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Oh shit it's almost up 1 pct last hour.


im asking myself why the fuck am i agreeing with you

just here to help
>check em


up 11% since the making of this thread?

i actually feel bad for the bottom sellers but they need to learn

Esp the ones that bought the top

didnt you say to buy in at .0135 or some shit, glad i didnt listen to your shit and waited to get in cheaper.

What's the average withdrawal time here?

good lord i absolutely hate this coin

sold at 1.27 2 days waiting for it to dump, then bought back in 1.27 when it looked like it was stabilizing, then almost panic sold this morning at 1.05.

i really suck at making money

Do the opposite of whatever panic tells you to do and you should be A OK

today my iron hands have failed me, i panic sold and 10M later panic bought ,lost 2 of my 25ZCL

I feel really bad

i unironically thought i was lmao


this is the most unpredictable coin dont feel bad

yea ur not cut out for this shit man


held my 74 ZCL through all this faggotry, riding this shit to the top or the bottom

Double-asking in hopes of a reply.
How long does it typically take to withdraw from bittrex? I'm at around an hour. No FUD

You can still buy now

>Open Source Quality code that isn't vaporware
>Loads of meetings around the country explaining the coin
>ASIC resistant
>Bittrex biggest volume after BTC
>Binance Application
>BTC fork (this is important)
It's like you faggots want to stay poor

when is the fork/w.e happening with bitcoin private?

my linkies aren't moving so i might as well receive some free money while i wait

My precious 2 ZCL are gone, why didn't i left them in the wallet, wa wuz i thinking man

Oh haha
eh cant win em all -- best thing ive learned is to analyze my first emotions about something and act around it

that was the last criteria needed to be filled.
ann by monday.



man how do people panic sell, i bought this shit back in december for 750k sats and held through every single dip, i'll admit though first night of buying this shit i couldn't sleep, was literally shaking because i thought i fucked up, but then i got used to the rollercoaster

you know that theres a brand new invention that came out , a magical device button called PrtSc

me too, i hodl though everything since december but today i was really scared like i saw a 30% dip and i was like fuck i can't take this anymore kek

fucking faggot i am

I only use Veeky Forums on a mobile app called clover and I really don't wanna get doxed so pls forgive me

This---- People are using the same excuse as "scam coin! It was $2 a month ago!" Its more likely than not to continue making money..

you can hold the coins on bittrex for the snapshot?

We shall soon find out

just bought 1

no fucking bittrex fag bitches suck assholes

Testnet is out now, that was the only requirement left for Bittrex support criteria. I guess OmegaFaggot was right after all, 26th announcement..?

learn from it. youre gonna make it in less than a month.

based user lambo soon

Have a weird premonition that Omega is Rhett.

If it hits bittrex, ZCL will 4x in 4 hours. Buttcorners would be retarded not to buy tons. They will.

literally sold it immediately and the price plummeted kek

Thank god a pump. Rid of these bags for good. Gl gambling on bittrex. Will buy in if they do support

well, you fucked up if you think we will keep dropping.
but you still did better than this faggot.

dont worry just a pitstop. we will continue our moon mission very soon

Yep.. None of the BTCP wallets are ready:
They didn't even bother editing the readmes, they still say ZClassic

What's your point, faggot? We're still 4 days from the snapshot, let alone the actual fork. kys

you had your chance it wont go under .013 prefork again

why price is pushed so hard? they will dump it again at some point?
i dont want to get shit on again this is to hard for my weak heart

youll never see zcl sub .0130 till post fork

Bittrex finally confirmed my ID shit this morning, but I wasn't able to get funds transferred over in time to snag more ZCL during this morning's dip. Probably still a good buy if I can get in under 1.4m sats, maybe it'll dip back into the 1.2's again.

At this point it's like playing chicken with Bittrex.

I am still in as it makes more sense for them to support it then not to

Code for testnet, but it's really nothing new/much, price is also manipulated upward by buywalls
It will dip again soon if there's no more "news" to follow up

Every time you post it's embarrassing for you. Immediately after you posted the price dumped sub 0.0130.

And im guessing the chicken aspect is to wreak havoc amongst panicking noobs that ask about exchange 24/7

whats the price now faggot? wow it dipped under for a second stfu idiot. if you dont want me to pump this shit then i can let this shit dip to shake your faggot ass out

reminder that only Veeky Forums retards are buying this right now

wow look at that.
it's almost like pullbacks are not possible while looking at 1 minute candles

Is it that hard to get enhanced verifitication? Mine got done in like 5 minutes

One second is still more than never, you absolute retard. Do you ever feel ashamed about how often you're wrong?

>The harbinger of doom
The only way you could pump this coin would to go all in on a short

btcp top 5 marketcap in 2 or 3 months

cap this



oh your the faggot playing chicken with bittrex hoping to get un sub 1.4m literally pumping through that within 1 hours goodluck fag

>there are people (probably on Veeky Forums) who sold it at .0102


Is the ZCL wallet on bittrex working? The status says that it is functioning normally but I can't generate a deposit address.

I love panicky pajeets and noob niggers.

its not working currently. which is a good thing for holders. that basically confirms that it will be confirmed on feb 26th. Sucks for you but good for us true zcl holders

posting again for kek's
almost like omega shorting BTC at 8k

I am actually looking to withdraw to my wallet. Is that function working?

I've been stuck for ~1.5 hours. Haven't been able to get a response for typical withdrawal times.

Hey, you learned about post IDs. Remember last night when you samefagged half of a thread before getting called out? You learn slowly, but I guess at least you do learn.


no its not working. you arent able to withdrawl currently

Why is it not dipping, Omega?

How high do you think we're going lads? is 3m sats a possibility after bittrex ann?

It dipped already, but you missed it. Will dip again if btc falls under 9,5k

3m yes

Bro you do know your credibility on here is shattered right?

Reminder that omega is a piece of shit scammer

hope he's using incognito mode and behind 5 proxies

hope your career as a pajeet tier bounty hunter doesn't get you stitches

It's not like my 10zcl matter anyway, just pointed my room heater at this for the keks and because I know what can happen in these bitcoin forks

parabolic straight into the ground maybe

You said this yesterday and I dropped 15%. What's different about today?

Testnet was released to the public today, Bittrex support is an actual possibility now.

So will it hit $200 again before fork?

Who knows? This market is utterly retarded, so it might.

Dunno, could go to 300 for all we know, depends on whether Bittrex will make the announcement or not.

Not now that grandpa BTC is going to fall down the stairs again. My prediction, we drop to $50.

1.3M confirmed as top, thanks omegafaggot

please dont jump back in we dont need idiots like you top kek


Tell me the price right fucking now you idiot

you could have sold the bounce, idiot.
have you seen BTC?

I’m in for the fork, couldn’t give a fuck about the price. You have been consistently BTFO on your shitty prediction on a regular basis. Doing the opposite of what you say is one of the more predictable ways to make money

I sold this at .0198

Hi guys Monero here,
Just want to remind you that this is a pump and dump and if Veeky Forums wants to make money, sell 10 blocks early before the fork. You can thank me later but i've seen this same game go down a few times now. Anyways, dump those bags and grab some XMR for when our billion dollar gains need to be hidden from IRS. K thanks guys be safe

Sold at $170 not long ago debating if I want back in. Exchange support would be great