The Flippening

Anybody else feel like this is the real flippening?

I'm sure it is.?

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It'll go up to about $20, at which point I sell, and buy back at $10 and hodl

Gods of crypto pls don't fuck up my plan

BS - If nano is the flippening - I’ll sell my linkies

easily a top 10 coin. only coin performing well while BTC is tanking. selling at $20 is very risky as this can go past $30.. you already saw it jump from $8 to $16 in 2 days.. 300 MIL Volume on Binance, only 2nd to BTC. LTC is worth $200, nano is easy triple digits

you are really funny if you are going to sell when it hits $20... when the nano team is cooperating with coinbase... dont be greedy

>brainlet here

what does flippening meaning? dumping NANO and buying something else?

What does this fucking thing even do

secret god is behind nano

do you understand crypto?

block lettuce

flippening basically just means one coin will overtake another coin in terms of market cap ranking. basically people will start to see the value of one coin over another and invest in the other coin instead. i see this happening with NANO and litecoin. NANO will overtake LTC EOY screenshot this

Ok so NANA has basically returned to where it was pre BG hack and like it or not people are really FOMO'ing after this video shit and CB rumors. A - it's not going to CB and B - knowing what you know about Crypto do you think, maybe quite possibly the Nano bull run is going to come to an end and it will correct and settle like all coins do?

Well, it has a white paper so it's obviously worth the price.

you tip your favorite twitch streamer with it afaik from the announcement. Ppl may have misread it as twitter is partnering with nano though. Oh they showed a vid of their wallet. But then again, so does doge.

top is 17.4k sats

It moons. That's all you need to know.

Flippening refers to a coin eventually overtaking BTC by total market cap. Most likely the coin will be Ethereum.

Nano is a great hold and will eventually reach $1000 per coin (trillion dollar market cap) however I doubt it will be the coin to kill BTC. Really the only way to kill BTC is to move Satoshi's bitcoins. I think Craig Wright will do this in 2020 when he sells all of Satoshi's BTC for BCash.

Bought at 62k sold at 80k thinking it was a good day trade :)

dude you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, that its not going on coinbase? are you fucking kidding me Bcash got listed on coinbase, what makes you think Coinbase doesn't want Nano and its 350 MILLION daily trading volume. that means if they charge 1% commission they get 3.5 million dollars everyday fucking idiot. also Garry Tan, an early VC investor of nano is cooperating to get it listed on coinbase since hes heavily invested. get the fuck outta here dumbass who doesn't know shit. BTW the ATH was $35, the pump isn't going to stop until probably $30 with 350 million volume

It does what cryptocurrencies are supposed to do unlike all of these bloated shitty projects that don't even need a "coin" to operate

your gonna be sad when it goes to 200k very soon.. :) you should buy back in if it corrects a little. its already reaching 170k

are you a fucking dumbass? its digital cash. 1 nano = $ market value. no fees, super super fast, deflationary. 1 nano today will be worth 1 nano next year. 1 nano next year will be $100+. send 1 nano to friend and they receive exactly 1 nano. no miner's fees. god your a fucking dumbass neet that i have to spoonfeed you everything

so, how long do you guys think this ride will continue? also what do you guys think causes it?

Why are NANO holders so angry all the time?

Thinking about selling my LTC bags and buying more NANO... What do you think?

Are you fucking serious?!?! What are you, 12? There is no way your shitcoin is getting listed on Coinbase. BCH is actually the real BTC, and when BTC failed to implement Satoshi's vision, they forked it to keep his vision. It makes perfect sense for BCH to be listed. You underage faggots know nothing.

well i cant predict the future nor can anyone can, but this ride will probably continue to retest ATH of $35. it's severely undervalued for the underlying disruptive technology. Nano is the only coin that is 100% working as of now that supports 7,000 transactions/sec and has 0 fees. its already getting adopted by several merchants including Twitch users are now allowed to donate Nano to their favorite streamers, which is HUGE. as adoption continues with iphone/android mobile apps being completed, marketing will commence towards Asian countries to unlock another 50% of the demographics as the West only knows about Nano since its based in USA. also, coinbase is in cooperation with the nano team so it will probably be listed some time this year, and you do NOT want to buy in too late when its already listed

it generates lettuce for you to eat through 3d printing. The team is beta testing in poor 3rd world countries right now, already parterned with Nestlé

desu it was dropping like a rock before that, people conveniently omit that fact. Recovery is always more explosive than the growth

dude what the fuck? BCH is highly centralized and guess what. NANO has more nodes than BCH atm and nano is the new kid on the block LOL. NANO is pushing 2,000+ nodes now while Bcash has 1500 nodes when it has the 'Bitcoin' brand. not to mention Btrash basically ruined their shot after being caught with insider trading.. the only thing going for Btrash is the branding.. nano processes way faster transactions for 0 fees. sorry dude litecoin will probably replace bcash

Yes, surely Coinbase should never list anything else. Retard.

he really thinks coinbase doesn't want part of that 350 million NANO trading volume. that's 3.5 million a day if they take 1% commission. 3.5 FUCKING MILLION A DAY, LOL if u ever ran an your going to go fucking bankrupt like Francesco from Bitgrail cuz your literally retarded. as anons have mentioned

you can already tip with btc/eth

Why would someone go the length to buy nano when they can do btc/eth which is shorter, cheaper and easier to do.

