What ever happened to Robin Hood generals??

What ever happened to Robin Hood generals??

gore thread

how do you do this?

>2 watermelons

The interior and the exterior are probably 2 different watermellons. If not, whichcraft is the answer

Goddammit Veeky Forums used to be smart. You do it by scraping off the skin of a different watermelon to get the red center in one piece and then just cutting a different watermelon in half and using a regular spoon to scrape out the two halves of a different watermelon. The skin and center in OPs pic are from 2 different watermelons. did i just fall for the bait here?

i feel stupid now

/smg/ nao.

>Veeky Forums used to be smart
>repeats what has allready been said twice
>unnececary detail
are you retarded?

It’s boneless melon lads. Now can any of you answer my question?

They still exist as /smg/ but it would be nice to see more threads up regarding stocks in the off hours. I guess there is just a lack of interest.

/smg stock market general now (or submachine gun general). Won't see it until Monday when the markets open. Name changed due to Robinhood adding crypto, stock fags don't want more crypto cucks clogging up their pathetic thread.

Normally wouldn't care if coinfags were involved, but 90% of coin posts are spam or shills.

because nobody wants to unironically hold a stock certificate with no voting rights and built in dilution that enriches the management who own the voting/preferred rights 100:1 convertible shares and the only reason they ever did was because there was no real alternative.

The shills are what makes it funny

>what are dividends

So I take it you dislike crypto as well as stocks?

>I bet you don't something with a hard coded supply limit

Facebook, google, amazon do not pay dividends and the stock certificates you buy have no rights, voting or otherwise.

so dont buy those companies?

theres loads of high dividend yield stocks out there

High-yield stocks have been and will continue to be crushed in the rise of interest rates, cucklord. Because, once again, people were artificially directed into the cuck market. Because it's a ponzi scheme.

>interest rate hikes



tell me how appealing your high-yield scam of the year is when interest rates pass 3% faggot

>stock cucks talking as if they know shit about investing and recommend high-yield stocks in a rising yield environment

You're about 4 years late to the high-yield play, kid.

so short the market then faggot

You're a real brain dead cuck. I'm glad people like you are buying schlomo and moishe's ETF/ETNs and non voting shares

If you're implying that people involved in stocks don't understand investing any more than a bunch of 19 year old braap posting, blindly gambling, NEETs, I can't take anything you say seriously past that point.

>he thinks the same people who lost fucktons on penny stock scams aren't the ones who got into crypto early and ended up losing interest in scam stocks entirely

Spoken like a true nu/biz/ resident.

>schlomo and moishe

oh okay so youre just a retarded /pol/fag

>He thinks I haven't made more on stock scams in 2014 than you ever did now

Any high yielded in the s&p 500 will pull back, but that's not a reason to not own them.

That's like saying don't buy high yield bonds when rates increase, buy if you never sell the bond until maturity, the price movements don't matter.

If you aren't selling your securities for at least 20 years, there is no reason to fear what the cuck Jew bankers do.

retard just said go put your money into high yield stocks

you take this to mean
>diversify 5% into high yield

You know that's not what that monkey said. You know Veeky Forums stock cucks. They don't allocate positions in any sane way.

What kind of fucking idiot invests in bonds in this day and age?

You're the one advocating investing in high yield stocks which have a guarantee of bankruptcy long term. You tell me.

I believe in day trading and short term trading. I have zero trust in long term investments in stocks. After watching half the countries 401k's get cut in half during the recession, you'd have to be a fool to take that chance again.

enjoy the $10, Deleuze

what's the point if it only works for usaians from like 5 states
Veeky Forums, just like /pol/, is a multicultural board of peace where usaians are a minority

I made it better

>regular melons have bones