Not a single thread on Veeky Forums

>not a single thread on Veeky Forums
>2 days left
>they still don't know
hahahah oh you guys

Is it the day you will kill yourself?

Enlight me please

ive been looking for that thread to....


public release of what tho?

it's on binance, make a guess



brb checking ICO's

ico was in October



I give up, Veeky Forums is too dense to spot true gems even when you spoonfeed them.

hahaha OP just FOMOd in and is afraid the last 20min drop is the dump after the pump.

Jesus Christ dude, I almost feel sorry for you

Unless you bought in before the spike to to which I say good job

Oh fug. I watched this coin a couple times and completely ignored it.

Kek fpbp

you still have time before it gains unstoppable momentum

>you still have time
I'm telling you right now, it will not go any higher in the next month. You're just going to get dumped on. Im not telling you to get out because I really don't care.

>lndr release in 2 days in Japan and next week in US
>won't go any higher

Priced in, screenshot it if you want you stupid mongrel

op btfo