Name the coin that will surpass ETH

Difficulty, it can't currently be a vaporware token on the very chain it is intended to supplant.

aren't a lot of people betting on Neo?


Did Arthur say something about the release date?



>being this deluded

follow the rules faggots

Could be many different coins?

NEO, EOS, ADA, maybe even XLM.


kek. maybe on plebbit

if ethereum scaling solutions roll out as planned this summer it is over nobody will beat them. if not, maybe cardano. it's too expensive for a white paper project though.

Currently there is no coin, that brougth anything new to the table!

There is no new ETH if we analyze the tec cycle, we probably see something innovative like ETH within 2020 , 2021 again.

My niggas.

>The weapon to surpass metal gear

EIO is a ETH based ERC20 token you fuckin dumbass, no ETH launched ICO shitcoin, can overtake its mother, thats mathematically not possible.

I don't even want to tell you...but...


Keep this a secret and don't repeat it till after the ICO though.

Bitcoin :^)

BCH.....they're adding smart contracts, and its the real BTC


XLM, or RSK if it ever comes out


Cardano, like Stellar, are both SJW coins that will be given to africans for free