Then again. Everyone donates in usd because its the cheapest and fastest way

*ran an exchange*

The great thing about nano is that it acts as a containment board. All the brainlets and reddit fags stay in here, keep the threads coming. Inbf muh raiblocks, I'm not into double spends as a feature

ok, for you idiots,

this is completely a false rumor, and the only reason why price is pumping. What happens when everyone realizes its a lie?

dude, your logic is messed up. you can tip with BTC? oh yea u can send $10 worth of BTC and pay $10 for the miner's fee. and it would take 3 hours to get there. or you can send $10 worth of NANO while paying 0 mining fees. and it gets there in 5 seconds. which would you prefer? omfg dude you literally have no critical thinking skills.

its just the same shit
some random news that it has a twitch partnership (WHICH IT DOESNT YOU CAN JUST USE NANO THROUGH A 3rd PARTY SOFTWARE) and some coinbase fud.
it will go back down to where it was, 2$

the price is also pumping because its a coin that was worth $35 a month ago which is now worth only $15? hmm do the math, looks like the FUD got to you. also u dont realize that nano is getting adopted on Twitch, which is HUGE platform for nerds. and nerds like fast shit. you really think small user. litecoin was $3 exactly 1 year ago and nobody thought it would pump that hard once it got on coinbase. stop embarassing yourself cuz you fall for the FUD so easily lol

someone said it would go to $5 like 4 weeks ago? im still waiting faggot... ive been waiting a long time. salty you didn't buy at the dip? could have bought in at $8 but i doubt you will ever see that price again

How to spot a retard?

He thinks partnerships make coins. Partnerships are for pump and dump shitcoins with no product only promises.

Nobody is saying it's a twitch partnership, it's just novel adoption.

Does nano even have a working proof of concept yet or is it still white paper?

but it was almost at 4$ than out of a sudden the coinbase fud came and the stupid out of context partnership.
you are setting yourself up for something that wont be worth it.
If you've made profit thats good, get out. I'm invested in Ela at a price of 18$ so I'm not salty about some random 120% gains while I made a lot more.

You are obv not even smart enough to understand the context. I never said it makes a good coin, I SAID THAT IT IS THE REASON FOR THE CURRENT PRICE INCREASE YOU STUPID IDIOT
Also if you look at any social media outlet, you will see that indeed almost all have been saying its a twitch partnership even the fucking tweet itself.

Ok, you really are dumb. BTC and BCH have value because they are mined, and there is an energy exchange that creates value. XRB has no inherent value. The feeless transactions opens XRB to many different types of attacks that other coins don't suffer from. This coin was 9 cents in November, that is x177. What justifies this value? There isn't anything good but false rumors. What we do know is that XRB is an old coin, has been delisted from exchanges in the past, had the largest cryptohack in recent history, and has had exchange and wallet syncing problems. You really are delusional and need to look at the whole picture. This is exactly what a pump and dump looks like.

>Anybody else feel like this is the real flippening?

I'd say it's the prime choice of the reddit/normie crowd who missed out on etheriums rise. That's a big crowd and they'll pump it hard.

dude its already working. you can buy stuff with nano because a developer for paypal coded a checkout system called BrainBlocks where you can check out with Nano. mobile apps are available on google play now in beta mode

just watch this video:


>My shit is valuable because I ate food that cost time and money

Being this fucking retarded. How do you miners cope with fact that no one wants chink mining cartels to earn millions for verifying transactions on glorified excel table.

Why do you think this has received so much FUD here on Veeky Forums... the smart cookies have been accumulating while you neet rotting weak hands buy into their FUD and sell. Want in on a secret, people who've been accumulating are GOING TO BE FUCKING RICH

and you are backwards thinking. BTC is slow as fuck and can't scale. lightening network won't even be done until EOY. again all the XRB Fud has been addressed and I can't believe you fell for all the FUD you dumbass. youll soon find out that Nano is the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency and tree huggers and politicians will be ON that shit. ok, it costs $4000 in electricity to mine 1 bitcoin. good for you, but normies will find that atrocious for the environment and will choose to support NANO instead

This shit is pumped like a mofo right now ! Will be dumped under $10 within the next 2 days !

hell yeah im accumulating up to $30. this shit will see Litecoin gains. triple digit easily

GL buying at $10 now. thats like trying to get BTC at $100, not going to happen anymore. people are buying 5000 NANO on Binance for $16-17... stay delusional faggot, u had your chance to buy at $8

Youre retarded. The fags on twitch barely know what nano is.
They can also send eth with also takes only a few seconds. It has fees but these are still kept at a minimum. What kind of retards thinks "uuhh i think im gonna donate some nano. Oh wait let me buy some eth first on coinbase. Then transfer it to some exchange and then buy some nano"

Thing is, no one donates with crypto.
Donating with money is still safer and just as fast with no fees.
I dont think you would be retarded enough to donate with crypto because its unstable as fuck. Your cryptos could be twice as expensive next week and youd hate yourself for giving out free money.

