I live in a rural town where a bunch of you crypto fucks have decided to setup bitcoin mining ops
I'm serving at a restaurant and every fucking day I overhear at least one neckbeard table talking their crypto profits
The other day I had a customer telling me that crypto has given him the freedom of financial independence and that working for other people will get you nowhere
Just now I served some fucking fat fuck that wrote "buy bitcoin" under tip
You've crossed the line this time

Wasso wasso wasssssuuuup!

I am here to tell you that I am currently living financially independently financially

You are nocoiner. that is your problem. nobody is stopping you from getting into the game.

...What did the customer look like.

get over yourself

thats some grade A nocoiner cope right there

The world is no longer the way it once was MMM MMM NO NO NO

Interesting larp. You know those rough and tumble crypto miner guys. Just like oil well wildcats.

those of us making profits, don't discuss it with anyone.

sup nocoin faggot living comfy as fuck off a 100k portfolio. You should KYS right now You'll never make it OP

Why not just kill them or hold them hostage?

>wrote "buy bitcoin" under tip

Brad I know things have been tough since Chad got that scholarship you wanted but it's time to move on. You had some fun in HS and got to act like Mr. Big and in-charge but those times are gone and in the real world it's the smartest that thrive. Hang in there champ, maybe someday you'll find an investment like crypto :)

I do this too. I know its cringy to hear. But now that I'm rich I literally don't give a shit what normie rats think of me lol

I gotta do start doing that whenever I go out to eat now. Just to rub it in to no coiner faggots

Me to me It's given me the ability to start calling blacks niggers again without a care in the world.

If you live in the US, that is unacceptable if you gave them good service. Do not let that fucktard represent all of us. I always tip servers well.

I'm paying for food, someone handing me a menu and acting nice isn't that hard. If I had to tip someone it would be the chef.

tipping is literally pointless. the servers make like $3/hour and are compensated up to minimum wage if they don't get tips. The restaurant charges what it needs to to cover that cost, so by tipping you are only cucking yourself to no benefit of the server.

Where do you get your information from, cause you might want to consider finding some better sources hoss.

then one day you waitress call her gang member boyfriend to cash you outside

I heard that once and just assumed it was true. Don't really care if it, it makes me feel better about not tipping.

Currently I am making one hundred- I mean one thousand and 400 dollars a day. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!

>Just now I served some fucking fat fuck that wrote "buy bitcoin" under tip

Best tip you ever fucking got lol


Well at least you're honest about being full of shit. I like that.

If your net income has increased because of neckbeards bringing you business due to their crypto gains you should thank us.


I’m a miner and a hodler and I would like to kick your ass right now. You know what the rules of the transaction in the us for wait staff are. If you don’t like it just get takeout.

3/10 former bartender now cryptobro here. Tipping is really important. If you hate the custom don’t be a customer.

> financially independently financially
user you had one job

>giving money away

Fuck it I don't care If some dumb nigger wants to rob me Go right ahead I carry absolutely nothing in my wallet and try I'd die before I give me my bitshekels.

>Hur dur I'll kick your ass for saying shit I don't like
Those aren't laws dude, sorry don't care. I don't give a fuck about unwritten rules, if you handle someone not tipping then you're going to be attacking everyone in Europe (I don't care if they are payed better or not, if people in the US want better pay they should do something about it or get a better job).

Fucking get a real job then, it's not my fault you can't make you manager pay you better.

track him down and slit his troath

You aren’t good enough for your money and you won’t be rich long

Well OP I found the assholes that are responsible for this shit.

Your true self exposed. Looking in that mirror is going to get real unpleasant if you don’t learn to act like you have some self esteem.

They are customs, and observance of customs the root of being a customer. Thus the word. Your manners reflect your self esteem. You accomplished something real and awesome by making it in crypto. Carry yourself accordingly.

nice larp faggot

They're just holding bags. Bitcoin has evolved into a multi-level marketing scheme. Since they're in deeply in the red, they have to become Bitcoin marketers even if they don't want to. Giving "tips" to random strangers is the same tactic MLM salespeople use to get people to participate in their MLM.

>Your manners reflect your self esteem
No they don't, that's your opinion. I don't care about being nice or mannered anymore, that shit is a weakness that people prey on, I'm going to be as ruthless and cut throat as your average black drug dealer. They act like they are kings of the world while they go around killing people, could give a fuck about being some well mannered cuck, losing "gracefully" is no longer an option.

Greetings Reddit, I think he did it on purpose.

No, they're fucking with him or just doing what they think is charitable. Stop being a no-coin coper and just buy something and hold for a couple of years.

Jealous retard.

Yeah it's your right to not tip. But you're an asshole and nobody likes you. So, there is that to consider.

>But you're an asshole and nobody likes you.
I'm just not a cuck user, and nice meme answer user you really showed me.

found the aremimutt

Yes. And we have our customs just like you have yours. I wouldn't tip in a country that doesn't practice tipping.

No problem buddy, just offering a little opportunity for introspection. Not that I think you'll take advantage of it or anything.

All people like you have to say is boring platitudes, I've done enough introspection to see that acting nice and moral has only fucked me and seen me no gains socially or financially. We live in clown world and in clown world the bad guys actually get ahead and the cucked moral fags stay poor and in financial chains.