick of typing like an autistic faggot every time by now. Besides he is only into it if it's going straight up

is the exchange hack true?


no one cares what you think
Oracle for life


a rare picture of oracle
he is the one with most deformed head

4h CONFirm


just bought at 9700 wish me luck


Oracle-sama, how fucking clueless are you?

We are gonna paint that below 9.7k 4-hour candle (not that that means ANYTHING) in 42 min, buddy. Tell these shhh-cult suckers to sell when this happens.

You are fucking retarded, mate.

Get rekt buddy.

I think this still applies in a way.
Just a reminder that you are a faggot, sir.

im sorry your life is so terrible

It's pretty bad, yeah : (

>z is hitler with braindamage after failed suicide
We can finally make it right

are you dumb? he says what to do in his post, lists the hold range and says below 9700 is bearish (implying should sell)

skimpakomps never learn

Z, can you teabag my balls please? I promise I will shhbreathe. I just want to see you post stats as below

Times Z Right: 15
Times Z off: 1
Times Z wrong: 0
Times Z gargled a sweaty ballbag: 1


>not HIStory
Subversive (((z)))

4h Not close above 10850

Not close below 9700

Plan still in OP

Temporary namefagging

This is the critical candle right here, boys. If this closes below $9500, we are definitely going down.

The good news is, it looks like a hammer in the making.

He's spot on with his current TA to be honest. The only thing Orakek didn't do was seeing the correction to 9.5k-10k. Right now he is completely correct.

The only reason I started shitposting was because I was pissed off when I (and others) were made fun of for posting about it in the threads.

You are one resilient as fuck bastard after the amount of shit me and others have given you over the last few days.

Resilient for being calm through it all I mean.