I "made it". Why do I still want to kill myself then? Someone explain this to me, why am I not even a tiny bit happy...

I "made it". Why do I still want to kill myself then? Someone explain this to me, why am I not even a tiny bit happy, in fact more miserable than before I got rich?

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Ever heard of "money can't buy happiness"

Now if you find a bitch, you will never know if its for your money or not.

Being rich alone sucks. You need to find people to spend time with.

Nice livejournal

How about you tell us how and when you "made it"?

donate BTC to charity. it soothes the soul.
thanks user

Happines is not money.

You are unhappy. Maybe alone. Maybe your GF left you.

It's deeper than money, man. Money is just an extra in life. Try to get out and meet new people.

Love makes people happy. Be in love.

Life's all about having goals.

If the only goal in your life was to get rich, then you now no longer have that goal or purpose in life any longer.

If you had other goals, now you'll have the freedom to pursue them. If you don't have any goals, then think of some and set them.

The goals don't have to be large, even something as trivial as wanting to grow a garden, get a good haul at fishing, or wanting to travel to a new country can be goals.

because you woke up and realized you bought axpire

>Love makes people happy. Be in love.
Wow great advice user, just be in love, just meet new people, just be in love. Love makes people happy

Great advice user, I never knew this, I wasn't aware already of how nobody loves me and I'll never have a gf

Thank you for the advice

I've done this whole thing, I've had goals, I do things, I did all the things you're supposed to do, why do I still want to kill myself


Because you probably made it you main driving point for existence. Once complete you beat the game of existence. that means you are done.

Make a new reason or suffer a slow boring death.

money doesn't make you happy

i never have to worry about money thanks to my dad... i have fun investing, but i'm a pretty miserable person, to myself and others

Other goals most people have is being closer to their friends/family, finding love, starting their own family.

If you've already tried these things and you're still not happy, then maybe you should see a psychiatrist. Drugs can help.


Depression can't be fixed. I had money, friends, a nice home and all the material possessions one could want. It didn't do anything for me

Clearly your next goal is to kys

knowing a thing doesnt mean u understand the thing. think about it.

>finding love, starting their own family.
>If you've already tried these things and you're still not happy, then maybe you should see a psychiatrist
I've been trying these things my whole life, I'm incapable of it because girls don't like me

I think I'm just going to kill myself eventually

You can start by closing fucking Veeky Forums forever. Veeky Forums is the definition of depression.

this is the only real answer in the thread and OP is ignoring it, he is here to humblebrag

because youre a loser. send me your money and kys. I could spend it so much better than you. just send it.

Lmfao. You have clinical depression. Do CBT, go to a therapist, get medication, or do all 3. Literally millions of people have gone through the exact same thing that you. Some kill themselves and some don't. The fact that you're posting on Veeky Forums, though, means that you are still eager to connect to someone. Just go to a therapist. I know this sounds stupid to you right now and that "nothing will work." Feel free to kill yourself. Millions have done it before you. It's nothing special.


Working at it and achieving your goal is part of the fun. If you've been working at it that long and can't do it, then it's probably because you either didn't try very hard, or the way you've been trying was poor.

You need to learn from your mistakes, do research, try new techniques/approaches, learn from others, take lessons if you need to.

Also if you don't love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? See a psychiatrist.

Yeah I'm ignoring it, I'm fucking ignoring it, O FUCKING KAY user.

Maybe I'm well aware of the fact that I have no friends and never will have any friends user, what the fuck can I do about it? "Just get friends, go find love, start a family"

It's like you people live ON ANOTHER FUCKING PLANET


I'll be your gf for 1/3 your crypto user


You have no choice but to turn gay then

Try alcohol for social events, it makes it way easier to meet people

Then you haven't made enough money.

send it to me nigga I'll show you how it's done

Becuase you/re afraid. you haven't made it. if you had make it you go ttradverislying. beu you canlt ; because you hjave no friends. stay at a hotel. make frieds.

Go out running every morning. Especially if you don't want to.

Set yourself a goal for the month. Example: Prepare a well written Tinder profile with good pictures.

Go to a therapist.

I've been depressed before but still I can't wrap my head around these types of threads

unless you're physically or mentally ill, suffered a breakup, lost a friend/relative, etc. then you need to figure it out yourself

make that money work for you



just dont be a pussy and join a sport club, eZ friends

Literally what the fuck is a "sport club"?

