Is this the most difficutl hold of 2018?

Is this the most difficutl hold of 2018?

Not at all. Bought in at 6 cent, it will moon Q2. Comfy as fuck

>mfw when no one having FUN

>a challenger appears

7 months of pain

>tfw gambling my last hopes of being a millionaire on a gambling coin

XLM is

Strap in fags moon mission imminent

Huge if Jez

This man is the reason why im invested in fun. Couldnt care less about short term price fluctuations. I sleep well knowing that this plump genius is working hard to make me rich

>buy FUN
>get SAD

Buy and hold it in your wallet. How is that so hard? What is it with the stupid niggers on this board thinking they are going to get rich overnight.


Price predictions?

>it will moon Q2.

as it mooned on feb 6

can someone make a meme where T-rex OBE Jez (cause of his small arms) eats a fudder (small baby dino).

sharpie in pooper

Not for me bro. I am so fucking comfy with this one and I’m pretty weak handed with my other stacks. I haven’t touched this once, and keep accumulating.

I believe in this project more than anything else I’m in.

105k and counting. It does help that I grabbed a ton from its brief time at .04 during the dip, but I’ve been able to accumulate 35k more in the last week or two. Still at a good price

Things are going just like I expected them to go. Can't wait to laugh my ass off when the first contract is announced and the FUN flies to Alpha Centauri.

God, you might be posting that ironically but you do post like a retarded nigger!



they said

And here is your garbage shitcoin that nobody needs still dying.

Gonna be laughing my ass off when this piece of garbage still sits on .04 in Octobre.

fuck no


I'm h-having so much f-f-fun guys

FUN is going down to under a cent by EOY

you heard it here first.

Not at all, FUN is practically guaranteed to do well by release. Veeky Forums just has a short attention span and usually gets interested in coins when they're already rising or at an ATH.

Actually no you unoriginal piece of shit. Dozens of weak faggots like you post that daily.