Is the crypto dream over? Feels like we're just trending downwards from here. No media hype, no more slow steady growth...

Is the crypto dream over? Feels like we're just trending downwards from here. No media hype, no more slow steady growth. Nothing.

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holy shit you must be new. Stop listening to these self proclaimed "bears", they're just december buyers who are salty they bought high. The same idiots that thought BTC was going to go up forever now think its going down forever after baby's first crash

>first sell off

Binance has been hacked.
Coinbase has fraudulent accounts.
Do not buy in now.

>doubling in 1 month is a bear market

You’re okay, user.

Don’t go to tomorrow.

Actually surprisingly sound advice - just chill and play this hand you've been dealt. You want to buy when everyone thinks it's over and at the moment it doesn't even seem like anyone thinks it's over - sack up and buy the dips...

You gotta feel that way so the market can have the liquiditu to pump again

>No media hype

thank god

>not a bull trap

Buy at the bottom. This is going down this weekend and will tank on the 27th. Cap this if you want.

>100% gains in a month is a bulltrap
>not knowing what a bulltrap is

>it's your baby...

Should i move my icx to someplace else? Where??

Tether. If this plays out as expected you will be able to buy double the amount soon enough...

Also this guy has been openly calling it on twitter:

He sees the bottom at mid $7k. I think that is optimistic.

how low do you expect bitcoin to go to?

Strong resistance at $6k. That's all I can say.

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Take the tip or not. The market is getting rekt.

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>binance has been hacked

This is the top, my dude. It's barely holdings its ground right now.