Direct Distribution

So I joined HerbaLife through a friend and im honestly having a good feeling about it. I bought from him my supply for 3000€ and if my calculations are correct, I'll end up with 2500€ win.

Anyone else into direct distribution?

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Please be a larp

Get a real job. You just got dumped.
Or just buy link and wait.

I sure hope it isn't.

You're a retard, op. Why would you fall for such an obvious scam?

Why would it be a scam? I buy wares and sell them. easy as that.

Its a pyramid scheme bby

It's direct distribution. there's a difference

He literally just dumped on you. Now you have to recruit another poor fellow if you want to stay even, no one actually buys Herbalife products

>dropping thousands of dollars without doing any research first
are you a boomer? you have a computer. google it next time

because you don't make any money trying to peddle a shitty product with shitty margins. The ONLY way you make money is trying to get people to buy in under you. There's literally documentaries made about the HerbaLife ponzi and how many lives it's ruined.
Enjoy your literal bags faggot.

Actually it's a reverse funnel system.

Actually it's a reach around system. You get fucked in the ass and have to fuck the ass of those below you.

the absolute state of Veeky Forums

is there way to create a herbalife stye reach around ponzi scheme system on the blockchain? how would that work?

lmao I had a friend that got super excited about a new "job" she finally got. turns out its a "sales director" for herbalife

she quit three months later with 500 dollars worth of shit.

she kept trying to get me to go to a "workout sesssion" where they try to get you to join. fuck it was annoying as shit

>p-please buy my b-bags, user

why do people do things without looking it up online first? boggles my mind. she could have googled it for 10 minutes and learned it was bullshit

This pyramid scheme is still going?!
I almost can't believe it...

Also, OP, that "friend" played you for a fool. You aren't a friend to him/her, you're a useful idiot.

Might as well invest into fidget spinners

try same shit lol

gl with your bags

I remember u fags recruiting shills here 7months ago wp

Herbalife is still a thing?

Is this bait or are you seriously this mentally challenged?

>It's not a pyramid scheme, I've just bought a product for the price I was told and now I have to sell it for the price I'm told but I definitely work for myself because financial freedom and if I don't sell enough then I make a loss and if I do then my profits aren't mine because the company I bought my stock from is still a stakeholder in my future earnings and gets a share of my profits even though they took no risk.
>I'm not a retard who deserves to die in a fire.

Pick one.


yeah fuck them really herbal life is retard tier.