EOY predictions?

50 cents

soon every webshop will offer it as payment screenshot this and don’t thank me

Not gonna screenshot but thanks

with instant feeless transactions it is at a minimum the same worth as litecoin. As the only point of ltc is to transfer cheaper and faster than btc. So this should be at least a $100-200$ coin.


Thanks user

You fucking idiot. There is no double spend, go KYS you neet, common, povvo, shit family, no girlfriend little cunt

I bet you were one of those neets that bought NANO at $34. I'm sorry for your loss user. I hope you make it.

i actually bought around $2 in early december you fucking dumbass. bought them on bitgrail and withdrew them to raiwallet. i will continue to buy up to $30ish. you're going to miss out sorry. you can stick to Bcash, not like the marketcap is already super big... maybe you can reach $3000 again next year happy for your 1x gain

this interesting insight into the brainlet mind is ultimately why we need eth
the brainlet will always default to usd as an objective immutable standard of value (even though in practice it consistently fluctuates), so stablecoins are necessary for daily transactions
hopefully, dai can fill that spot once scaling solutions are implemented successfully

Nano being above $1 defeats the purpose of the token.

>send 1 nano to friend and they receive exactly 1 nano. no miner's fees

How in the fuck is this sustained


100$ eom

Try $10,000

Nodes running on desktop wallet. Already 2000 nodes set up. Each node verify a transaction to prevent double spend. So far works really well and it has block lattice technology so it’s not a typical old generation mining POW. It’s new tech and people love it

>Litecoin will flip bitcoin!
>Shit litecoin tanked, dash will flip bitcoin!
>Shit dash is a premined shitcoins, ripple will flip bitcoin!
>Fuck ripple its digibyte its revolutionary!
>Wait ripple is a premined shitcoin too, nvm its PIVX! Privacy is the future!
>Damn PIVX tanked, Bitcoin cash will flip bitcoin!
>Wait BCH is a scam. Litecoin will flip bitcoin but for real this time!
>Damn litecoin was a PnD, its really was Ripple that will flip bitcoin for real this time!
>Fuck ripple is a centralized shitcoin, its Nano! its revolutionary!

Are they all in ? Ok, dump it !!!

lol spending BTC on a captcha coin. yeah fucking right fags.

>it has block lattice technology
thats just their brand name for directed acyclic graph.. Other coins have the same design, including IOTA and GBYTE (DAG with smart contracts). Burst is developing a DAG layer on top of a blockchain, and IOT chain will launch a DAG mainnet with smart contracts later this year.

>it’s not a typical old generation mining POW. It’s new tech
So what about:
None of those are typical PoW blockchains either and deliver high throughput, low fee transactions.

>u had your chance to buy at $8
i got some at 9 but man i wish i took out more of my vechain stack and got more.

dont forget that cardano and ZEN (charles hoskinson) are working on DAG technology. THAT MEANS BUY SOME ZEN.

the power of positive thinking


gbyte and iota havent a working product yet, gbyte transactions take longer than nano. ripple and stellar aren't really decentralized

>So what about:
centralized banker bootlickers. controlled supply.
focusing on helping darkies over doing anything of value.
useless old trash.
refugee city loving coin with serious security problems pointed out numerous times by MIT tech people.

because it doesn't cost anything to send it.

If you buy $10 worth of BTC or ETH, you cannot tip $10 worth, it'll probably be closer to $8 or $7 after transfer fees.

With BTC and ETH you have to pay the miners.

This shit is actually crazy.

> can't breath due to head up ass

Y'all fudders better suck these apology udders.

There is not stopping this nano train. 200k sats today. @me


You must be trying to FUD a JNT thread.


It was dropping due to exchange drama. I agree this is mostly recovery but the volume indicates there is growth happening too.

I never time this well. Who cares about a 10-25% dip now when it will do another 200% before summer.

if you are a hodler then it's all fine but it's a good opportunity to accumulate a bit more, the correction is obvious

The coin is working right now. I used the beta of the mobile wallet to do a 4 second transfer of 1 cent yesterday.

someone ask gypsy how much will it dip so I can buy in

It's gambling though, what's the lowest it goes? No way it goes below $10, probably not even $12.
I sold a few at $30 to cover my basis and then rebought at $10, but to risk your entire stash over a few bucks is pointless.
I almost did that with ETH when it was only $20-60 or so, I look at my trading history and thank god I was able to rebuy.

Generally sell red candles but I'm 100% convinced of the future of this coin so I don't want to risk losing a single one, even with the chance of accumulating more. Will instead sell some BTC and buy the dip.

>The fags on twitch barely know what nano is.
It’s been like 48 hours, of course they don’t yet.

That was hilarious, ohne of the best larps of a 12yo kid i‘ve ever read. thanks for that one user, made my day

It does pow in your wallet. You actually paid a tiny amount of electricity to send it. There you go, that’s the mining fee, you paid it to yourself.