Blockchain idea

I am a developer, let's discuss your block chain idea

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Blockchain + Blockchain

Take all existing blockchains and put them into one mega-blockchain

my idea is the internet of things blockchain it's like blockchain but for things and internet pls sign NDA very valuable idea

Considering the number of coins we have today, we need something like this. The one coin to rule them all but what would this coin do?

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sofware platform to allow game developers to upload games and players to download play and interact with game economies.

Ark? Chain fucking Link?

So like steam? this doesn't need the blockchain, unless you're just putting game keys in the blockchain so that they can be traded. game developers don;t want their keys traded which is why steam is good for them

A smartcontract for prenups. If someone's lied about sexual partners, drug abuse, criminal past, net worth... the marriage becomes void, and a legal document prints instructions about who gets what.

a blockchain where ideaguys can post their ideas under a smart contract which gets the % of profit set by the ideaguy when codemonkeys like you code the idea. the blockchain would show inalienable proof of ownership of the idea with timestamp. many codemonkeys can work separately on different implementations but the smart contract will always pay the author of the idea

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lol ideas are cheap and free, fuck off.

We need The Matrix 5 before we can do that

One ‘iblockchain’ that brings all blockchains under one page so we can watch ‘to and from’ transactions like a highway race. I want to see... toll fees, speed, congestion, collisions times to see which ones do what they say they do.

Blockchain that tracks the GPS location of people. Stick RFID chip in them, install RFID nodes (scanners) at various locations, coin transfer to node owner when data is recorded on blockchain.


communist blockchain
everyone gets the same tokens equally whenever more tokens are bought by somebody we'll finally show them

how do you distribute the tokens to everyone equally?

this will be skycoin or cardano

Blockchain for music rights, downloads to pay artist directly, and find the next big artist

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Blockchain of sexual interactions. Needs wearable tech - RFID chip and reader implanted in the groin. That way you can track down who gave you herpes, who the real baby daddy is, and why your waifu is walking like John Wayne after you've been out of town for work.

This doesn't need a blockchain

Blockchain for the illegal sex industry. Johns can confirm if prostitute isn't a cop or just going to rob you and prostitutes can confirm john isn't a cop or just going to rob her. You would build up a reputation over time as each good encounter would raise your reputation. Could apply to drug dealers and buyers too. Make coins easy to mine to keep price down as this is more of a service to society. But also make the coins time sensitive so there is a initiative for miners to keep the block chain going.

Erc20 slot machine ponzi. Pull handle for .001 eth, randomized jackpots that payout out in eth.

Ideas are free big boy. Execution is where the value comes


Im not sure how it would work but a blockchain/token system to verify that reviews of a product or business are from a genuine customer rather than a shill/fudder

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Tokenized gold isn't a new idea but there is a lot of work to be done.
Anonymouse tokenized gold.
Sure it must be prooven backed 1:1 and therefore it will be only "tokenized gold of Brunei's sultan" or "tokenized gold of Switzerland".
And somehow the problem of the token loss must be solved e.g no activity for 10 years - the token burns and comes back to supply or some better ideas.
Btc is senseless imo and will remain p'n'd coin.

a life token where every major event is tokenized and goes on a blockchain, a potential employer can pay a fee to access the data which will show all verified employment history, crime history, sick days, bankruptcy.

Fuck! (((They))) will mostly do it.

Most likely*

trade tracker for americucks paying taxes.

every trade sends a token complete with data such as trade open/close and profit/loss.

Taxman would use it to calculate your taxes, fully verified and probably automated in some way.

Not really crypto but what do you think this could work? A huge online world with millions of ai characters with complex lives. Areas split into blocks, each block is simulated on multiple computers running the game (or perhaps dedicated miners who get rewards) and a hash calculated of the result, the result most agreed on will be finalised so if you cheat it may take a second but the cheated frame would be undone since it doesn't match the majority consensus.


very nice

so what's the point of all of this?

You're the developer, you make it work.
Just say, a purchase of one token equals a deposit of one token on every address. Does that work? Probably not.

To distribute the running of the logic of the game securely, the whole huge world with millions of complex ai characters bit.


A web platform where people is pre-disposed to fuck but doesn't want to be called a bitch or want to stand in the streets.

They just join the amazing website where you pay them with tokens to meet and fuck. All personal and encripted.

Anyone can join, so you can openly fuck.


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The problem is, some people will make many addresses and take a lot of the tokens which makes them richer and defeats the communism thing. It's the Sybil problem which we still don't have a solution for.

We can try to solve this by using IDs and passports or even bio-metrics but that's easily bypassed. e.g. organised crime or corrupt governments


Exchange this coin for a black slave.

This can happen with current technology. Meet on Craigd list and pay with bitcoin

A coin where every human being starts out with 100 of it. You can figure out the rest of the problems.

its called pinkdate, ico soon, join the telegram

why isnt there a decentralised and encrypted version of Veeky Forums yet.
make the cunts mine while browsing or deny posting

'Travel coin' (TRV) basically a slow moving coin that isn't very volitile, but a coin that you can slowly accumulate with swing trade gains. Rather than cashing out your gains for fiat, you would be able to park your gains in a coin that grows 3-5% over a year so you could eventually cash out your tokens for frequent flyer miles with airlines or reservations. Each new partnership announced would increase the value. Thoughts?

blockchain a blockchain with a smart contract using PoW/PoS. hasn't been done. and AI too. Pay me nigger

Blockchain for all government ledger