What if Ethereum and Monero had a child?

What if Ethereum and Monero had a child?

If you don't know what this is, just DYOR.

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*not op's pic related. But Wanchain = Ethereum with master nodes and ring signatures.
OP is shilling some vaporware shitcoin, don't bother. They've been at it for days and will soon reveal the name.

This is a shitcoin. The actual coin is Enigma

>the next ethereum

Thats when i sell

The name has already been revealed. People have been mining this coin for months now.

By the way, unlike most coins, you can actually live chat with the devs RIGHT NOW. There's a reason people have been all hush-hush about this coin.

What is, ENG.

ZenCash. Get a secure node while they're still cheap.

Shill me enigma please

>What if Ethereum and Monero had a child?
>If you don't know what this is, just DYOR.

There you go.

Enigma has a 186 million dollar marketcap.

This coin has a 500 thousand dollar marketcap.

Those in the know are mining it. Those on Reddit are pumping massive FUD on Veeky Forums to prevent this board from learning about it because if this board knows about it, Veeky Forums will NiceHash rape this coin.

I hope it's not D E R O ooooooooooooooooo

Got it

Lux already exists and it's better in every way.

Lux has a 13 million dollar marketcap. If this coin ended up getting a 13 million dollar marketcap, that would be the same as getting a 25x.

Why are you making a thread about this coin without revealing the name? I dont understand the purpose of this thread.

Because the second you reveal the name, the FUD starts flooding in.

"Other coins do it better"
"This is a pajeet coin"
"Not worth your time"

That's why it's important to DYOR and speak to the devs yourself instead of believing the FUD. Once you've done your own research, the fact that this coin's marketcap is less than $1 million should be a clear indicator as to why everyone is being quiet about this. Once this thing gets on a decent exchange and gets any kind of marketing going at all, it is, at a MINIMUM, a 10x by EoY.

So why make the thread at all?

So that the 1% on Veeky Forums who actually does their own research can benefit from this coin in the future.

how much for one?

So your purpose of making this thread is helping fellow Veeky Forums people out by giving obscure hints about what the coin is? Wouldn't it be more helpful to actually state what the coin is and have a healthy discussion about the pro's and con's and prospect of the coin?

/biz is /b, both are cancerous

it would never work because we need source for smart contracts

Hilariously, I was going to do that on the 20th, but the userbase of this coin kept telling me to "hold off" because "Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this coin." I've decided to make hint threads here and there to gauge the interest of this coin to see if Veeky Forums even cares. I'll probably continue to do so for the next day or two until I decide to do a massive info dump.

Until then, those who actually care will do their own research. I know of one guy mining this coin with 24 GPUs all at once. There are others using NiceHash and directing all their energy to this coin.

ignore this LARPing fag
he's just posting bullshit to hear people beg for the name of the coin
compensating for the fact that no bitch wants to even look at his dick, let alone beg for it
kys op

Name one thing I've lied about.

wow that was uncalled for

that this coin exists

Thanks op finding the coin was like solving a mystery it totally exists naysayers

What people just don't understand is that this coin's marketcap is literally minuscule. A single whale could 10x this coin's price literally overnight. It's rare to find a coin that has never been a victim of a PnD or whale-free.

I know what you're talking about and it will never take off. It's going to be another shitcoin hoarded to death by idiotic and greedy miners.

If the dev delivers on his roadmap, do you honestly think 1 year from now this coin will remain where it's at?

op is a faggot

I dunno, that doesn't look anything like what the OP posted.

Next thing you'll tell me is that Kukui is The Masked Royal.


Please don't remind me of Bianca

Wait, what's the coin? Watch me fomo in on this the moment someone slips up and drops a name.

But seriously guys what do you expect this coin to be eoy? $2? $3?


Your welcome. God, biz is fucking stupid.

I see an easy $5. Some have said $50, but I think they're absolutely nuts as that would put this coin at a $70 million marketcap.

Still don't know the name, Google turns up nothing

I gave u the best hint. Do some work.

>a coin that's not on any exchange
>not easily found on CMC or bitcointalk, nor image search
>OP not naming it after being begged to so he's not a shill
hmm, I wonder

God damn it's wanchain
First platform which supports smart contracts and has ring signature
Now stop this guessing game


op is messing with you idiots to sell his worthless miningbags
the miners are hording this shit because there is no volume to sell
the second it hits any decent small exchange they will dump their bags on your retarded heads
this is only a bit next level shilling, not more

buy sumo, thank me later


592k market cap

Actually, the buy wall it twice the size of the sell wall. It's not there is no volume. People just don't want to sell because they KNOW it's going to pull a 10x at an absolute minimum.

and so your generously feeding this to the new reddit, the /biznewcointards?
well, thank you sir
i repeat, buy sumocoin, thank me later

Reddit has known about this for months and has viciously attacked anyone trying to post this on Veeky Forums.

i think this was enough shilling for this month, thank you

buy sumo, get rich

It's not sumo.