Look user money cant buy you happiness or love.
You can have a better life with money though. Do something constructive for others, get yourself in shape, help underprivileged kids who have no one to love them get the picture? Do this and you will meet a kind beautiful woman who will love you for yourself and not your precious.


Probably because your not playing cryptocities.net

It's been shown that excessive LARPing is related to high suicide rates

fuck off scamfag

Why doesn't Chad have to help underprivileged kids to get a gf

I think it can be explained in a 'logical' way. You made it. So you have no more goals, big goals.

When we have 0 goals left, well, we are ok with dying right?

So logically speaking, to prevent this, you need to expand your activities a bit and seek for a new big goal which can seriously motivate you daily.

Best of luck
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Chads not depressed with no purpose

Okay user it's sort of simple. What makes you sad? Tell me main reasons and we will move on
You got your millions, but what you did before? What were your previous life goals beyond wealth? Was you a school / college dropout? What was you studying / trying to achieve before crypto?

I want a gf who loves me

You are probably using it wrong.


Well, there are ways to make it.
Do you remember yourself like 5 years ago?
Have you ever wanted to have influence on a world around you, to help other people rise and shine as beautiful persons with high moral standards and better life than you had? What were your passions some time before?
Let's say, I want to point your view a few steps back and imagine yourself in 2012 with unlimited amount of money. Were you passionate about cars / video games / sports / collectible items / something else? You know, you can run a local place for people who share same interests and it will allow you to change your circles. When you are surrounded by people who subscribe under same life values it's much easer to enjoy your life and attract more people of same interests to yourself.

So, let's talk. Take a step back and look at yourself at 2012-2014-2016 and just try to be honest: what would you do then if you have unlimited money? Pick a year which represents your person at most "sincere" stage of your personality

That's a funny meme user except I literally do all of those things

>Eat healthy
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and essentially never eat junk food

>Drinking lots of water
I do

>Responsible financial planning
I do this and have a good normie portfolio and also a crypto portfolio

>Fulfilling career
I have one

>Regular exercise
I lift and run regularly

>Sensible bedtime
I have one for work

>Active romantic and social life
This is the issue, not a solution to the issue user

"I have no friends and can't get a gf"
>Just get an active romantic and social life user, that will solve that issue.

Wow thanks

You probably haven't made it then.

Do any of them do any of this stuff?

Dead serious 100% give me your money. Buddha only found enlightenment when he gave it all away

I'll b ur gf

try taking lsd. i take half a tab twice a week, it helps a little

The truth is that you're a pussy. Stop being a pussy. You literally have easy mode in life because of your wealth. And you're still crying like a little bitch. Fucking hell, just kill yourself, if you want to die so badly. And give your money to someone who actually has a use for it. What a fucking waste.


that's it?
you want to kill yourself because you don't have a gf who loves you? you will never have a gf if that's your mindset

put yourself out there, don't tell girls shit about your money, don't show off either
if you don't do that then you have no one to blame but yourself

Main thing I want you to understand how to get out from "kys periods" is to find next things to do. By things I don't mean something money related, you can bring value to other people and create your own small society, new circles. This shit is essential.
I want to kill myself from like 14 years old and this still goes on when I'm 25 now. But now I understand that things went too far to just end the game this way, when you have +/- unlimited options how to spend rest of your life. In your case since you "made it" in terms of wealth you can just live "fuck money" lifestyle.

What were your interests when you was a kid? Do you remember how easy everything was? When you have a bike and your buddy has a rollers or skateboard it was enough for you to hang out for weeks. You can bring that level of joy by simply making place for people of same interests to meet. If you like cars and you don't have any local car club for weekly coffee, meetings and chill ride than you can host events like this. You can open a gallery / coffeeshop / bookstore / gaming club / travel club / discussion club / whatever you want which will bring only people who share same values as you. These people will help to you have good memories, listen to music, fool around, watch places. Cmon man it's not that hard. I bet you're in bad stage right now because of winter and there's not so much activity around. If you will host any events you will have some core team which will become your family. When you could take care of people of your own project and become a true leader who has people behind you will attract women multiple times a day and you will be ready to become a true father, not only of your team but your family.

Sorry for my english, I'm eurofag, but hope you got the message.

How come you won't tell us how much money you've made? I bet don't have a million even.