Is this a good coin?

Is this a good coin?

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no it is a textbook scamcoin but if you are smart enough to make money on those then go for it

how is it a scam coin? there was no ico

Where do I buy it?

I'm... not sure yet. All signs point to it being a total shitcoin. It is just another shitty blockchain 1.0 fork of the same old tired bitcoin codebase.

It does have a novel PoW algo, but really its just using existing hash functions in a sort of random shuffle to try to maintain asic-resistance. But does that mean its not another worthless shitcoin?

the wildcard is the CEO of overstock just shilled this HARD. like WTF ?? either they have something up their sleeve with this shitcoin, or he is just suckering people to buy his bags

have to trade on discord
are u mining it? i just 150k rvn lol

how does he have any bags? It hasn't pumped or dumped yet. There is virtually nowhere to buy it.

its not on any exchange yet. there is some stupid forum you can buy/sell on OTC but meh. I am mining some only because the Overstock CEO is going to keep shilling this and it will eventually be on exchanges. Apparently they spent millions paying devs or something for this shit, and he apparently sent out an email to all overstock employees telling them to start mining this (he told employees to start mining BTC at $200)

He basically created the coin obvs he wants it to go parabolic

fucking price doubled, i was going to buy yesterday lmao

>how does he have any bags?

apparently he spent millions somehow on this coin, either in mining equipment or paying devs or some shit, I have no idea. unless he is lying.

how much can u mine per day if u have a 1080ti?

20 Şubat 2018
Thank you for this article. Raven is the best to mine i think.

honestly I dont know, I just started mining it a few hours ago. the thing about this PoW algo is my hashrate is constantly changing, a lot.. due to how it keeps shuffling the order of the multiple hashes it does. But 1080ti's will slay at this

oh well now i just need to go get a 1080ti when it comes down a bit. i want to get at least 500k rvn. idk the btctalk page is filled with legendaries

GTX 1080 Ti – 15-20 Mh/s

but i want to know how many rvn specifically per day. im too lazy to figure it out

15,000,000 hashes / sec
divide by total network hashrate:
"networkhashps": 130548421781.7407,
multiply by # of new coins minted per day (7.2 million) ==

827 per day


>Is this a good coin?

it looks really interesting.
certainly looks like their trying to tease in the good money. trying to get the big money crowd to learn and appreciate crypto.

probably won't bother mining i'll probably just buy like 1k whenever it goes on an exchange.
it's good, but there are better things to do right now.

I found this thing

Pretty sure the Overstock CEO is loaded up and wants to pump it to dump bags, in my honest opine.

but why? why would he pump and dump what if he just wants to build a great project?

ASIC resistance is nothing new. have none of you tards heard of DGB?